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As part of upgrade works to the Docklands Light Railway in London, a new three-car station was commissioned for Langdon Park on the Stratford line, between All Saints and Devon’s Road stations. Langdon Park Station is central to regeneration plans for the local area and it was substantially funded by regional development monies. We acted as lead consultant for Costain, who carried out the project under a design & build contract.

The new station was constructed around the existing live train line, which was in operation throughout. This constraint influenced the decision to use precast and prefabricated elements. The platforms, a new footbridge and the lifts were designed using 3D computer modelling to refine the interfaces between packages. Prior to off-site manufacture, significant liaison with various subcontractors was undertaken to ensure the geometric fit of the different elements. We also worked closely with National Grid Gas to manage the presence of an existing 800mm diameter medium pressure gas main directly under the line of the footbridge.

Three planned line possessions were scheduled for erection of the main substructure and structural elements. The precast platform units were craned into place in 6m lengths to sit on simple reinforced trench foundations. The curved steel footbridge that links the platforms was modified by our engineers at an early stage to reduce foundation works, saving substantially on steelwork tonnage.

The design of the landmark station is modern and transparent, with translucent ETFE canopies over the platforms. The footbridge is covered by a monocoque GRP canopy 32m long, which sweeps up above the station and platform roofs. The lift towers have been integrated with the bridge, their glass panels protected and surrounded by aluminium fin-like louvres.

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