Kampung Admiralty: Green infrastructure bringing people together

Kampung Admiralty - view from above

Kampung Admiralty - view from above


Leonard Ng

Leonard Ng Keok Poh

Regional Market Director, Architecture & Landscape, Asia Pacific
T: +65 6958 2221

Ramboll has helped the Housing and Development Board in Singapore transforming a compact 2.2 acres site into a dynamic community heart enabling an aging population to live actively. Green and blue infrastructures lessen the impacts of intensive urbanisation through more sustainable and biophilic design measures.

Kampung Admiralty (Kampung meaning “Village” in Malay) is the first development in Singapore to fully integrate housing for the elderly and hence Singapore's flagship "vertical village" which has transformed a compact 2.2 acres site into a dynamic community heart.

Tropical rainforest

Ramboll (Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl) is responsible for design of the greenery and landscape, which includes a tropical rainforest, as well as water management systems.

The landscape is designed as layers of green and blue infrastructure woven into the building to connect residents and the greater Admiralty neighborhood to the historical "Kampung" village spirit within today's highly densified urban context.

Prior to development, the site remained as an empty unutilized field between residential towers, a marketplace and a train station. Over 100% landscape replacement was achieved through ground level planting, green roofs and vertical green walls.

Climate adaptation and water cleansing

The average annual rainfall in Singapore is 92 inches (2340mm). The design of the Hydrological system allows for over a million gallons of tap water can be conserved each year as stormwater runoff is stored in the rainwater harvesting tank and reused for irrigation.

Water can be seen trickling down from the rain curtain mesh during storm events as a reinterpretation of the tropical downpour experience. The eco-pond promotes biodiversity and provides a natural cooling effect for the adjacent urban surroundings.

The bioretention basin located at the medical centre provides a calm and therapeutic environment for patients while also functioning as a system to harvest, cleanse and recycle rainwater.

  • Awards: Skyrise Greenery Award 2017, World Architecture Festival Award 2016
  • Architects: WOHA Architects
  • The facility opened to the public in the spring of 2018
  • Area: 8980 m2

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