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Ramboll. Dynamic Masterplanning Massing.

Ramboll. Dynamic Masterplanning Massing.


Mark Pniewski. Ramboll

Mark Pniewski

CEng, MSc, Director, Special Services, Buildings
Ramboll. Ann Gordon. Image: Paulina Sobczak Photography.

Ann Gordon

BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering, MICE, Director, Masterplanning
T: +44 20 7631 5291
Paul Jeffries. Ramboll

Paul Jeffries

Associate, Computational Design Lead
T: +44 7436 583539
Ruth Johnson. Ramboll

Ruth Norman-Johnson

T: +44 7767 111 434

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For property professionals in the residential market looking for ways to increase cost certainty and return on investment, Dynamic Masterplanning is a way of radically enhancing the appraisal of new developments by incorporating engineering and fabrication criteria for buildings into a semi-automated process of form generation and evaluation at the early-stages of decision making.

Working with landowners, developers or whole city regions, the Dynamic Masterplanning tool can be used to model, manipulate and explore development sites, helping achieve optimal developments. It rapidly generates and evaluates multiple options against site specific constraints and client aspirations. As a result, it makes it possible to analyse more designs in less time than conventional methods at the initial stages of development.

Ramboll co-create massing in partnership with the architect and client, linking in to either the built-in generative system or the architect’s parametric model. We then apply a range of automated analysis methodologies to the building massing so we can rapidly assess, compare and optimise options.

Our built-in generator can be manually or automatically controlled to arrange and distribute mass on the site. Masses can also be manually created using traditional methods if preconceived ideas and options are already available. Once generated or manually created the form can be plugged into a range of analysis modules, including a unique assessment for modularisation and offsite construction.

Forms can be optimised to meet certain criteria allowing preferred options to be refined further, using cutting edge interactive genetic algorithms. Ramboll is collaborating with academia (Harding et al, 2016) to simulate the controlled evolution of the building form to optimise existing masses as well as arrive at new and imaginative solutions.

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