BIM standardisation makes HB Reavis’ procedures more effective

Ramboll helped the international building developer HB Reavis to define the company’s future global BIM demands and requirements for external design consultants. The result is a consistent and far more effective working procedure, both internally and with cooperating partners.  

HB Reavis, responsible for large office and retail building projects in a series of European countries, envisions an optimisation potential through a consistent and systematic use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). That’s why the company has reached out to Ramboll to help establish a solid foundation for HB Reavis’ efforts. 

Based on this, Ramboll has facilitated a five-step process: 

Step 1: Identification of BIM needs across the organisation’s services. 
For example, how BIM can support the daily activities of HB Reavis and form the basis of BIM standardisation across projects and secure a good basic knowledge of BIM in the company.  

Step 2: Identification of BIM competence levels for future external BIM design consultants depending on geographical project location. 
As part of the project, Ramboll screened the market so HB Reavis henceforth can choose the software solutions that best support the company’s needs. 

Step 3: Evaluation of BIM maturity within the company’s different subject areas as a basis for a goal-oriented internal competence enhancement. 

Step 4: Development of a BIM agreement so HB Reavis can make firm decisions in the future regarding BIM in the company’s projects and ensure consistent BIM delivery/quality from cooperating partners. 

Step 5: Development of BIM project templates based on workshops with the HB Reavis specialist teams. 

Ramboll’s services:

  • Providing BIM/IKT expert consultancy
  • Identifying/mapping the client’s BIM maturity across six countries  
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Developing a BIM framework including six client specific documents/templates 
  • Providing new technology innovation consultancy

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