Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Longwell Green leisure centre

This new leisure centre houses a pool hall, fitness suite, café, and associated office and changing-room facilities. The pool hall, housing a learner and an adult pool, is a precast concrete structure, rectangular in plan with a timber roof. Wrapped around it on two sides is a second, steel framed building, L-shaped in plan, clad in masonry and timber. This houses ancillary facilities.The timber roof of the pool hall has an impressive span of 19m. The architect was keen to achieve a flat soffit with as few joins as possible. Our solution involves the use of bespoke prefabricated glulam and Kerto units a full 19m long and 1.8m wide, craned into place and waterproofed on site.Bracing the pool hall structure posed a challenge, particularly as the expos ...

Uplands Cohousing

This development was the first of its kind in the UK. The cohousing movement, which was first established in Denmark, promotes a vision of community that prioritises sustainable living, low energy use and personal inter-connectedness.The complex comprises 35 dwellings — a mix of semi-detached houses, terraced town houses and four storey structures containing flats and studio apartments — around a central Common House with facilities for cooking, eating and socialising. Of mostly timber-frame construction, the houses are triple-glazed and powered in part by photovoltaic cells.The site is steeply sloping and consists of weathered limestone hillslip over silty clays that give rise to local springs. These conditions required a variety of foundation solutions across the ...

Spire of Hope, St Anne's Cathedral

Originally marked by a square tower built in the 1890s, the crossing at St Anne's Cathedral has been crowned with a new spire. The architects envisaged a tapering silvery rod that rises high above the church, guiding the eye heavenwards.The spire measures 50m from tip to pointed tip, rising 40m above the cathedral roof and suspended to 10m below. It is supported at its widest point, which is little over 1m in diameter. Ensuring sufficient rigidity was thus an important factor in our design.We examined a variety of structural options before deciding on a tapering steel tube without internal support. Extensive modelling and very detailed dynamic analysis informed the design of the tube, which consists of butt-welded bands of varying thickness and height. Seams are pol ...

The Forum

The Forum library and cultural complex includes two basement levels, ground floor and three storeys of internal galleries constructed using exposed concrete flat slabs. The building enclosure encompasses an enveloping brick 'U' topped with an arched roof atrium spanning 35m and faced by an outward-curving, full height glass entrance façade.The load bearing masonry façade is notable for having no movement joints. The concrete superstructure and brick wall are locked together to ensure movements occur simultaneously.3D design analysis and CAD software were used for modelling roof steelwork for fabrication and for tensioning sequences for the main roof arches.

Skate bowl art installation

Liverpool's contemporary arts are well served by the A Foundation, a registered charity established by James Moore in 1998 to promote visual art. In 2008, they set up a temporary exhibition at The Coach Shed of the work of Californian design and build collective SIMPARCH. The show, entitled drum n basin consisted of a full-size skate bowl and a full pipe. The idea was to invite local skateboarders to use the installation during the exhibition.We were asked to confirm the structural stability of both the 15m x 15m kidney-shaped bowl — an imitation empty domestic West Coast swimming pool — and the 3m x 15m pipe. Both were constructed from timber and plywood. As the public were to use the structures, they had to fully comply with health and safety regulations. Our engineers ...

University of East Anglia Central Library

As part of a masterplan to expand campus facilities, the library was extended in a phased process that has doubled its overall storage capacity. Sir Denis Lasdun's original building — a classic of 1960s brutalist architecture and now Grade II listed — sets the tone for the subsequent extensions. We worked on phase 3, which is a six storey steel frame building, extensively glazed and clad in cedar and terra cotta panelling. A tricky combination of heavy rolling loads (associated with the storage of book stacks) with chalky ground prone to solution features meant we had to take care in planning foundations. Each pile position was probed to ensure its viability. Further survey work was required to establish the position of HV cables buried on site, and close tolerance piling was ...

Tattersalls Grandstand

The new grandstand at Newbury replaces two 1905 stands in the Tattersalls enclosure.We used CIMSteel to streamline the design and fabrication process, bringing about cost savings and significantly reducing the number and magnitude of technical queries. The structural concept centres on six exposed steelwork Xs. Trackside, these support three sets of terraces across their lower bars. Tiered balconies, a panoramic bar and a restaurant for 600 people are contained within the upper V.The open frame allows for unrestricted views of the racecourse, flexible ground floor space, natural ventilation and maximum use of daylight in the public spaces.

50-52 Sloane Square

Adjoining buildings on Sloane Square, located in a London conservation area, have been modified to accommodate a new high-end restaurant. We assessed the buildings from foundations to roof, and discovered that their structural elements are interdependent. Our solution minimised underpinning, increased basement height without changing the façades, and avoided disturbance to the occupied four storeys above — all within tight budgetary and time constraints. Using a concrete box frame around a substantial new opening saved a third of the cost of an equivalent steel frame.The existing superstructure (1898) is a hybrid of steel frame and loadbearing masonry, and has complex load paths. The upper floors are mutually dependant on the structure of the mansard roofs. The foundations are ...

30 Crown Place

This commercial development has been engineered to maximise the building envelope. Geothermal piles and solar panels feature in a low-energy strategy that meets targets set by recent Greater London Authority legislation.The 18 storey structure is steel framed and clad in curtain walling. Two basements provide car parking and storage. The building steps out at first floor level — the floor slab supported by a transfer structure — in order to maximise the area available to let.Another space-maximising strategy is the design for the support of floors 1 to 9 of the south wing, where the floor plates are larger. Three 35m high columns are hung from a large truss at roof level — they had to be jacked into place. Strategic use of transfer structure accommodates the variations in loadi ...

Wycoller Visitor Centre

The Bronte trail and the Pendle Way both pass through Wycoller Country Park, which contains a ruined manor and a series of barns and bridges. In the midst of these, an 18th Century aisled barn serves as an informal visitors centre.We worked on a RIBA competition-winning project to upgrade the facilities provided and extend the uses of the space without intruding on the existing structure.The installation is a self-supporting L-shaped structure wrapped around the threshing floor on two sides. It's an ingenious timber walkway, engineered so that load is distributed evenly across adjustable supports to minimize impact on the original foundations.The longer side is ramped and flanked by a corten steel cabinet wall, creating a walk-through exhibition space. T ...

Winter Olympics 2006 opening ceremony effects

We teamed up with long term client Brilliant Stages and Production Designer Mark Fisher to add the critical finishing touch to the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics.The finale was an acrobatic dance display performed high above the crowd on a "stage" consisting of five aluminium trusses, circular in plan, elevated between six aluminium towers. As the performance ended, the five circles pivoted 90 degrees to form the five Olympic rings amid spectacular pyrotechnics and choreographed lighting.We designed a bespoke connection that allows the one tonne rings to rotate and is sufficiently strong to tolerate considerable dynamic loads. An aluminium connection plate with a central slew ring slots in at each side of the ring-shaped truss, which is raised between two ...

Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion competition entry

Ramboll was design team partner with Various Architects of Norway as finalists in the open international competition for a mobile pavilion for regional development agency Yorkshire Forward. The brief was to design a demountable structure incorporating 500 sq m of floor space to be used for presentations, exhibitions or entertainment. It was anticipated that ground conditions at potential locations would vary widely. Reflecting Yorkshire’s mining heritage, the architect’s concept is based on the atomic structure of carbon and diamonds. The 20m x 26m x 10m temporary structure consists of a shell of inflatable tubes over an inner skin — its angular, irregular inner space is ‘carved out’ of a diamond grid volume. The external shell is attached to the staging and designed to be inf ...

Victoria Park visitor centre

We have supported Halton Borough council with engineering solutions for a number of visitor centres as part of a broader project to widen public access to the council's parklands. Usability and security are key themes for these developments. This single storey rectilinear building is part concrete, part steel framed. The side and rear elevations are in situ concrete while the front is glazed; longitudinal steel beams support the roof. We specified the concrete to include the waterproofing agent Kaltight as well as a black pigment to deter vandalism. The sliding glass panels on the park-facing elevation may be opened to create free circulation between indoors and outdoors. At night, a metal grille is lowered over the glass for added security. The ce ...

Mt Everest Memorial sculpture

Designed to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the ascent of Everest, the memorial sculpture is located outside a medical clinic at Pheriche. We worked closely with artist Oliver Barratt to realize his vision of a conical steel frame shape split down the centre. The names of the dead are engraved on the flat inner surfaces of the split cone. The location of the site presented some unusual challenges. The sculpture was designed in 170 separate pieces that could be transported up the slope by sherpas using wicker panniers. Other materials — such as the stone used in the sculpture's base — were sourced locally.For the frame we suggested a lightweight steel mesh that was easy to handle and lift. Local stone was used to anchor the structure against high vel ...

Open Academy, Norwich

At more than three times the size of its nearest rival, also engineered by Ramboll, the new-build Open Academy in Norwich was the largest cross-laminated timber panel structure in the country on completion. It uses more than 3,600 cu m of timber, is three storeys high...

MBD site facilities upgrade

Well planned phasing and comprehensive project management were crucial to our success in engineering major improvements to this extensive industrial complex. The construction programme was necessarily tight and fast-track, with all the client's usual operations continuing throughout.Our infrastructure team prepared roads and drainage systems, while existing buildings were largely demolished and removed. New, steel framed manufacturing facilities were created in forms tailor-made to the client's process.An existing office block was the only structure refurbished - we engineered a new glazed atrium as part of this work. Two further office blocks were also built on site, as was a staff amenities building. The striking steel-framed roof of this structure is curved i ...

Metropolitan Hotel health spa

London's Metropolitan Hotel on Park Lane has undergone major extensions. The concrete frame structure, built in the 1960s, consists of two buildings separated by a movement joint. Steel frame penthouse suites have been added to the 10th storey of one of the buildings and a luxury health spa to the other. The health spa, including a gym and hot tubs, takes up the 11th and 12th storeys of its building, and is the highest spa in England. Etched glass panels, skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows have been used extensively within the steel frame to take advantage of the uninterrupted views of Hyde Park.Disruption to the operation of the hotel was minimised by using unobtrusive construction methods. To avoid full-height scaffolding obscuring views, a complicated scaffol ...

Oxstalls Campus

Sustainability is a strong theme of our work at Oxstalls Campus, where we demolished a college of domestic science to build new facilities comprising three new buildings in landscaped surroundings. Concrete and brick from demolition works on site were recycled for use as hardcore in roads and under ground-bearing slabs. Our structural design incorporates energy conservation measures including the use of TermoDeck to assist passive environmental control. To maximize natural daylighting, the single-storey sports science building has a glazed northlight roof formed from timber panels supported on a steel truss.Timber cladding and a glass atrium are features of the learning resource centre, which is reached from the sports building via a glazed link walkway.

Miroslaw Balka installation, Tate Modern

Tate Modern, London's home of international modern art, is located in a converted power station. Its cavernous former Turbine Hall is 152m x 24m and 30m high, and is the venue for a series of large-scale installations. Miroslaw Balka is the tenth artist to contribute to The Unilever Series, creating a house-sized, light-tight walk-in box on stilts — a sensory deprivation experience.We worked closely with Balka to finalise the structural design, taking into account a number of constraints, including the floor loading capacity and structural limits of the Turbine Hall. Balka requested that the temporary structure be minimal in detail and portable — the Tate remains open during most art construction works. Balka wanted visitors to be able to walk around the box as well as underne ...

Nando's and Wagamama, Clink Street

In the thoroughfare of the southern Thames path, near Southwark Cathedral, the railway arches below the approach to Cannon Street Rail Bridge had been cleared for lease. Restauranteurs Nando’s and Wagamama approached us to assist with the design and development of a pair of arches on Clink Street. Run as separate but linked projects, we worked closely with the clients, and with architects and building services consultants. A number of key issues were resolved by offering a range of disciplines. In both cases, the most was made of the soaring brick arches by installing 9m high clear glazed façades, the frame design and specification for which was undertaken by our engineers. With live railway operations continuing above the site, liaison with Network Rail and the landlord was r ...

