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Douglas D. Daugherty

PhD, PE, CIH, Global Market Director, Environment & Health
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Ports are vulnerable to climate change and a source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We worked with the Port of San Diego on a climate action plan to reduce GHG emissions and climate adaptation assessments to identify and plan for potential vulnerabilities.

The fourth largest of California’s 11 ports, the Port of San Diego oversees maritime cargo and cruise ship terminals, public parks, the Harbour Police Department and more than 600 local businesses.

For several years, we have worked strategically with the Port to create and implement a Climate Action Plan to reduce GHG emissions on tidelands by 10% by 2020 and 25% by 2035 targeting six categories: transportation and land use, energy conversation and efficiency, alternative energy generation, water conservation and recycling, and waste reduction and recycling.

The plan will be used to provide a long-term and strategic vision for sustainability in port operations and includes support measures that will result in job creation, transportation system benefits and public health improvements.

Support for all aspects of plan development

We led the development of the climate action plan document in consultation with Port staff, stakeholders, and the Port’s Board of Port Commissioners and prepared the technical appendices.

Experts identified, evaluated and quantified applicable greenhouse gas mitigation measures including the evaluation of timeframe, reduction potential, cost, technical feasibility, and co-benefits.

From analysis to implementation

We guided the Port in selecting emissions reduction targets, and quantified mitigation measures to help the Port reach these targets. A draft implementation and monitoring plan were also developed for tracking progress of greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation. In addition, a vulnerability assessment and risk analysis were performed for sea level rise impacts on Port tidelands, and associated adaptation strategies were identified and evaluated.

Support was provided in relation to public outreach by leading work group meetings, participating in Board meetings, responding to questions, and preparing presentations and agenda items.

We are continuing to work with the Port in its implementation of the measures identified in the Climate Action Plan.

Recognition and award

Commenting on the climate change services provided at a Board of Port Commissioners Meeting, Commissioner Bob Nelson said, “I have not worked previously with ENVIRON [now Ramboll], and I think it is an outstanding firm. Their work has been highly technical made understandable, and thank you for that work.” 

The port was acknowledged for its climate change planning in an EPA Climate Leadership Award.

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