Aarau Cantonal Hospital, new “Dreiklang” building project

New Cantonal Hospital Aarau

New Cantonal Hospital Aarau


Rico Maritz

Rico Maritz

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Services we provided

Based on the Aarau Cantonal Hospital’s corporate strategy, the following key objectives were defined for the design and build competition: 

  • Optimisation of processes: Shorter walking distances/times for patients, personnel and goods; reduction in staff as a result of more efficient transportation; systematic automation for repetitive acts. 
  • Digitisation and automation: Medical personnel shall have less routine work; tasks shall be reallocated to appropriate levels, e.g. to supply assistants; logistic flows shall be consistently aligned with technical options, e.g. RFID; floor space shall be optimised. 
  • Flexibility: The building and systems shall be flexible and easily adapted to accommodate new processes or requirements.
  • Separation of outpatient and inpatient care: Separate operations, but shared structures leading to improved synergies.
  • Sustainability: The new building shall be sustainable, as well as maintainable and adaptable.

Accordingly, the building was designed to promote integrated functionalities, separation of outpatient and inpatient services, and ensuring maximum flexibility. 

Our services

For the new Aarau Cantonal Hospital building, Ramboll will assume the integrated logistics design and automated transport systems engineering, comprising all elevators and enabling the use of automated guided vehicles and pneumatic tube systems.

Results & customer benefits

The systems proposed by Ramboll will yield shorter walking distances/time for patients, personnel and goods, and support the separation of outpatient and inpatient areas, including traffic flows. 
Efficient logistic flows and timely supply of goods will underpin technical and economical sustainability, and relieve staff from repetitive tasks. 


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