Formby Pool

We worked on this project to build a new single storey timber frame public swimming hall on a site with a high water table in Formby. The client was keen to produce a low maintenance building using sustainable construction techniques. We worked closely with the architects on the timber frame design, which used lumber sourced from a managed forestry scheme. Helical displacement piles were used to strengthen the sandy ground and interlocked sheet piling was used around the site perimeter to create a coffer dam. A de-watering system lowered the water table while the concrete foundation slab was laid. Treated with caltite, the slab was heavily reinforced to resist the buoyancy force of the water table.The pool hall roof — a twisted plane — posed some engineering challe ...

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Use of renewable materials rarely comes bolder than at the newly affiliated Faculty of Education for the University of Cambridge.We worked with German timber construction specialists, Merk, to advise on the three storey timber frame structure that houses the library and learning resource centre. The scale of the exposed Glulam beams is not purely aesthetic: fire engineering is integral to the design.The other half of the new building contains lecture and theatre rooms. Here, a four storey reinforced concrete frame was chosen with exposed concrete slabs to create thermal mass — a strategy that will help reduce ongoing energy use.A zinc-roofed atrium creates an internal street with timber bridges used as links at each level.We worked as part of ...

Francis Crick Memorial

To commemorate the life and works of local hero Francis Crick, one of the trio responsible for the discovery of DNA, Northampton Borough Council commissioned a piece of public art from sculptor Lucy Glendinning. Glendinning's design is an interpretation of the double helix — the building block of life — and is clearly visible along the town centre's pedestrianised High Street.We began by looking at the sculptor's cardboard model of the project. The dimensions were used to produce a 3D CAD model. From this we were able to anticipate the problems to come in full-scale construction.Our structural design facilitated the completion of two intertwined helical sections of stainless steel box. A concrete raft was used to anchor the 8m high freestanding elements.

Dean's Eye rose window reconstruction, Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln's cathedral lies in the heart of the city and is a fine example of Gothic architecture. Its rose window, known as Dean's Eye, dates from 1220 and was constructed using a daring structural concept. It had started to fail not long after, and its stone tracery was now beyond repair, although the original glasswork was still in tact. Our structural and conservation engineers worked with the Cathedral Works Department to reconstruct the 7.5m diameter window.The rose window's structure consists of a limited number of stone members holding 13th century stained glass in place. It is only 230mm thick and reconstruction of the stonework was not straightforward. As investigations progressed, other complications arose, such as instability of the cathedral's north transept, which wa ...

Forum Palermo detailed design

Ramboll provided value engineering and detailed design services for Forum Palermo, a new landmark shopping centre delivering 57,000 sq m of retail space in Palermo, Sicily. This project is intended by its developers to act as a symbol of regeneration for the city's south-east side. As well as retail space, the complex provides leisure facilities, office space, car parking and the infrastructure needed to connect it to Palermo's centre.

Kempinksi Hotel, Djibouti

A record nine month design & build programme to deliver Djibouti’s first five star hotel.  The first five star hotel in Djibouti, and Kempinski’s first hotel in East Africa, the Djibouti Palace is set on a spit of land overlooking the Red Sea, with a private beach, marina and jetty and surrounded by palms and the hotel’s own infinity pools.  

The Exotica building

Mumbai is a city surrounded by sea on 3 sides. This means that due to coastal zonal regulations and environmental isues, the city cannot expand horizontally. The only way to accommodate the growing population in the city is to grow vertically. This has ignited an interest in the construction of high rise structures. For our office in Mumbai their first design consultancy contract for a high rise building was the Exotica building.

Bright Star roof sculpture

On behalf of the fabricator, we analysed the dynamics of the 32-tonne steel roof sculpture that identifies Bright Start Tower — a mixed-use development some 60 storeys tall.

Special guidelines for construction of towers in Pasila, Helsinki

So far, exceptionally high buildings have been rare in Finland. Ramboll and its team are working together with a steering group and a team of expert authorities to develop city-level deviation guidelines for high-rise buildings which may also be used by other cities in the future.

Amazon India Headquarters

The building, which is planned to be 70-metres high, will span across 3,500,000 square feet. It will broadly comprise of two towers - North Tower and South Tower - which will be connected at all levels with a three-bay overlap

Ace Links

The construction of a 200m Tall Tower at Nariman Point, Mumbai, India.


The office complex in Reliance Corporate Park is being constructed to house a cluster of 4 buildings. The project is located in Mumbai.

RMZ Ecoworld

RMZ Ecoworld is a modern commercial office space being constructed across an area of 90,00,000 sq.ft. It is being built for IT companies in the IT hub of the country - Bangalore.

Rolling Stones stage set

Having worked with us on a number of scenic and technical effects for high profile performers, Brilliant Stages approached us again to collaborate on the Rolling Stones world tour stage set.We engineered the stage structure (aluminium-framed for ease of transportation and assembly) to includes a second, smaller 'B' stage, just large enough to support all the band members. Mid-way through the performance, scissor lifts powered by hydraulic jacks lift the B stage, with the performers on it, several metres in the air. It then rolls down a track and comes to rest supported on two long rectangular aluminium elements in the heart of the crowd.We also engineered two monumental backdrops, one for use in indoor, the other in outdoor venues. For the outdoor set, a series of 2 ...

Burberry Flagship Store, Regent Street

Covering 44,000 sq ft of space over four floors and with 26 staircases, 121 Regent Street is home to the largest ever Burberry store that is hailed as the most technologically advanced high fashion store.

Armani Exchange (AX) Liverpool fit-out

Continuing the successful business model established at the Bluewater shopping centre, we helped create an industrial aesthetic for this popular brand in Liverpool's new Met Quarter.We broke out the existing concrete floor and installed a stone floor. 150mm concrete mesh reinforced slabs and profiled metal decking ensured a quick build. A single flight stair with glass balustrades was inserted into a void between the ground and first floors. The steel frame stair with folded metal treads is clad in aluminium.To reduce the ceiling height, polycarbonate lightweight panels are suspended from the existing floors.A faceted glass envelope secures the store with maximum exposure in the former post office building. Polished plaster walls provide the desired dark ...

Chiswick House Gardens cafe

Chiswick House Gardens in London was the subject of a £12m regeneration project partly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and completed in 2010. As part of the scheme, a new café has been built within the curtilage of the Grade I listed landscape conceived by Lord Burlington and William Kent. Our structural and conservation engineers worked closely with architect Caruso St John and English Heritage to achieve a high quality and carefully detailed structure. Referencing aspects of classical Palladian architecture, the simple, contemporary single-storey building is well suited to its setting and respectful of its environmentally and politically sensitive location. The café is built over the footings of a significant earlier stables building, supported on a concrete raft to minim ...

Bloxham School library & IT facilities

This independent school in Oxfordshire was looking to create new facilities for IT access and a library, and was keen to invest in a high-specification project to attract new students. The new two storey steel frame structure stands immediately adjacent to the existing historic school building. The architect’s vision was for a series of interlocking cubes, jutting out at dramatic angles. Steel frame geometry on such a project is extremely complex. Our extensive 3D modeling work meant we were able to deliver the crucially precise geometric analysis required. Steel columns embedded within the walls support the cubes of the upper storey as they cantilever over the ground floor. The new building is clad in the same local limestone that covers the adjacent school buildin ...

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery refurbishment

The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, home to Renaissance masterpieces and Middle-Eastern treasures, opened its doors to the public 120 years ago. We helped produce a 20-year plan to restore and redevelop the Chamberlain Square buildings, maximise gallery space and improve circulation to all areas of the museum.We also worked on the structural engineering required for modifications to the second floor, part of the first phase of the plan. This area was bombed during the Second World War and extensively rebuilt in the 1950s.Our engineers worked closely with the architect and English Heritage to convert two of the largest galleries and side offices into a modern orientation space and column-free gallery. This now houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Birmingh ...

Robbie Williams

Long-time collaborators Brilliant Stages appointed Ramboll as structural design and checking engineers for key scenic elements of Robbie Williams’ recent Take The Crown tour.

Cummins Power Generation factory

A thorough and efficient design process was essential for the delivery of this new UK factory on an eleven-month construction schedule. We made simplicity and flexibility our priorities in meeting the structural design brief, and allowing for future developments.The roof of the square plan, single storey factory building is supported on steel columns, set on a 28m x 14m grid. These stand below strips of flat steel roof, which alternate with building-wide glazed barrel vaults. At top, the columns branch into cantilever arms to support the arched roof members. Externally, the roof structure is continued across the two-storey braced steel frame of the adjoining office building.After considerable research, the in situ concrete factory floor slab was laid using the lates ...

Cygnet Hospital

A private psychiatric hospital, designed for low- to medium- security patients, built on a sloping greenfield site in Stevenage. It houses 90 ensuite bedrooms as well as treatment rooms, offices, a kitchen and gym. This fast track design and build contract was delivered to a tight schedule, with an on-site period of a mere eight months in total.Cut and fill was used to even out the site footprint. At the high end of the site the ground floor slab is ground bearing. Toward the low end, a suspended beam and block solution is used.The three storey steel frame building is H shaped in plan and clad in brickwork. Blockwork walls are used on the ground floor, where medium-security patients are to be housed, and studwork with plasterboad is used on the low-security upper f ...

Aldershot Centre for Health

Built on a greenfield site following the demolition of an old army barracks, Aldershot's new health centre consists of four wings extending from a central hub, hexagonal in plan. Users of the facilities will include the Army and local GPs as well as the Primary Care Trust.We liaised with Buro Happold and other contributors as part of a design and build contract, which included engineering proposals for underground and off-site drainage and for the structural design of a multi-storey hospital carpark.We advised a 6.5m grid for the hospital structure, to provide generous column-free space throughout and ensure that the architect's specifications for floor-zone and load-bearing requirements are met. A glass-roofed atrium at the heart of the building will maximize the p ...

City Literary Institute

In the heart of London's Covent Garden, we engineered a new building to house the City Literary Institute, which had occupied a nearby site for many years. The seven storey concrete frame structure is clad in biscuit coloured brick and supported by new piled foundations.The building is distinctive in plan: the end bordering on Keeley Street is piano shaped. Within this, two double height floors house the Institute's teaching rooms and drama studios. Ten metre spans create a generous feeling of open space.We modelled the design of the studio windows. Full height glass panels are set at the back of a brick inset, 700mm deep, that is angled to permit the maximum amount of light to penetrate.Exposed concrete walls and ceilings throughout the building are par ...

Castlefield Visitor Centre

The visitor centre at Castlefield Park was conceived as a social outreach project to address the problem of youth gangs who would congregate in the park and vandalize property. The new activity centre and education facility is designed to serve this community’s needs and is provided with optimal security and anti-vandalism features.Set on a raft foundation, the single-storey concrete structure is l-shaped in plan, and houses a seminar room and a kitchenette. Two glass doors are set back from the façade, allowing optimal penetration of natural light; at night, heavy shutters roll down for security. Once construction was complete, we "buried" the rear of the building and added minimal landscaping that gives the impression of a buried bunker.Our innovative waterproofi ...

Buckfast Abbey canopy

Ramboll’s experience with complex composite structures has informed an ingenious design for a canopy to shield diners at an outdoor terrace at Buckfast Abbey, Devon. A key driver was the need to meet strict planning requirements imposed by English Heritage at this historically sensitive site. Architect Moxley McDonald's response to the brief is an imaginative design in timber and glass that echoes the trees dotted across the abbey lawn. A glazed canopy is supported on tree-like timber columns, each sporting eight 'branches'. We helped realise this interpretation by suggesting the column members be expressed as composite timber and steel portalised frames with cruciform steel elements encased within timber cladding. Using the two materials in sympathy limited the size of the mem ...

Aston Martin Owners Club

When the farmer who owned this listed 12th century tithe barn was faced with the prospect of extensive refurbishment, the Aston Martin Owners Club was happy to step in. The lofty timber structure now houses the club's headquarters and museum.The first stage of our work was to improve the condition of the frame. We took off the clay-tiled pitched roof in order to repair joints, cut out rot and introduce insulation. Two-thirds of the rafters were replaced, using recycled original elements wherever possible.Once the frame was straightened and made sound, a new mezzanine-level office floor was built, extending across a third of the interior.A kitchen, toilets and services are housed in an oval extension. Also timber-clad, this is reached by an frameless glaz ...

