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In a northern corner of the US state of Texas, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has made it a strategic priority to decouple passenger growth and economic performance from its carbon impact. Already carbon neutral, the airport recognises the critical need to concurrently transform its infrastructure, its approach to technological innovation, and its environmental management in order to achieve this objective.

Implementing the next-generation sustainability strategy

A team of Ramboll experts is helping to implement an integrated approach to developing a next-generation and cross-cutting sustainability strategy that supports the airport’s multiple strategic objectives to remain a carbon-neutral airport while continuing to expand and grow. We are updating Dallas Fort Worth International airport’s existing sustainability management plan and green building standards and creating a zero-waste plan, incorporating the principles of circular economy.

We are also developing a communications strategy to inform and engage internal and external audiences on all sustainability-related activities.

The project will leverage Ramboll’s multi-leverage solutions and raise the bar for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s approach not only to sustainability and resilience, but to safety and security, customer experience, business performance, operational excellence and employee and community engagement.

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