Multimedia PFAS source investigation, remediation and cost recovery at an industrial manufacturing facility


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Drinking water wells impacted with PFAS

A client who used polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings on devices they manufacture needed assistance after nearby public and private drinking water wells were found to be impacted with PFAS. Ramboll provided site investigation and remediation services. 

We developed a comprehensive multimedia PFAS sampling program that included soil, overburden and bedrock groundwater, drinking water, stormwater, air emissions, surface water, sediment, roof materials, residue inside roof stacks and coating products used by the facility. 

First-of-its-kind PFAS threshold

We implemented several innovative and novel models, including PFAS fate and transport in air, stormwater, and the unsaturated and saturated zones, resulting in the recommendation of a first-of-its-kind, site-specific PFAS threshold in stormwater. 

Discovering unrelated PFAS sources

Our analysis also identified several other PFAS sources unrelated to our client, including a predecessor operator, that contributed to the observed impacts. As a result, we led several negotiations with other adverse parties that avoided litigation and resulted in a savings of over $20 million for our client.

Additional services we provided included: 

  • Site-specific human health risk characterization and ecological risk assessment
  • Feasibility study and recommendation of remedial alternative 
  • Implementation of a groundwater treatment system for the public water supply and installation of treatment systems for residences with private drinking water wells
  • Extensive assistance with negotiated settlements and mediation
  • Negotiating with regulatory agencies, resulting in significant scope reductions

Results that matter

Our proactive approach minimized our client’s liabilities, developed innovative investigation and data analysis methods for PFAS as an emerging contaminant, and provided clean drinking water for the surrounding community.


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