Milford-on-Sea beach huts

Following the destruction of 119 huts in the great 2014 St Valentine's Day storm event, the Hampshire village of Milford on Sea benefited from the creation of a £2.3 million seafront improvement scheme, including beach huts capable of withstanding a 1:200 year storm

Genesis Project

We worked closely with the architect on a competition-winning design for a centre for education in sustainable construction techniques. Different materials were used for the construction of five linked single storey mini pavilions, demonstrating a range of sustainability solutions. At the centre of Genesis is a single storey unbraced sway frame structure, rectangular in plan and clad in curtain walling. This central 'forum' leads onto the four other pavilions made from, respectively, earth, clay, straw and timber. These sit two on each side of the forum’s long elevations, so that the whole is roughly starfish shaped in plan. Designed as a lecture theatre, the clay pavilion is constructed from Ziegel perforated fired clay blocks. The honeycomb network of voids runnin ...

Open Academy, Norwich

At more than three times the size of its nearest rival, also engineered by Ramboll, the new-build Open Academy in Norwich was the largest cross-laminated timber panel structure in the country on completion. It uses more than 3,600 cu m of timber, is three storeys high and provides 9,500 sq m of open, flexible school accommodation.Our experience and expertise with cross-laminated timber panel construction led to our being specifically requested by the contractor for the timber engineering work. We used 3D integrated structural modelling software to co-ordinate the structural design with the M&E design concept at an early stage, which enabled an efficient and elegant solution to the integration of the two.Among the advantages of using cross-laminated timber constructi ...

The River & Rowing Museum

The design of this new museum draws both upon its boating theme and the forms of traditional local barn buildings. The effect of the oak-clad structure with its glazed ground floor is of a floating wooden boathall, raised on concrete stilts.

Armani Exchange (AX) Regent Street fit-out

A major refurbishment saw the former Dickens & Jones department store in central London transformed into a mixed retail and commercial venue. As part of this broader programme, we helped engineer one of the new retail units to house Armani Exchange's flagship UK store, which, at 11,700 sq ft, was the brand's largest store in the world at the time of completion.

Funnel 2.0

Ramboll Computational Design has conceived and created Funnel 2.0, a double-curved triaxial shell of Perspex mesh, for our London foyer.

Raven Meadows

Two existing retail buildings sit on opposite sides of a gravel car park in Shrewsbury, in England's West Midlands. A new structure will be built on the car park site and the existing buildings knocked through to create a single merged retail development. Our geotechnical and infrastructure teams dealt with some tricky ground conditions involving a steeply sloping site, loose sandy ground and the likelihood of periodic flooding.Ground level at the rear of the site was much higher than at the front and required cut away to a depth of three storeys. Our geotechnical team carried out extensive site investigations and devised a piled retaining wall to support the cut-away slope.Work was further complicated by the high probability of periodic flooding in the area. Our so ...

Royal Northern College of Music extension

The Royal Northern College of Music’s extension building on Oxford Road is located on one of Manchester’s busiest arterial routes and links the college’s existing music, opera and drama theatres. Our building services, building sciences and structural engineers provided design services for the demolition and extension of the college frontage.The new high profile façade provides the college with a ‘shop window’ at ground floor and incorporates a buffer against traffic noise. The structure consists of a post-tensioned concrete flat slab with feature cantilevers. Internal columns are arranged space-efficiently and the roof is a lightweight steel solution.Internally, there are double-height orchestral rehearsal studios, practice rooms and general teaching space, ...

Project Halo

The Nissan Halo comprises three independently cantilevering oval rings creating an internal Amphitheatre Experience. The Halo, part of Nissan’s “Innovation that Excites” brand concept, was conceived by George P Johnson Experience Marketing (GPJ) for the car manufacturer’s global auto show presence.

Fitzrovia Chalkboard

Ramboll conceived and constructed the Fitzrovia Chalkboard as a piece of installation art for the 2013 London Festival of Architecture.

Weather - It’s Raining... or Not

Ramboll advised on the geotechnical, structural and mechanical aspects of the ‘Weather — It’s Raining or Not…’ installation in Hoxton Square.

The Weather Yesterday

Ramboll provided geotechnical and structural engineering advice for the LED installation ‘The Weather Yesterday’, at the 2012 London Festival of Architecture.

Laban Centre

The new Laban Centre is now the world's largest centre for contemporary dance. It contains dance studios, therapy and sports injury clinics, a theatre, video recording and editing suite, library and research archives and public spaces, all treated as free-floating volumes encased in translucent skins in a single enclosing structure.The building features two glass walled courtyards that drop from roof level to different depths. Circulation uses both ramps and spiral stairs.The in situ concrete frame is complex, incorporating curved walls and the ramps. Extensive ground decontamination was required before construction started.

Louis Vuitton, New Bond Street

Louis Vuitton acquired property next to their store in central London to expand their retail accommodation. Now occupying a prime corner site at Clifford Street, they wished to merge the two buildings at basement and three upper levels beneath five storeys of occupied offices. Major structural changes were necessary to create the desired open plan space, stockrooms and VIP areas.

Langdon Park Station, Docklands Light Railway

As part of upgrade works to the Docklands Light Railway in London, a new three-car station was commissioned for Langdon Park on the Stratford line, between All Saints and Devon’s Road stations. Langdon Park Station is central to regeneration plans for the local area and it was substantially funded by regional development monies. We acted as lead consultant for Costain, who carried out the project under a design & build contract.

Lloyds TSB headquarters

This design met particularly demanding structural objectives on an archaeologically significant site.A ten storey atrium is flanked by two office wings suspended over a column-free entrance hall. The system transferring the loads back to the main structure required careful analysis to determine movement during both construction and use. The slate and glass cladding system demanded tight tolerances on the steelwork and precise assessment of lateral and vertical deflections.Our 3D modelling of the structure enabled us to issue all structural data to tenderers on CD, significantly reducing the tender period and improving cost certainty.

KREOD Pavilion

Creative engineering arising from a number of material and site constraints.

Liverpool cruise liner facility 2007

When Liverpool's 250-metre-long floating cruise liner facility opened in 2007, large cruise liners such as Queen Mary II and Queen Elizabeth II were able to to visit Liverpool without entering the enclosed dock system or berthing mid-river.

Travelodge, City Road

Travelodge had acquired a Grade II listed historic building in Greater London, formerly the headquarters for Singer Sewing Machines. It has been refurbished to house hotel facilities and an extension added. A seven storey structure in loadbearing Portland stone, the existing building has some notable features, such as an entirely oak panelled room, which has been preserved.The extension is steel frame concrete slab construction up to the first floor. For the upper six storeys, lightweight modular wall construction has been used to reduce load. This solution also allowed for off site fabrication and so sped up construction. The extension's façade has been carefully rendered to marry with the historic building adjacent. Windows have been recessed and rainscreen claddi ...

University of East London School of Education

As part of a campus-wide masterplan, the University of East London is expanding its teaching facilities with a new building to house lecture rooms and offices. The cramped Stratford site — which sits directly above a Channel Tunnel rail link — posed some challenges to the design team. Efficient use of vertical volume was a key priority.The architect suggested a bold solution: a rectilinear building, bisected by a full-height atrium, with each of the two wings designed for specific use. Thus the west wing, which houses lecture facilities, is designed with generous floor-to ceiling heights and comprises three storeys. The east wing, housing offices, comprises four stories with a reduced floor-to-ceiling height ratio. Each wing is structurally independent. This approach maximises ...

Tidworth Physical & Recreational Training Centre

This new sports centre, built on an army base, is part of the Tidworth Garrison ten-year regeneration and improvement scheme. With a sports hall, badminton court, gym and associated changing room accommodation, the centre provides leisure facilities to both military personnel and the wider community. The single storey centre is rectilinear in plan: inside, a mezzanine overlooks the double height sports hall, while ancillary facilities are housed to the rear. The structure is steel-framed and clad in brickwork and insulated render. A series of curved timber glulam beams, with a main span of 33m, support a profiled steel sheet roof deck. The beams terminate at the south end of the building in a series of concrete thrust blocks. This detail, chosen by the architect, was made to se ...

UCL Institute of Education extension

A low energy teaching wing is being added to central London's Institute of Education. The design of the new wing echoes parts of the Institute's main building, which dates from the 1970s — a monolithic exposed concrete structure designed by architect Sir Denys Lasdun. The L-shaped new wing consists of four new storeys above the 1990s library extension and three storeys plus a basement adjacent to it.The building is situated in an unused area between the main Institute building, a row of Georgian townhouses and two roads, so our construction methods have to suit the tight space. Through detailed sampling and testing of the concrete we determined that the library foundations and structure could be reused. We will strengthen the existing structure by feeding new columns through th ...

The Royal Yacht Britannia events space

We overcame the unusual challenge of building a structure on a ship and helped bring The Royal Yacht Britannia back to something of her former glory with the addition of a new events space on her top deck. The historic vessel has a permanent mooring in Edinburgh’s Western Harbour and the new space is known as Royal Deck Tea Room.The new function suite sits on the teak deck, its design reminiscent of the temporary candy-striped canopy that was erected on the Yacht in the 1960s when her former owners, the British Royal Family, and their guests were in the Caribbean.The new permanent steel portal-frame structure is, however, designed for Edinburgh’s climate, with a double-skin roof of lightweight steel and tensile fabric to ensure no leaks.


An international centre for the study of sustainable construction at a leading Cambridge college for further education was designed to illustrate a range of sustainable solutions. We played a leadership role in liaising between numerous subcontractors, ensuring the smooth integration of techniques.The main building is largely of timber and is L-shaped in plan. One wing houses teaching and classroom facilities and the other, a visitor centre. Nestled in the crook of the L is a second timber frame structure, diamond-shaped in plan. Here, a large workshop is sheltered by a suspended fabric roof — the largest hyperbolic shaped roof in the UK.In the main building's north wing, 2.5m x 12m Lenotec wall panels are suspended from glulam beams. This prefabricated solution ...

TRADA Pavilion

Cutting edge research into form finding and surface patterning embodied in a dramatic and sustainable expo structure

215 - 219 Oxford Street office conversion

With a Central Line tube running directly under the site and a Grade II* listed building to be retained and integrated into the development, this new office block called for a sensitive approach. Clad in precast panels commemorating the Festival of Britain, the existing building occupied the corner of Oxford St and Ramillies St. A new fully glazed concrete structure, roughly L shaped in plan, has been built hard up against the side and rear elevations. Segments of the existing walls were removed to permit circulation between the buildings. Underpinning helped maximise the site footprint and a concrete raft foundation has been used.From basement to first floor houses retail, with offices occupying the remaining upper four storeys. Minimal use of internal columns ens ...

47-50 New Bond Street

This mixed use development is designed to accommodate offices and residences, with retail facilities on the ground floor. A Grade II listed building — housing a Pinet shoe store — has been retained and incorporated...

Yohji Yamamoto store fit-out

The ground and basement floors of a four-storey office building were fitted out to achieve the spare, rectilinear look in keeping with Yamamoto's retail aesthetic. The designer acted as the architect on this project.We trimmed an existing slab to insert a stair leading down to changing rooms and storage areas in the basement. Steel framed, with timber treads and handrail, the stair is elegantly minimal. This functional aesthetic was carried through in our mechanical and electrical fit-out which left services exposed throughout the shop. The resulting uncluttered space perfectly complements Yamamoto’s design sensibility.

World Trade Center

Intrinsic to the next phase of Gibraltar’s economic growth, the state of the art facility provides its tenants with the opportunity to develop business across the globe through the World Trade Center Association. The new World Trade Center Gibraltar (WTCG) represents the largest single commercial office building on the Rock at 15,750 sq m.

William Hulme Academy

We teamed up with our client, education charity United Learning Trust, to transform the first independent grammar school in the country to become a City Academy. New facilities for the school's 700 pupils were built in two phases to minimize disruption to activities on a restricted site.Work began with the Donner Building — three stories of classrooms and an assembly hall — which is the central hub of the school. Stripped back to its concrete frame and floors, the building, now roughly L-shaped in plan, was wrapped in a steel frame for fast, economically viable construction. Designed in red brick to match the school's Victorian buildings, the walls meet in a double height glazed atrium to form a high-visibility entrance. Aluminium standing-seam roof panels provide watertight lo ...

