Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Södra Länken

The aim of the project was to design a road traffic tunnel system at Stockholm’s southern suburbs in order to reduce traffic congestion, direct traffic around Stockholm and enhance environmental condition.

Stockholm Power line tunnel (Skanstull-Solberga)

Ramboll has been the prime tunnel designer for several underground power line tunnel systems that has replaced some of the airborne power lines around Stockholm.

Railway Tunnel Ådalsbanan

The Ådalsbanan Railroad runs along the coastside in the north of Sweden and is the link between Botniabanan and Ostkustbanan. It consist of 180 km railroad, 14 bridges and 14 km rock tunnels. The stretch goes between Sundsvall and Nyland.

Geophysical Borehole Logging

As a geophysical consultant for Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (SKB), Ramboll has carried out geophysical borehole logging as part of the site investigations for a deep storage facility for radioactive waste.

Norra Länken

To reduce congestion and to minimise the heavy traffic in the centre of Stockholm, it was decided to build the Norra länken: a five kilometre road around part of the centre of Stockholm, three kilometres of which will be in tunnels.

Condition measurement of road markings

The condition measurements shall give the Swedish Transport Administration the overview they need to create an idea of the current state of the road network, with respect to the longitudinal road marking.

High-speed rail between Gothenburg and Borås in Sweden

Ramboll has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to investigate the route for the high-speed tracks between Gothenburg - Borås and two stations in Mölndal and Landvetter airport.

Analysis of travel destinations via GPS data from Inrix

Regional transport models are being used to evaluate the effects of land use planning and forecasted traffic growth. Ramboll was commissioned by Region Skane to validate the existing national transport model SAMPERS by using GPS-data provided by Inrix.

Analysis of speed profiles via GPS data from TomTom

The highway road network around the Malmo region faces congestion and disturbance daily. GPS-data from motorized vehicles provides information over the location of the bottlenecks by the historic speed reduction on the segment. The information was used to optimize mitigation measures in a cost-effective way and to reduce accidents.

RBC-RBC Interface Analysis (Radio Block Control)

Commissioned by the Swedish Transport Authority, Trafikverket, Ramboll is consulting an RBC-RBC interface analysis for the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Programme in Sweden. More specifically, the analysis seeks to examine the compatibility of the RBC-RBC interface among the two suppliers chosen to install the ERTMS Level 2 in the Swedish ERTMS Programme.

Söderström Tunnel

Söderströmstunneln is an immersed tunnel for The Stockholm City Line under Söderström from Riddarholmen to Söder Mälarstrand. 

A golden bridge the size of a football field

Known as "Guldbron" (The Golden Bridge) and as big as a football field - the main bridge for road traffic as well as pedestrians and cyclists that will connect the Old Town of Stockholm with Södermalm was designed by Ramboll's bridge experts on behalf of Skanska and is a part of Stockholm City's New Slussen project, construction of which started in 2016.

Älvsborgsbron - Structural and Health Monitoring

Älvsborgsbron is a suspension bridge that crosses Göta Älv in Gothenburg, Sweden. It carries a six-lane highway, pedestrian and bicycle tracks. The main span is 417,6 meters and the bridge, including approach bridges, is approximately 900 meters.

Danderyd Hospital

The patient capacity of Danderyd Hospital needs to be expanded and the hospital is being rebuilt and equipped with a new emergency room. Ramboll handles extensive commissions in the project.

Hydro model for Gothenburg

Gothenburg has launched an ambitious project to map the flood risk in and around the city. Ramboll assisted with the advanced setup of hydraulic models.

Increased water supply capacity – The east link

The city of Luleå in Sweden with about 45.000 inhabitants has a vision to build new housing and increase the local population by 10,000 before the year 2050. In order to succeed, the water supply and sewer infrastructure must be upgraded with a new main water line that can cope with higher flows of waste- and rainwater.

Gullbergsvass and Gothenburg’s new RiverCity

Gullbergsvass is one of seven neighbourhoods in central Gothenburg’s port area to be transformed into the attractive new ‘RiverCity’. Ramboll performed a feasibility study for the 90 hectare district as a basis for stakeholder dialogue on the development. RiverCity promises to position Gothenburg as one of the top five cities in Europe for growth potential.


The population in Western part of Sweden is growing and capacity problems on the railways in and around Gothenburg are increasing.

The Stockholm City Line: Efficient travel across the city

Ramboll is giving expert advice in how to build a railway tunnel, and how to improve the punctuality and the frequency of future rail traffic in Stockholm.

Multifunctional green areas enriching urban life

The ‘Nya Krokslätt’ area in Sweden is a former factory site to be transformed into an international role model for the sustainable way of life. Our customer, the real estate manager Husvärden Ltd, has high ambitions and an interest in cultural environments and sustainable urban planning. Our ideas for creating a sustainable outdoor environment enhanced the project to include not only technical solutions for energy efficient buildings, but to encompas a complete concept for implementing blue-green infrastructure and ecosystem services in urban areas.

Improving mobility and increasing capacity at Arlanda airport

Stockholm Arlanda is expected to cater for almost 40 million passengers by 2040, compared to 25 million today.

Fast track to the future

Helsinki to Stockholm by train in only 30 minutes? This may sound like the stuff of science fiction but initial studies in Finland suggest that it may be feasible. 

The Øresund Link

The Øresund Link connects the Danish capital Copenhagen with the city of Malmö in southern Sweden by a four lane motorway and a two track electrified railway for high speed (200 km/h) passenger services as well as freight trains.

Single European Sky in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Ramboll was commissioned to produce a socio-economic analysis of a proposed functional airspace block (FAB) uniting Denmark and Sweden. Our contribution influenced the subsequent political agreement to merge air traffic control organisations in the two countries. This represents an important Scandinavian contribution to the Single European Sky initiative.

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