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Path to the white cliffs on the coast of Dover, UK. (c) Global_Pics

Path to the white cliffs on the coast of Dover, UK. (c) Global_Pics


Bram Miller

Technical Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
M: +44 7436 545 408

Services we provided

Ramboll has been working with National Highways (formerly Highways England) since 2006 on sustainability and environmental performance improvement. Tasks have addressed carbon, climate change, sustainability reporting, noise, air quality, water quality, flooding, biodiversity and heritage.

Our work has contributed significantly to improving the sustainability impact of the National Highways organisation as well as its 7,000 km road network. Much of our advice has involved developing innovative solutions to understand and manage the impacts of the design and construction of highway improvement projects, as well as the operation and maintenance of the highway network.

National Highways engages us to work alongside them to continuously develop bespoke solutions that address the unique requirements of managing the UK’s most important road network.

Projects include:

Carbon accounting and management tools

We have developed tools that are used by all of National Highways supply chain focusing on moving the carbon agenda from one of carbon counting to carbon management.

  • The Carbon emissions calculation tool calculates carbon emissions for operational, construction and maintenance activities undertaken on behalf of National Highways.
  • Our team has also worked with National Highways to analyse and forecast its corporate carbon emissions and developed a methodology to measure emissions from vehicles using its road network.

Sustainability impacts

We provided detailed analysis of sustainability impacts with a focus on quantitatively valuing positive and negative impacts using the five capitals model. Read more on 'Measuring the sustainability impacts of National Highways (formerly Highways England)'.

Low-carbon, energy-generating barriers

We designed noise barriers that use low embodied carbon materials and incorporate photo-voltaic energy generation. Our design solution offers significant structural engineering benefits beyond those of traditional barriers.

Action plan development

We authored and managed the National Highways Environment Strategy and action plans.

Forward-thinking metrics

By researching best practice in environmental performance metrics, we are developing a suite of metrics to be used from 2020 onwards.

Influencing behaviour

We produced a guide for the application of social marketing techniques to influence the behaviour of National Highways customers and staff.

Fund development and management

We worked alongside National Highways to develop and manage the £300M Environment Designated Fund.


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