Wymondham College extension

This new campus building is designed to provide additional accommodation for sixth form students. Our approach emphasized buildability, with a consistent structural design that included some modular elements. The concrete frame structure — which links to an existing campus building — is L-shaped in plan and houses four storeys of living space. The eastern wing is gently curved in plan, with ample glazing on the east-facing elevation that provides residents with pleasing views. Nestled in the crook of the L is a landscaped courtyard. Acoustic performance was a priority in this high-density environment. We suggested using RC frame construction with alternating loadbearing crosswalls. Every other separation wall is loadbearing concrete. This sound structural solution a ...


We helped our client to construct a stylish new world within the two lowest storeys of a Richard Rogers building in Soho.At ground floor level, in the Yauatcha teashop and patisserie, stacks of cakes and coloured packages appear to float mid-air. They're arranged on structural glass shelf units, engineered by our façades team. A blue and black feature stair, illuminated along one side from within a recess between the terazzo treads and an adjoining black glass wall, descends to the basement restaurant, where the bar is a 7m long fish tank.Our special projects team provided bespoke engineering solutions for every structural detail of the fit out, integrating extensive services requirements and enabling the creation of A3 front of house space on a confined site. ...

Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research (ZICER)

Sustainability was a priority for the client in the construction as well as the performance of this new concrete frame building. We've used locally sourced recycled aggregate in foundations and are introducing embodied energy calculations to produce an environmentally auditable building. Structure and services are integrated using a fabric energy storage system. We are also incorporating photovoltaics as part of the University's commitment to the minimization of environmental impact.For this project, our recent pioneering work on 3D building modelling went live, producing all construction information including material quantities and simulation of construction sequences from a single computer model.

Okhta Centre Tower

Part of a broader urban regeneration project aimed at reclaiming the city's stature as a major European centre for culture and commerce, this HQ building is to be the tallest building in St Petersburg.The competition-winning design is for a glass-clad tower with a distinctive twisted profile that tapers to a rounded point — evoking the contour of a gas flame. Inspired by the pentagonal plan of an ancient Scandinavian fort believed to have once occupied the site, the tower consists of a central concrete core ringed by five square interlocking floorplates. The floorplates spin on their axes as they ascend, giving the building its twisted effect. A 'cog mechanism' — whereby the five floorplates interlock — ensures the tower's stability. Steel beams link the core to the external co ...


An increase in personal data collection obliged a leading commercial organisation to purchase a seven hectare greenfield site on which to build a new data centre. A defining feature of this project was the detailed coordination between services and structures. A myriad of services was required to support the vast array of IT equipment. The building was designed to have no point of failure; everything is duplicated. Our first job was to carry out large scale ground improvements to produce a level site. The risk of differential settlement necessitated the use of a cement stabilisation method in order to create a stiff solid platform for the 15,000 sq m ground slab. In addition, it acted as a piling mat and sub-base replacement beneath the 2k of road on site. The struc ...

Northumbria Healthcare

Located on the edge of Cramlington to the north of Newcastle, this new build facility will provide a uniquely comprehensive range of emergency care to patients in Northumbria. Specialist consultants and senior doctors will be available at all times to deliver expert emergency diagnostics and treatment to A&E patients. Our structural, geotechnical and civil engineers, along with our environmental consultants, worked on the concept design.At the centre of the development is a three-storey hub housing laboratories, radiology and operating theatres. The hub is flanked by a series of ‘cogs’ that house wards on one side, and the entrance and ambulance podiums on the other. A concrete frame solution has been specified. The floor slabs vary between 200mm and 450mm in depth, depending ...

Paddington Central building 5

As part of the broader redevelopment of Paddington Basin, we are working on this twelve storey hotel adjacent to the train station. At the time of development, a Crossrail tunnel was planned for directly beneath the site — however, its precise location was still to be determined. Our challenge was to devise a foundation that could accommodate Crossrail construction in any location.Key to the design is a massive transfer structure that forms a table eight metres above ground. A coordinated grid supports building load above while allowing for future rail construction underneath. Supported on piles inserted outside the tunnel exclusion zone, the transfer grid effectively creates a false ground level eight feet in the air.A fully glazed lobby occupies the ground floor. ...

Faculty of Humanities, University of Cambridge

Cambridge University decided to relocate its numerous arts and humanities departments across the city in one building on its Sidgwick Site at 7 West Road, providing a mixture of offices, meeting space and associated amenities. The site is bordered by three faculty buildings and a road, and features a number of retained mature trees that restrict access and storage. Originally appointed to conduct a feasibility study, our eventual remit included a ground conditions report, the structural scheme design and the routing of drainage to avoid tree disturbance. The 4,000 sq m four-storey structure has a Grade 4 basement under its central rectangular footprint, intended for use as a document and film archive. The foundation solution here is a steel sheet pile retaining wall that transf ...

Elm Court School

Award-winning Elm Court School in London's Lambeth is an education establishment for up to 100 students with special educational needs. To create it, an Edwardian former school building was refurbished and remodelled under the government's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) initiative. New work included the addition of a gymnasium and arts teaching block. The existing building is a local landmark and the site is in a conservation area. Our structural, building services and civil engineers were appointed to the project along with our environmental consultants. The main structural challenges in the existing building were the raising of the floor levels in order to optimise space and remove split levels, the creation of an atrium at the heart of the building and the constructio ...

Faslane Shiplift structural safety analysis

Faslane Naval Base at Gare Loch west of Glasgow is home to Royal Navy's four Vanguard class Trident submarines — HMS Vanguard, HMS Victorious, HMS Vigilant and HMS Vengeance. Its shiplift is one of the largest in the world, and when confirmation of the safety case for its continued operation became necessary, our engineers provided an independent peer review and a technical assessment in support of the ultimately successful case.Facilities for submarines at Faslane consist of the huge shiplift building and three jetties to the side of it. One of the Trident submarines is always on patrol while another is in maintenance. The remaining two are on standby. Their pressurised water reactor power plants are designed to operate for seven years witho ...

Finnfjord – the world’s most energy efficient ferro-alloy plant

By investing in two massive boilers the ferro-alloy plant Finnfjord is able to recover heat from steel production and transform it to 340 GWh of electricity pr. year, equivalent to 85,000 Norwegian households. Ramboll has designed the steel structures for the boilers at Finnfjord.


‘KOMFORT-husene’ near Vejle in Denmark are part of a development project aiming to combine Danish architecture and Danish building traditions with the principles used for creating passive houses.

Villa Larsen. Modernist single-family house

Villa Larsen is a modern single-family functionalist home made for an enthusiastic and design conscious client. The building has a playful design that is contained within strict geometry.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Located in Ahmedabad, this multi-speciality hospital is being constructed to store 1600 beds. It will also house a utility building and helipad and cover an area of 14,50,000 sq.ft.

Physics of Medicine, University of Cambridge

To promote collaboration between research and medical sciences, Cambridge University has commissioned a new building for its West Cambridge site to house physics and clinical medical studies.The three-storey concrete frame building is rectilinear in plan. The internal layout is largely open plan, with flexible laboratory spaces at each floor level. The sensitive nature of experimental research carried out here means it's crucial to ensure a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. 400mm thick concrete floor slabs provide thermal mass and minimize vibration. Glazing on the east-facing elevation — where the laboratories are housed — is minimal, while the west-facing elevation is more amply glazed and shaded with metal louvres. The building's north wing is a ...

Banque Audi offices

In the centre of Beirut, we helped our clients achieve planning permission for a multi-storey office development with a deep basement that provides several levels of parking space. Our concept design was taken forward as part of a Design & Build contract involving local engineers.We focused on solutions that work hard without adding complexity. The building's concrete frame helps to moderate the internal environment as part of an integrated services strategy. A large central atrium maximises daylight penetration into the office spaces. The resulting heat gain is counteracted by air conditioning in all occupied areas, including the atrium's ground floor level and walkways.An elegant bespoke roof adds visual drama to the conventional structure.

Office building Kanalveien 105

The building consists of 7 storeys, 3 parking storeys under ground, two storeys of shop units and two storeys of offices.

Souldern Road residence

For a private client in Hammersmith we provided the engineering for an extended, open-plan residence within two adjoining four storey Victorian terrace houses.We worked closely with the architect and subcontractors to achieve a complete restructuring of the site in phased stages, while retaining the existing external walls and façade. To mitigate the effects of removing loadbearing walls, the house has been underpinned and piles inserted.Temporary steel columns were used to support the internal structure while the staircases were removed. The back of the house has been opened up with a two storey steel and glass extension. From ground to first floor, we installed a feature concrete staircase fitted with glass balustrades.To accommodate a fifth bedroom, t ...

Maison Express

Advanced multi-storey residential apartments, Maison Express offers high-end spaces for abode and is spread across an area of 9,00,000 sq.ft.

BP North Sea Operations headquarters

Sometimes it pays to look twice at received ideas about what works and what doesn’t. By questioning some basic assumptions, we were able to provide cost-saving innovations on this HQ development in Aberdeen. Three buildings are connected by an internal fully-glazed triple-height ‘street’. Comprising a total of seven wings, the buildings project out on either side of the street, so the overall structure is roughly star shaped on plan. Each three-storey building is steel framed and is clad in glazing and rendered panels. Two atria book-end the development, and a long span stair provides a visual focal point.Precast concrete hollow-core floor panels are used throughout. Following detailed analysis of the interaction between the steel frame and concrete elements, we wer ...

Brighton Dome Concert Hall

Built as a riding arena in 1808, Brighton Dome is part of the Royal Pavilion Grade I listed estate. It was converted to a concert hall in the 1860s and renovated in the 1930s. With other specialists, we helped create a 21st century performance and conference space inside this protected Regency building.Increased flexibility of use was essential and required improved sightlines, acoustics and access. The proscenium was widened, which involved removing approximately half the roof. A new, central opening in the listed Art Deco ceiling contributed to acoustic and ventilation systems.The basement was extended to create a store for removable stalls seating; high ground water levels and the proximity of the existing structure made this work extremely sensitive. <br / ...

Acute Vascular Imaging Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital

A new Acute Vascular Imaging Centre (AVIC) has been constructed to serve John Radcliffe Hospital's new cardiology building, part of the Oxford facility's expansion programme. Our structural, civil and building services engineers worked with BAM Construction under a Department of Health ProCure21 framework agreement to design and deliver the imaging centre.The AVIC site is located in a narrow gap between the cardiology unit and the Accident & Emergency department of the main hospital. Its three-storey concrete frame is structurally independent but linked to the structures on either side at first floor level, and bridges a road used for deliveries and fire access.Adjacent to the main hospital, ground beams span existing pile caps and below-ground services. Columns o ...

Cavendish Avenue residence

A traditional residential street in the heart of Cambridge has been given a contemporary facelift with the construction of a sustainable, three-storey timber frame house. A 1930s building was demolished to create the site. Using 95mm thick cross-laminated panels of sustainably sourced fir, spruce and pine, we erected the watertight frame in six days. A glulam sub-frame provided a practical and robust solution, using renewable materials.The most striking structural feature of this Modernist, box-like building is a first floor wall panel designed to support floor and roof loads above. We worked with our client to fit the roof with an architecturally-designed skylight that runs the length of the house. As well as maximising natural light, the skylight provides a visual ...

Burning Man Festival 2013

Ramboll Computational Design collaborated with the concept architects to realise their interactive transitory installations for the 2013 Burning Man Festival.

Capital Gate

A landmark tower among landmark towers, Capital Gate is the 35 storey focal point of Abu Dhabi's Capital Centre, a mixed use development supporting the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). In June 2010, it was certified by Guiness Book of Records as the furthest-leaning manmade tower in the world. We were appointed as specialist consultant by lead engineer and architect RMJM to advise on construction.

