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The Jurong region in the South-Western part of the country is being developed into a unique destination for business and leisure called the Jurong Lake District. The Lakeside Garden is the first phase of the Jurong Lake Gardens, the main recreational area of the new district.

“The garden aims to restore the landscape heritage, and the vision was to create a park where people, animals and plants can co-exist and bring mutual benefits. Now, this vision has become reality and the garden literally offers something to everyone,” says Leonard Ng, Country Director for Ramboll in Singapore.

Sustainable design

One of the most visible features of Lakeside Garden is a meandering barrier-free waterfront boardwalk along the shoreline of the Jurong Lake, named ‘Rasau Walk’. The beautiful boardwalk, which is illuminated at night, is approximately 300m with paths that range between 1.8 to 6m wide.

There is also a nature inspired play area, the Forest Ramble, which is the largest of its kind in the country. It offers a variety of play experiences for children such as the opportunity to crawl through a ‘squirrel’s nest’ and glide through a tree canopy. The concept of the playground was inspired by the actions and motions of the animals inhabiting freshwater swamps. 

The park includes grasslands, islands and a stream forest. All fallen trees in the development have been repurposed into either site furnishing, landscape features such as bird hides and bird platforms, habitat logs, pathway kerbs, or nature trail feature.

Biodiversity at the heart 

Alstonia Island has a similar condition to a freshwater swamp and has many unique habitats for flora and fauna that can adapt to floods.

Neram Stream was redesigned from a 300m concrete drain to a series of braided waterways winding around islands of trees that led from Yuan Ching Road to Jurong Lake. The streams banks are precisely engineered through various bioengineering techniques to ensure slope stability. 

The first close loop water playground, Clusia Cove, utilize Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) features to disinfect water before pumping into the play area. This water engineering allows kids to interact with water that mimics the water movement of the coastal shores. 

The Grasslands aim to provide a refuge area and nesting grounds for both migratory and resident avian populations. There are 3 bird hides for bird watching which are non-intrusive. The ‘lone tree’ is set in the middle of the open grasslands. It is an artistic sculpture that is made from recycled iron reinforcement from within old pathways from the site. Birds are making use of the tree too.

Impact and awards

Jurong Lake Gardens strive to inspire communities through nature. The project was referenced in the recent Green Plan 2030, where the government aims to create more green spaces like the project. 

We have recently won two awards:

1. ULI Asia Pacific Award of Excellence 2021
2. IFLA Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture Award 2021 Outstanding Award for Parks and Open Space Built Project

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