Chelsea Bridge Wharf phase 5

We helped our client achieve the final phase of the Chelsea Bridge Wharf development. Built on a 19th century railway freight terminal site, phase 5 consists of four new blocks. These architect designed glass-fronted buildings are dominated by a 14 storey hotel, some 8,000 sq m of office space, 11 floors of apartments and riverside restaurants with views of Battersea Bridge. As with phases 1-4, we used a modular framework and reinforced concrete slabs. Framed steel shuttering was moved from one column to the next. Columns were kept to the same size with transfer slabs running to 400mm. As part of the hotel design we engineered floating wall columns to support the balconies of the 202-room building. The substructure basement slab is semi-suspended on top of pile foundations bore ...

Brighton Corn Exchange

This timber structure, rectangular in plan, is one of a complex of Georgian stables buildings that form part of the Royal Pavilion Grade I listed estate. For several years it has served as a flexible space for performance and conferences.

Lodha Eternis, Andheri

Project consists of 11 Residential Towers of G+8 Storeys. All these towers are connected at Basement and Podium levels with necessary expansion joints.

Project Evolution at the Warren Development

Our engineers have developed a residential flat-pack template for Berkeley Homes that allows for last minute apartment configuration changes to suit demand. In the past, small changes resulted in the costly and time-consuming relocation of structural elements and services. The new template allows for changes even after a building has been clad.The design template is based on a 6.5m grid. One, two and three bedroom apartments use one, one-and-a-half and two grid spaces respectively. Windows and doors have predetermined positions. Service stacks line up through the whole building, saving 500mm in height each time the services would have been redirected. Cantilevered gantries on the exterior of each floor allow architectural features and balconies to be configured once the layout ...

Burj Al Salam

The main 60-storey tower incorporates residential, office and hotel zones with a common podium Ramboll was appointed as structural engineer on this project. The main vertical elements are reinforced concrete, providing stability against wind and seismic activity. The floor slabs are post-tensioned concrete. The structural integrity of these slabs presented a challenge as it featured a typical step between the office section and the rest of the floors and contained a large opening that formed a ‘U’ shape to the floor plan. A number of column and shear walls were transferred from one location to another at the lower tower area which were quite distinctive structurally. A separate car park building, 16 storeys high, with a swimming pool and gymnasium on the roof, were also designed by Ramboll, incorporating reinforced concrete on the ground floor with steel columns and beams supporting the composite metal decking slabs on the floors above.

Doha Asian Games LED cyclorama

One of the largest temporary structures ever built, this spectacular 30m-high LED screen showed simultaneous broadcast of the 2007 Doha Asian Games.We designed the steel support structure for speed of construction — it had to be finished in time for the games — and resilience against strong desert winds.Situated at the north end of the stadium, the screen projects above the roof and is curved to follow the stadium contour. The support structure, consisting of steel buttresses, is structurally independent.Instead of reinforcing the structure against wind-load, we exploited the connection design to allow subtle movement. Frictionless PTFE plates inserted between bolts buffer the connections for ample flexibility. This lightweight steelwork solution kept co ...

William Perkin High School

Containing 3,800 cubic metres of timber, the William Perkin High School is the largest cross laminated timber building in the UK.

Chiswick House Gardens bridge restoration

The gardens of Chiswick House were designed by William Kent and are hailed as the birthplace of the English Landscape Movement. In a £12m, two-year project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Grade I listed landscape was restored and key focal points returned to their mid-18th century appearance. Our structural and conservation engineers worked with architect on a comprehensive programme to restore and repair the structures in the gardens, including the 18th century Classic Bridge attributed to James Wyatt. Built for the 5th Duke of Devonshire as part of the extensive remodelling of Kent’s villa and gardens in 1774, the bridge was in poor condition after long exposure to weather and pollution and a lack of maintenance. The Grade I listed bridge consists of a single Por ...

Bolton Market Hall refurbishment

It can take creative thinking to accommodate a change of use brief while respecting the integrity of a listed structure. At Bolton Market Hall — a Grade II listed structure with an ornate cast-iron and glazed roof — we engineered what is effectively a structure within a structure to create a new, modern shopping centre within while leaving the existing building virtually untouched.The hall is a double-height structure with a brick vaulted basement; cast iron columns support the roof. Our client wanted to expand retail facilities with the insertion of gallery walkways and shops at first floor level. Link bridges provide circulation across the central void. To the rear of the building is an existing 1970s shopping centre; links have been inserted to allow circulation at first and ...

Sotheby's refurbishment

The legendary auction house faced a quandary: how to increase office space in its central London location without substantially altering its listed premises?The situation was especially urgent as Sotheby's lease on one of its buildings was due to be terminated.Roughly 20 small buildings house the auctioneers' facilities. Dating from the Georgian period, the structures are timber framed and clad in brick. The original floors — constructed using former ship's timbers — were in poor condition. We inserted a partial steel frame to support the floor plates and introduced new timbers where necessary.New link structures provide easy circulation from one unit to another and two new lift cores provide disabled access to the upper storeys.

Helsinki Central Library

The new Helsinki Central Library is one of the most demanding construction engineering projects in Finland. The building will be an eco-efficient masterpiece of structures made of steel, wood and glass.

Household Cavalry Museum

The headquarters of the Household Cavalry is the Horse Guards building — built 1750-9, Grade I listed — in central London. It was designed by architect William Kent and built by John Vardy after Kent's death. A museum has been created in the building that tells the history of the Household Cavalry, allowing public access for the first time. Our conservation and structural engineers worked on the detailed restoration and conservation of the historic structure, providing measured drawings, site investigations and structural engineering for the building's adaptation.Of particular interest is the restoration works in the north pavilion gallery. Here, the ground floor is brick groin vaulted, to a height of 5m. The vaults, internal walls and chimneys of the space above are supported ...

Horniman Museum refurbishment

This extraordinary collection of ethnological objects and musical instruments, founded by Frederick Horniman in 1901, is housed in a remarkable Art Nouveau building by architect Charles Harrison Townsend. Its relaunch follows a comprehensive programme to rationalize and extend its facilities.The architects worked with the client to turn the building's aspect around so as to take better advantage of its setting in 16 acres of gardens. In Phase II of the project, museum space was doubled by a new extension. This three storey structure houses two floors of gallery space, making room to show 6,000 more exhibits from the collection. The third storey is a steel framed plant deck.A separate building for conservation facilities was introduced in Phase I. It's a ...

Islington Square residences

We worked on a project to develop 22 terraced townhouses – some affordable housing and some commercial – on a large plot in East Manchester. Each 2-3 bedroom house has its own courtyard at the rear; and roof gables in a style inspired by the typical Dutch terrace.As is typical in many parts of Manchester, the site’s industrial past posed some difficulties. Ground contamination was severe. Our solution was to use a minimized foundation strategy. We excavated the smallest possible area of contaminant and sank mini-piles to a depth below the contamination threshold. This cost effective approach kept the volume of contaminant we had to dispose of to an absolute minimum. The mock Dutch gables presented another challenge. In varying shapes and heights – some projecting as ...

George V Pavilion refurbishment

Trumpington village on the south side of Cambridge was identified for potential expansion as a result of the Cambridge Southern Fringe Area Action Plan. Cambridge City Council recognised that the George V Pavilion had fallen into disrepair since its erection in the 1950s and new community facilities were needed. Working closely with the council and Trumpington Residents Association, architect 5th Studio approached Ramboll to develop the structural engineering aspects of the refurbishment.Consultation with the community determined that the new centre needed to accommodate multiple activities and users. The brief was expanded to provide an extended community hall, a youth room, kitchen, toilets, storage and office space for clean indoor activities. A separate prefabricated Portac ...

Herne Hill Velodrome

Ramboll provided design input for the new track, multi-use games area, floodlighting and pavilion in Herne Hill Velodrome’s phased regeneration.

Sanctuary Falls Dubai

Teamworking is essential in this 99 luxury villa community as we ensure all contractor and interior design requirements are met.  Flanked on one side by the Greg Norman-designed Earth course, and on the other by lakes and waterfalls, Jumeirah Golf Estates’ Sanctuary Falls is a community of 99 exclusive five and six bedroom villas.

Three Quays

The Cheval Group’s Three Quays project is located in a prime position, on a heavily constrained Thames waterfront site, between the Tower of London and Sugar Quay. The mixed use development offers private and serviced apartments over nine floors, retail accommodation at ground level, and plant, servicing facilities and some parking in the basement. In addition to providing structural engineering for the new concrete frame building, our engineers provided transport consultancy.Originally occupied by three Victorian buildings, the site is within an area of known archaeological interest. Findings proved richer than anticipated and took six months to process. They also resulted in alterations to the foundation design to avoid a Roman wall. To enable construction, a king post tempor ...

Moorgate Exchange

Situated in the heart of London, the Moorgate Exchange is a £65m commercial 12 storey redevelopment, offering 218,000 sq. ft. of grade A office and headquarter accommodation.

Waingels College

The Waingels College buildings are being replaced by four two-storey timber panel frame structures set around a central courtyard. Phasing and health & safety are critical as the school is to remain open during construction. Ground inspections highlighted the site's very high water table, resulting in the use of shallow strip foundations and a shallow drainage system.The modular timber panel frame solution has a number of advantages over a conventional concrete frame and this project is one of a series of schools Ramboll has engineered using this technique. Speed of construction is one advantage — this project has a 134 week programme.The prefabricated cross-laminated panels are assembled quickly on site, making it possible to achieve watertight buildings within a f ...

Lighting up the square at Maria Church

A comprehensive restoration is underway on Istedgade in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. One of the projects involves the restoration of the square in front of Maria Church. The project has been named 'The sun shines on us all' and includes a whole new street illumination, in the form of a prismatic light sphere hung above the square.

RSPCA Headquarters

The structure of the RSPCA's new headquarters building is designed to have a large inherent thermal inertia. Detailed thermal modelling contributed to decisions on building orientation and footprint, and on the location and size of glazed areas.For much of the year, comfort conditions in the open plan areas are achieved through natural ventilation. High efficiency systems were designed for heating and the mechanical ventilation required for cellular offices.Daylight modelling optimized the building's daylighting capability. Energy efficient light sources have local switching and are controlled for daylight dimming and absence detection.The greywater recycling system will enable the future use of photovoltaics for powering the pumping station.

Palace of Westminster settlement remediation

Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster was founded in 1097, though only sections of masonry remain from this date. Its spectacular hammer beam roof — which dates from 1402 — is thought to be the best example in Europe, and the whole building is Grade 1 listed and part of the Westminster UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Hall's grand southern steps and some areas of floor had suffered from considerable ongoing settlement and our specialists were appointed to investigate the causes, consider repair options and recommend remedial measures.Working closely with the Parliamentary Works Directorate, the Palace's conservation architect and English Heritage to ensure that all work followed best conservation practice, we took the role of lead consultant. Non-destructive surveys, inc ...

Riverside Building, Lewisham University Hospital

The third phase of development at Lewisham Hospital in London was carried out under a PFI contract with Carrillion Construction (Mowlem). Our engineers contributed substantially to the winning bid for the project to build the seven-storey Riverside Building, and provided structural, geotechnical and civil engineering services throughout.The site is flanked on three sides by existing hospital buildings, and on the fourth by the River Ravensbourne. The river winds at this point and the design team's focus on maximum use of the site led to and 'S' plan solution for the building. The 22,000 m2 new facility accommodates operating theatres, theatre recovery, specialist treatment rooms, a coronary care unit, a high-dependency unit and four wards.Riverside is founded on a c ...

Parkside Building - Birmingham City University

The BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rated Parkside Building provides a new centre of excellence for Birmingham City University to support the full range of Arts, Design and Media courses.

Project Jacobs, Winnersh Triangle

The Winnersh Triangle lies within a mile of the M4 motorway, close to Reading and is the subject of a phased redevelopment plan to create a new grade A business park. We were appointed to provide structural, fire, infrastructure, sustainability and geotechnical services for five buildings, including a new HQ for Jacobs Engineering. Bespoke office accommodation was required while the client requested that the building's design be consistent with the rest of the park.The Jacobs building comprises five floors on top of a podium structure containing an undercroft car park, set half in the ground and designed to work with the site's contours. The podium is finished with a mixture of hard and soft landscaping which helps attenuate surface water drainage and reduces discharge into the ...

Porto Montenegro Marina

Porto Montenegro Marina is part of a larger regeneration project in the Bay of Kotor — the largest natural harbour in the Adriatic Sea. Kotor itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a walled city. The marina is designed to accommodate more than 150 super yachts in berths 30m-100m long, plus 600 berths for smaller vessels, serving the high-end residential, commercial, leisure and hotel projects that complete the development. Our structural, marine and services engineers have been working on this ongoing project.The marina will consist of seven jetties, the longest of which is 250m in length and 25m wide. The smallest, which was completed first, features palm trees on its deck, imported from Spain. It also features hand carved stone paving, curbing of black basalt imported fr ...

London Funnel

In-house code and geometry modelling used to model and then fabricate an innovative timber grid shell.

University of Leicester Centre for Medicine

The University of Leicester’s new George Davies Centre (formerly the Centre for Medicine) is the UK’s largest Passivhaus building and brings together academics, researchers, clinicians and students who were once spread across multiple university sites.

London Luton Airport – transformation and expansion

Transport links, infrastructure accessibility as well as a new parallel taxiway and work to the aprons were included in the ambitious plans for a vast expansion of London Luton Airport.

London Edition Hotel

Located in central London’s Fitzrovia, on the edge of London’s Soho neighbourhood, the Grade II listed Berners Hotel is refurbished to become part of the luxury boutique EDITION Hotel portfolio.

KPMG Headquarters design supervision

A Canary Wharf development intended to meet high targets in sustainability and architectural design. In our role as holders of a watching brief, we made some interventions to improve internal legibility and façade performance.The 15 storey steel frame structure is L shaped on plan, with a courtyard nestled in the crook of the L. Several full height atria provide reception and circulation facilities — the use of open space pointing to KPMG's core values of transparency and communicability. We revised the initial circulation design so that stair flights connect to alternating sides of the ascending floor plates in the central atrium. Seen from below, the stairs form a criss-cross pattern, enhancing the impression of a fluid, multiply-connected environment. Our façade ...

The Shard ground movement assessment and monitoring

At 84 storeys, with a 15m deep basement, the Shard at London Bridge Station is the tallest building in Europe to date. It is constructed within one metre of the historic brick vaults that support the station and within eight metres of live rail lines. On behalf of Network Rail, our engineers have been assessing the reaction of existing structures to the building’s construction and advising on necessary measures to protect its assets during the construction period.London Bridge is the fifth busiest station in Europe, and one of the oldest, with construction primarily taking place in the 1830s and 40s. Its tracks and concourse are supported on a range of brick arches and an elegant train shed roof spans the platforms. We assessed the likely ground movements resulting from deep ex ...

Slimbridge 2000 Visitor Centre

The engineering objectives for this project centred on sustainability. The new building provides a visitor centre for the Slimbridge bird sanctuary and headquarters for the Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. As well as using energy and materials responsibly, however, the building had to be cost efficient and easy to use and maintain as well.Our engineers and consultants co-ordinated a number of features to produce a site-specific approach. Solar and daylight design was optimized and high levels of insulation specified. The natural stack and wind-driven ventilation system makes use of thermal mass and night-time cooling. Reed beds are used for natural filtration in order to help conserve water.This building demonstrates how small projects can benefit from low ener ...

Sheffield University Resource Centre

As part of a larger project to enhance student services, we worked on the new resource centre for Sheffield University. The five to seven storey concrete frame structure houses study spaces, book stacks, classrooms, offices and a visitor centre...

Sheffield Academies

The UK government's academies program aims to give underperforming schools a new lease of life by building legible, curriculum-appropriate facilities that encourage academic endeavour. For these two schools — Park and Springs — we provided engineering solutions that served an economic building program. Steel framed with composite concrete slabs, the schools have external masonry cavity walls that help regulate thermal capacity. Springs is triangular in plan, with a central courtyard housing an amphitheatre. The self-enclosing triangular structure was chosen for heightened security. Parks is E-shaped in plan, with three wings leading off a long “street.” Both structures are double glazed throughout with ventilation systems designed to promote sound insulation. The sc ...

The Michael Tippett School

The Michael Tippett School — a special educational needs secondary — was the first school in London to be built under the Government’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. It provides state-of-the-art teaching facilities for 80 pupils and 60 staff. Our structural, building services and infrastructure engineers, along with our sustainability consultants, worked closely with Marks Barfield Architects on the award-winning scheme. Sustainability was central to the brief. The form of the building and the building grid are determined by the cross section through the classrooms. Full height glazed curtain walling and high-level clerestory glazing maximise natural light and ventilation. An exposed concrete soffit maximises thermal mass.The structural frame of th ...

St Katharine Docks restaurant proposal

On the Thames River wall at St Katharine Docks, we have solved the structural problems of locating a two storey building in an exposed riverside position. We have been working on a proposal for a new restaurant for the 1930s quay fronting the 1827 dock complex designed by Thomas Telford, which now houses a marina, hotels and restaurants.As piling into the Thames is prohibited, the quay is to be used as the foundation. Thorough testing and repairs are to be conducted to determine an accurate load capacity. However, it is likely that a lightweight design will be needed. The weight of the structure, which is to resemble a cut diamond, will be reduced by integrating the frame and façade. Lightweight structural elements of timber fletched with plate steel are to be located along the ...

The Salt House

The Salt House — a mixed use redevelopment in London's Soho — was welcomed by the local planning department but subject to tight deadlines for demolition and construction. The new building provides five retail units at basement and ground levels, with three floors and a penthouse, providing 15 apartments. A number of challenges had to be addressed. An unstable neighbouring property was also undergoing redevelopment and close liaison concerning the party wall was essential. Another neighbouring building houses a recording studio with sensitive equipment, and a street market had to relocate to accommodate Salt House construction. As far as possible, work was scheduled to allow other businesses to continue trading.In addition, the Soho streets are narrow, restricting v ...

Single living accommodation, Devil's Tower Camp

Devil’s Tower Camp is a British military base on Gibraltar’s east coast. It is home to various armed forces including the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. The site’s refurbishment included improvements to site’s transit, permanent and welfare facilities for 450 serving personnel.

27-30 Finsbury Square

The development comprises a basement, lower ground, ground and seven upper floors. In situ concrete flat slabs are used for the lower floors while the upper floors are framed in steel, with long span cellular beams acting compositely with in situ concrete floors on permanent metal decking. Slip-formed concrete cores provide stability.The elevations are Portland stone. Solid stone piers act as the vertical loadbearing structures around the perimeter. Within the piers elastomeric bearings isolate the stone from rotations that occur at the ends of the long span beams.

99-121 Kensington High Street refurbishment

Adjacent to Kensington High Street London Underground station, this listed building is home to 361,000 sq ft of retail and office space, with the famous Kensington Roof Gardens and the Virgin nightclub on top.Retail facilities occupy the basement, ground, first and second floors, and offices the third to fifth floors. Record label Sony BMG signed a 10-year lease for the third and fourth floors on the understanding they could reconfigure the space. Realising the company's vision involved extensive structural renovations. Voids were created by removal of some floor areas and temporary bracing inserted to enable this. In order to reinforce existing columns, plates were welded to them to create box-section columns capable of spanning two floors in height.We also provid ...

Waterside Marina

The work of our geotechnical, infrastructure and structural engineers helped make a new seafront development viable. The site previously housed a boatyard, which caused considerable contamination through seepage of fuels, paints and solvents. Coupled with this, the seafront and nearby stream, Counters Creek, constitute ecologically sensitive areas.To overcome the constraint of contamination, the entire shoreside site is sealed beneath a watertight concrete box, held in place by piles that can act in tension if water levels rise. The top of this forms a podium on which the development is founded — townhouses, apartment buildings, local shops, cafés and public land. Its height above sea level is determined by the 1 in 200 year flood. The interior of the box is used for parking. ...

Walworth Academy

Sponsored by charity Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), Walworth Academy occupies the playground site of the old Walworth School, which was split between two sites. The new building unites the Academy into one facility on Shorncliffe Road and has almost doubled the capacity, catering for 1,140 students. We provided structural, civil and building services engineering, and sustainability consultancy for the low-energy building. The school remained operational during construction.One of the aims of the project was to achieve exemplar low energy building status. The Academy was designed with energy efficiency in mind, as well as ensuring a comfortable working environment. Passive design measures have been used where possible.Post-tensioned concrete construction has been us ...

Wandsworth Academy of Design & Technology extension

As part of the City Academy program to increase schools' academic standards, this award winning 1950s school will be refurbished and a two-storey concrete frame extension added, including entry atrium, classrooms, dance hall, sports hall and music rooms. Our main challenge is to marry a high architectural standard with a competitive budget. Lateral thinking has produced some ingenious solutions involving the use of prefab elements and some recycled materials.The existing sports hall has a timber truss roof. Once removed, these trusses will be recycled in the construction of the new atrium rooflight. A dramatic double storey height 'street' running the entire width of the extension building, the atrium will be a key visual feature of the new build. The new roof will ...

Vanke Pavilion

Using our unwavering passion for design, the Vanke Pavilion façade that comprised hundreds of ceramic tiles to create this uniquely shaped building, was engineered using advanced coding techniques to deliver simplified construction of a complex structure.

Ocean Spa Plaza, Gibraltar

Ocean Spa Plaza, Gibraltar (OSPG) will be situated as part of Gibraltar’s famous Ocean Village marina resort.

Oxford Brookes University student centre

The new five-storey concrete frame student centre has created a focal point for Oxford Brookes University. It houses the university's main library, the student union and a lecture theatre, along with teaching rooms, retail areas and catering facilities.The main entrance to the new building leads into a large atrium with the library and student union on each side and a ground floor dining area. The lecture theatre projects into the space, creating a mezzanine level above. Wings on three sides of the building accommodate retail and medical facilities, a link to the existing Abercrombie building and pooled teaching rooms.The new student centre is light, open plan and easy to navigate. Its long span steel-frame roof helps create the sense of space and the large voids pr ...

One Southampton Row

This six-storey steel frame development is located in a central London conservation area. The idea was to improve the building's potential as a commercial site while observing local authority building guidelines — the 19th century sections of the masonry façade remain intact...

M25 DBFO widening J27-30, one of the fastest highway construction programmes

Section 4 of the M25 DBFO involved widening 25.8 km of dual 3-lane motorway to dual 4-lanes within the existing highway boundary, whist maintaining dual 3-lane operation. Design included upgraded junctions, controlled motorway infrastructure and overall improvements to the environmental, operational safety and maintenance provisions of the motorway.

M40 motorway services area

We are providing structural, infrastructure and building services engineering design for a new motorway services area on the M40 at Beaconsfield. The development includes a petrol station, an amenities building and overnight accommodation.The site covers 6.4 hectares and is located in an environmentally sensitive area. It is surrounded by ancient woodland and near various significant structures, including a Roman road and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. In designing the infrastructure for the project, care has been taken to protect and enhance these features.The project is intended to represent the future of motorway services: providing quality amenities and high levels of comfort, and embracing the requirements of sustainable development.The amenity buildi ...

Oxford Brookes Rain Pavilion

A semi-permanent urban forest sculpture designed by students with digital modelling expertise and civil and structural engineering supplied by Ramboll.


Ramboll was the lead consultant for this project. Our structural engineers designed the building with a concrete structure and post-tensioned floor slabs, identified as being the most cost effective solution. The curved and tapered roof structure, crowning a large rooftop atrium, was designed in steel to maintain the architect’s vision.


An affordable, self-sustained development in Jumeirah Village.  A Mediterranean style gated community, Fortunato is a 5-storey hexagonally shaped apartment building and two 3-storey townhouse structures.  Parking is provided below ground covering an area of 16,000m2.

A transparent Town Hall in Tallinn

The new town hall and public plaza in Tallinn, the beautifully preserved capital of Estonia, are to be placed right between the medieval city walls and the open waters of the Gulf of Finland. After winning an international design competition, BIG architects approached Ramboll to provide the complete engineering services.

Powering Moscow

The Russian capital has experienced a business and building boom in recent years. The great building activity naturally depends on a strong, reliable electrical power grid with sufficient capacity to service all the new buildings.

Building a home for elephants

Ramboll has helped realise the new Elephant House in Copenhagen Zoo, designed by Norman Foster. This building is setting new standards for animal welfare in inner city zoos, being designed with regard to the social patterns of the elephant as well as a desire to bring a sense of light and openness.

Gateway to St. Petersburg

In early 2010, NCG appointed Ramboll as lead designer of the redevelopment of Pulkovo Airport, which is one of the most ambitious aviation projects currently underway in Europe.

Technical advice for Hertfordshire waste-to-energy project

Offering technical advice for PFI procurement of contract for waste treatment and disposal services in Hertfordshire, UK

Danderyd Hospital

The patient capacity of Danderyd Hospital needs to be expanded and the hospital is being rebuilt and equipped with a new emergency room. Ramboll handles extensive commissions in the project.

Nørreport Traffic

This project consists of a detailed road and traffic management design, for a new traffic solution at Nørreport Station - including a new bus station.

Scania Regional Production Centre

Greenfield development of 38 acre site for establishing assembly and production facilities for trucks and buses.

Regional Sea Level Rise

A change in the sea level in Western Norway, generally a permanent increase with extreme periodic variation, will strengthen the negative and harmful effects we are already experience in conjunction with periodic extreme high tides.

New Hospital in Central Finland

A completely new hospital, expected to be operational in 2020, will be built in the area of the Central Hospital of Central Finland in Kukkumäki, Jyväskylä. Most of the hospital premises will be dedicated to special healthcare and the rest to Jyväskylä's primary health care.

Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

The new Materials Science & Metallurgy building at the University of Cambridge is one of the highest performing laboratory facilities in the world – a testament to the collaborative approach of the project team. Ramboll experts provided civil and structural engineering services for the project.

The Maxwell Centre

The £26 million Maxwell Centre is the latest science facility that Ramboll have been involved in for the University of Cambridge. The doubly-curved four storey steel structure provides a new home for “blue skies” physics research and industrial collaboration.

Mossbourne Community Academy

A site scattered with decommissioned school buildings and forked between two urban railway lines might have seemed an unprepossessing birthplace for this landmark development by the London Community Academies Initiative.In fact, its location was entirely to the point. The academy was part of the Department of Education & Science's initial drive to seed educational excellence in targeted areas. Sensitivity to the community was integral at all levels: sustainable development was key to our brief.With Richard Rogers, we designed a three storey Glulam timber frame structure with concrete floor slabs to achieve thermal mass. This main building is V-shaped in plan, with naturally-ventilated classrooms along the arms and an air-conditioned assembly hall at the central poin ...

51 Lime Street

Foster + Partners' design of the building was originally based on the interlocking shells of a prawn. The two steps of the building help it relate more easily to the surrounding buildings.

3 St James Court, Norwich

The masterplan for the site in Norwich between Barrack Street and the River Wensum includes 20,500 sq m of office space, 200 houses, a hotel, 1,500 sq m of retail space, restaurants and cafés as well as a footbridge, amenities and landscaping. The building at 3 St James Court is one of three office projects developed by Ramboll in the first phase of implementation, offering 3,354 sq m over two floors.Extensive investigations on adjacent ground indicated a strong likelihood of archaeological remains on the brownfield site, most recently occupied by a printworks. Our structural and geotechnical engineers liaised at length with the Norfolk county archaeologist to agree a strategy to limit ground disruption during construction.The printworks’ thick concrete floor has be ...

14 Cornhill

Engineering the redevelopment of the old Lloyds/TSB headquarters required both sensitivity and audacity. Parts of the original building are Grade II listed: the banking hall...

The homes of tomorrow

A new type of houses is emerging in the wake of the focus on climate change and energy costs. These so called passive houses are seen as the solution to the challenging task to drastically reducing energy consumption in buildings.

Sonning residence

A two-storey contemporary private residence on a 4.9 hectare plot next to the River Thames near Reading. Our structural engineers worked with the client’s architect to achieve a building that maximises natural light using full-height glazing, and features immaculate interior and exterior finishes. The grounds include a helipad, a golf green, an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court and a fish pond.The new concrete frame house and private entrance courtyard occupy a greenfield portion of a site on which the previous dwelling was demolished. The building's slabs include integrated underfloor heating, and the roof is flat. The 4m wide balcony and large first floor terrace utilise a cantilevered concrete slab constructed using the Cobiax void former system of plastic spheres, which ...

The Heart Centre

Walton-on-Thames has been completely revitalized by the development of a 18,000 sq m site in the centre of town, formerly occupied by a carpark. The new complex provides 75,000 sq m of retail and residential space, including a high percentage of affordable housing.Retail facilities occupy the first basement and ground floor levels throughout the site, with carparking for residents one level below. From first to sixth floor, the flats are arranged in blocks around a couple of landscaped garden courtyards.To achieve this, we used a sculpted concrete transfer deck to form the ceiling of the triple height walkway running through the retail area. Inventively lit and clad in moulded white GRP, the deck is an aesthetic feature — and all utilities routes for the flats above ...

Leeds Canal Basin residential

This development, known as Granary Wharf, is the result of regeneration around the historic Leeds & Liverpool Canal, minutes from Leeds city centre. We provided civil and structural engineering for two landmark residential buildings; Candle House and Watermans Place and a footbridge linking the wharf to the central area of the city.

Woolwich Arsenal Clock tower reconstruction

The residential and commercial redevelopment of the Royal Woolwich Arsenal site, on the south bank of London’s River Thames, features a 19th century clock tower that was in a state of serious disrepair. Combining 3D modelling and knowledge of traditional construction techniques...

75-79 York Road offices

A tired 1960s office block has been transformed with a series of extensions, a new façade treatment and improved circulation. An previous two storey extension at the front of the building has been demolished to make way for a new four storey one, and a two storey structure has been added at the rear, on a site that previously served as a carpark.The tower's twelfth storey has been removed and a steel frame penthouse added in its place to house residential units. Additional plant supports an increased services requirement that includes air conditioning, and new lifts improve access. Reducing depth of scree at each floor plate has streamlined the structure so that only localised strengthening to the existing foundation was required.

Bramall Learning Centre, RHS Harlow Carr

The award-winning Bramall Learning Centre at the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens at Harlow Carr is designed to provide education facilities for more than 10,000 children every year. It is also a 'carbon neutral' building, with an exceptional BREEAM score of 88.51%. Its form, materials and servicing are integrated to provide optimum energy performance.The one and two storey Centre is located on a sloping site on the eastern boundary of the gardens, earth bermed to integrate it into the existing contours. The structure is curved in both plan and section and incorporates a number of sustainability measures. The glazed south elevation gives the interiors a light airy feel on both levels.The materials used include recycled aggregate, cement replacement, air dried cl ...

Aldermanbury Square

Our structural engineering design for this speculative office and retail development helped increase the project's earning potential as well as cutting costs significantly.The scheme originally allowed for 17 storeys of flexible office space. We worked closely with the services engineers to save more than 100mm on the combined depth of the perforated steel beam, services and ceiling void between each floor; the total saving over 17 floors enabled the architects to add an eighteenth storey without increasing the overall building height.The new building is a steel frame structure with concrete cores and curtain wall glazing set back from projected stainless steel-clad columns. It replaces a 1960s building on the same site.We deepened the existing single ba ...

British Geological Survey offices

The new three-storey office building for the British Geological Survey at their Keyworth campus is the first large-scale building in the UK to use TermoDeck precast slabs supported on timber in a composite structural frame...

Crawley Fire Station

The new fire station complex at Crawley is dominated by a striking three storey asymmetrical concrete frame building that houses lecture and teaching rooms and sleeping accommodation.As part of the aesthetic, the rear wall inclines outwards from ground to roof level. Visual balance is provided by a two storey glazed entrance block attached to the front elevation. We engineered a sizeable concrete core at the building's centre to achieve the necessary structural stability. Internal space is uncluttered: perimeter columns, inclined at the rear of the building, are concealed within the blockwork walls.Other facilities on site include the exercise and training yards, workshops, a hose tower and single storey appliance station. The latter steel framed structure is linked ...

Birmingham Post & Mail Redevelopment

The Post & Mail development regenerated a decommissioned newspaper production and distribution building in the centre of Birmingham, converting it into a new 23-storey mixed-use building including a 6-storey basement car park.

British Museum World Conservation & Exhibition Centre

The world's first public national museum, the British Museum, was established in 1753 in Bloomsbury, London. Over time, its buildings were developed to accommodate the museum's growing collections. Inadequate exhibition space and scattered conservation facilities recently prompted the redevelopment of buildings in the north east corner of the site to provide a new gallery, conservation and science centre, collections management hub and storage. Working directly with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, we helped co-ordinate the brief and design for the 18,000 sq m purpose-built facility. To minimise impact, a significant proportion (about 60%) of the new building is located underground and its structural line steps back from adjacent properties. Surcharge loads were verified and st ...

Cambridge Science Park Building 101

Established by Trinity College in 1970, Cambridge Science Park is the UK's oldest and most prestigious science park. Approval was sought from the landlord before work could begin on this speculative, three-storey office building.Fitting comfortably into the home of over 90 hi-tech companies and new businesses, the Building 101 is a conventional concrete frame. The preferred in situ flat slab solution simplified the underground installation of services and made savings in construction time. For the cladding, panels of sun-sensitive, galvanized aluminium create a glossy dark exterior.A cantilevered steel staircase, comprising two flights with midway landing, wraps around the double height atrium.We also engineered a freestanding 130-space car park sited adj ...

Bankside 123

On an island site next to London's Tate Modern, two 1960s office blocks were demolished to make way for a landmark development. The three buildings of Bankside 123 provide 70,000 sq m of high specification office space, with retail and leisure facilities at ground floor level. Bankside 1, the first to be completed, is the largest, providing approximately half the development's total indoor area.Our involvement from the earliest stages of feasibility planning helped de-risk the project and maximize commercial viability. We used 3D modelling to map out a forest of existing mini-piles that congest the site. This informed a successful foundation design which incorporates 52m deep piles and a waterproof basement wall that doubles as support for the superstructure. Plunge columns wer ...

The Crescent

In central Plymouth sits a 14 storey building constructed from 360 modular steel blocks erected in just nine weeks. Located above retail and office accommodation the 348 student accommodation units provide new purpose built facilities for Plymouth University students.

Ariadne Building and Piazza

Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth is a mixed use redevelopment of a major former Royal Navy site on the waterfront. Our engineers worked on the Ariadne Building and the piazza that it faces — both part of the northern commercial development of the site. Previously, we had provided structural and civil engineering services for the southern part of the site, where 300 new houses and apartments have been constructed.The Ariadne Building is a four storey steel frame hotel and retail complex. It forms an integral part of the Gunwharf Quays development and faces the head of a canal in Portsmouth Harbour. The piazza is an area of hard landscaping intended to form a focal point for events such as street theatre and open-air concerts.The steel superstructure and composite floor c ...

Borders Primary Schools

As part of a framework agreement with the Scottish Borders Council, we have engineered four primary schools in three towns and villages. New premises have been constructed in Lauder Lander and Clovenford, while in Peebles, Kingsland Primary School has been relocated and rebuilt and Halyrude Primary School has moved into the refurbished Kingsland school buildings.To minimize impact on the landscape, all schools are single storey except for double height gym buildings and the main building at Kingsland School, which is built into the hill behind. Traditional construction was appropriate — we used loadbearing masonry with some steel elements in the roofs, and steel structures for the gyms. Reinforced masonry piers provide sufficient stability to allow some classroom walls to ...

Athlone Estate residential complex

We were commissioned to work on part of this multi-building development — David Chipperfield's first residential design for the UK — on the upper slopes of Hampstead Heath. Three new pavilions have been built in the grounds of Athlone House, formerly used as a hospital. Ranging from three to four storeys in height, each houses a number of luxury flats, with car parking and leisure facilities at basement level across the entire site.Our foundation design addresses the steep slope of the site. A sheet-piled wall was sunk to alleviate loads on the foundation structure. Elsewhere the slope has been used to advantage with the construction of a new ha-ha.The design of the pavilion façades addresses security as well as aesthetics. Made of precast concrete and stone with ...

Birmingham schools PFI

As part of a winning bid team led by leading UK building contractor Balfour Beatty, we delivered new premises for twelve schools in central Birmingham.The project consisted of ten primary schools, a secondary school and a technical college, built in two phases on an extremely tight schedule.The schools occupy urban sites where space is at a premium. Units thus range from single to triple storey. Working with the architects, we helped to create a four-classroom structural module used to create identical teaching wings for all the schools involved. These included classrooms with flexible partitions and a central corridor daylit via clerestory glazing.The design of other facilities is tailored to meet the needs of each particular site.

British Embassy, Berlin

The new British Embassy in Berlin was opened by HM Queen on July 18th. It is the first embassy to have been procured through the PFI process. The building is of the highest quality and designed for a long life.Our integrated engineering concept produced a low energy building, achieving German comfort standards through the use of external solar shading, exposed slabs, night-time cooling and displaced ventilation.The internal focus of the Embassy is the Winter Garden. Here, underfloor systems limit seasonal extremes of temperature in both winter and summer. Our building physicists used Dynamic Thermal Simulation to help the development of the environmental strategy.

Campus Centre, University of Bedfordshire

With its £70m regeneration masterplan, the University of Bedfordshire aims to deliver a campus with an improved sense of community. The first phase concentrated on the new Campus Centre building, for which we supplied structural, fire and geotechnical engineering. It provides a student social hub, a lecture theatre, exhibition space, and catering and student support facilities, over four floors and a mezzanine.The site in central Luton posed a number of challenges, and historic remains — including a moat — discovered during demolition works delayed progress. In addition, a live services tunnel had to be diverted and negotiations on boundary issues undertaken. The new building shares a wall with the neighbouring business school, and the school's basement in particular required a ...

Bournville College

Our engineers and consultants provided structural, infrastructure, building services and geotechnical engineering for Bournville College's new campus complex on the former car plant site at Longbridge in Birmingham. It's a flagship project that forms a key part of the redevelopment of the area, governed by the Longbridge Area Action Plan.Bournville College — home of further education, higher education and vocational teaching — is now accommodated in a central concrete frame spine building housing teaching spaces, accompanied by anxillary structures such as a conference centre, a learning resource centre, and restaurants. The spine building provides a dramatic skyline for travellers along the nearby A38 arterial road.The main building rises to six storeys high and fe ...

CitizenM Hotel, Tower Hill

Tower Hill is a flagship location for CitizenM’s London offer, comprising a 370 bedroom hotel offering “affordable luxury” above Tower Hill underground station, in the setting of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

University of Cambridge Cavendish III

Cavendish III will be the home of the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. It has a long and distinguished history including 29 Nobel Laureates. The building will provide state-of-the-art facilities for research and teaching.

Belgrave House

Designed to provide 30,000 sq m of floor space, at the time of construction this six-storey steel-composite structure was the largest speculative office development to be undertaken in London's West End in a decade.Six of our departments worked with the architect Squire and Partners to develop the design, necessitating rigorous project co-ordination. The results speak for themselves: the building was delivered 15% below budget and two months in advance of the original programme.Site challenges included the close proximity of London Underground tunnels and re-use of existing pile foundations, both of which required detailed analysis and strategy.We used 15m spans to provide the necessary column-free space for a fully flexible, open plan interior. The stee ...

One Colton Square

As part of the regeneration of Leicester's historic city centre, a 1930s police station has been partially demolished to make way for a landmark development.Adjacent to a Serbian church, the spectacular phase 1 building provides 55,000 sq ft of commercial space over four storeys and 19,000 sq ft of five-storey residential space. The entrance to the building leads into an atrium with a glazed façade, which hangs from beams spanning 15m. This allows substantial daylight to flood the double height area. The building's residents are served by an underground carpark. We used finite element analysis to design a transfer slab over the carpark to support the loadbearing masonry structure. The building's steel frame consists of cellular beams that support composite concrete ...


Located directly on the riverfront in the Nine Elms district between Chelsea Bridge and Vauxhall Bridge in London’s largest and most exciting regeneration area, the Riverlight development is a striking array of six high-specification residential apartment blocks.


Tjuvholmen outside Aker Brygge is the first stage of the project Fjordbyen Oslo, which is aimed at reviving the harbour areas of Oslo.

Olympics 2004 opening ceremony effects

Our considerable experience in engineering special structures helped realize the spectacular design of the Olympics opening ceremony in Athens. Automated props, rotating LED displays and a lake that vanished were all concepts developed by the designer and promoters with the support of our special projects team.An ingenious underground chamber was key to several of the magical effects. Twenty-five metres deep, this in situ concrete structure is located at the centre of the arena and secret access is provided via a tunnel. Inside the chamber, a metal frame supports three levels of storage and personnel preparation areas around a central lift shaft. A ratchet-operated lift delivers performers and props above ground. Our work on the latter included concept engineering for rotating ...

Anfield new stadium

A change of ownership at Liverpool Football Club was the catalyst behind the desire for a new, 73,000 seat landmark stadium, with substantially expanded facilities. Ramboll's structural, infrastructure and ground engineers were involved at an early stage of the design process for the Stanley Park site adjacent to Anfield, working closely with HKS architects. The new owners were keen to make reference in proposed new arena to the club's potent history and association with Anfield – home of the club since 1892.

Abingdon School sports complex

Abingdon School in Oxfordshire is an independent senior school for around 800 boys, with a reputation for sporting excellence. They wished to improve and expand existing facilities with an exemplar low energy building in the grounds. Our structural and building services engineers were appointed to develop the scheme.The purpose-built sports facility provides an 8-lane, 25m swimming pool, squash courts and a hall for judo, fencing and dancing, in addition to changing rooms, hospitality and function suites. The new complex wraps around the refurbished existing sports hall and occupies the former site of an outdoor pool. The location is constrained by a Grade II listed masonry boundary wall and buildings to the east and west. A redwood tree has its root protection zone under the h ...

St Paul’s Girls School sports building

The new sports building provides a main hall, multi-gym, teaching studio and a viewing gallery with an external covered terrace.The structural system is integral to the architecture of the building. Construction is steel framed, providing a clear span of 18m. External tapered columns support the roof beams, with steel channels stubbed off the columns supporting the rear of the terrace construction.The leading edge is carried by the roof tiles, which support the cantilevered section of the roof and complete the longitudinal stability system for the primary structural frame.

Dartington Primary School

Dartington Primary School has moved into new environmentally friendly accommodation with sports fields and carpark, leaving its previous Victorian building and temporary classrooms behind.The school consists of four clusters of sustainably-sourced cross-laminated timber structures spread around the site. Their modular design has allowed fast construction and flexible configurations, with the central cluster used for administration, offices and a hall, and the other clusters for classrooms.In keeping with the architect’s goal of carbon neutrality, various energy-use minimisation strategies have been adopted. Each building’s four roof panels are strategically positioned with a central roof-light to maximise natural daylight in the classrooms. The foundations consist o ...

Beechwood and Arbourvale Schools PFI

This PFI project involved two schools — one a secondary, the other a special needs school — that share some facilities, including a sports hall and playing field.The development is centred round a large two-storey doughnut-shaped building (nearly 200m in diameter) that frames a circular courtyard. Five wings project from this central building so the whole is roughly starfish-shaped on plan. One wing houses the shared sports hall, a second the special needs school, and the three remaining wings provide teaching facilities for Beechwood secondary school.Each structure, including the central building and the five wings, is engineered as linked but structurally independent. A key challenge was to stabilize the circular building without the use of crossbracing, which wou ...

BMW Olympic Showcase

Pavilion constructed in Olympic Park for 2012 Games in London.

Merano Residences

Merano Residences is a 28 storey, high end, mixed use development boasting panoramic views of Westminster and the City of London.

Birmingham Town Hall

Refurbishment of the Grade 1 Listed Birmingham Town Hall involved substantial structural repairs and a complete upgrade of the facilities, to provide an outstanding new performance venue.

Sahar Hotel, Mumbai

Flexible designs for five-star hotel, office and retail complex on airport site.

Emporio Armani refurbishment, Glasgow

The space our client chose for new premises in Glasgow had just one drawback: it was two separated spaces. The ground floor was divided by a structural wall that helped to support five storeys of occupied flats above. To add a little pressure to the challenge, Christmas was looming large in the retailer's calendar.

Swiss Cottage Library refurbishment

Basil Spence's building is a distinctive landmark, with its elliptical contour and concrete fins ranked across the curved facade. When we were called as consultants, the four-storey structure was in urgent need of refurbishment. Serious subsidence at the south end had been caused by the spread of tree roots through the clay soil. Moreover, changing standards meant that the original interior layout seemed cramped and dark. The challenge was to balance the building's historic value with the needs of a modern library.To combat the effects of subsidence, we opted for new piled foundations, working with care to avoid damage to protected trees. Floors were then re-levelled and rebuilt.An extensive consultation process resulted in the construction of a welcomi ...

St John Fisher School extension and refurbishment

For St John Fisher School we helped deliver a new sports hall and teaching facilities, and the refurbishment of existing blocks. We devised timber panel solutions for the two new structures — this is the largest solid timber panel school project in the UK.When we came on board, the architect's proposal was to use loadbearing brick and precast concrete planks. Analysis led us to propose prefabricated timber panel structures. By taking a flat-pack approach, labour costs were reduced and money saved, convincing the school to commit to using 900 cubic metres of timber. Our approach shaved 14 weeks off the construction programme.Previous first-hand experience of working with this system enabled us to take full design responsibility. Using 230mm thick cross-laminated pane ...

Elizabeth II Court refurbishment

Sustainability and energy efficiency were key drivers in determining the viability of re-using an existing concrete frame in providing Hampshire County Council with 130,000 sq ft of office space. Our engineers were able to demonstrate that increased loads were possible and minimise strengthening works. We also provided public health engineering, and undertook a geotechnical investigation and an archaeological desk study.The concrete frame of the Council's building was designed by E.W.H. Gifford, and dates from the 1960s. By combining non-linear analysis with a detailed understanding of load paths through the structure, we justified the increased loads planned for the meeting, conference, data centre and plant areas. Strengthening was limited to less than 5% of the frame by mas ...

Wempe refurbishment

Ramboll UK helped transform the ground and basement floors of a former fashion store that overlooks London's Bond Street into an elegant showroom for Wempe's luxury line of jewellery and watches.The main structural intervention involved the removal of a staircase positioned in the middle of the retail area. Infilling the void and inserting a new single flight staircase at the back of the store created an uninterrupted space.The basement's change of use from a trading floor to a stockroom demanded a complete refurbishment. Ground floor walls, floors and fittings were replaced to match the company's high-end image. Special care was taken to devise engineering solutions for a myriad of services, including air-conditioning and top lighting.A new recessed sto ...

Appleton Tower refurbishment phase 2

In a multi-phased project, this controversial Edinburgh landmark — built as part of a 1960s masterplan that was later abandoned — has been refurbished into a world-class educational and conference facility. We were involved in all phases of work and played an advisory role in the masterplan agenda.Phase 1 saw the refurbishment of the lowest two storeys. Phase 2 involved the refurbishment of the semi-basement and floors 6,7 and 8, as well as repairs to the rooftop plant enclosure.The original masterplan envisaged a series of buildings linked by walkways. Accordingly, the tower was designed to step-in above semi-basement level, leaving a concrete podium to serve as a walkway. Since the remaining masterplanned buildings were never realised, the podium was a redundant f ...

Midland Hotel refurbishment

Built in the 1930s, this Grade II* listed Art Deco building had fallen into disuse. It has been restored as a boutique hotel with expanded facilities, including a new conservatory.The original building is a three-storey steel frame structure housing 46 guest rooms. The roof beams were strengthened to support a new fully glazed steel frame upper storey. The internal partitions were removed to make way for larger guest rooms with ensuite facilities. Two lifts have been added and ancillary staircases re-configured to meet up-to-date fire regulations.Remedial repairs, including the insertion of wall tie replacements, insure against further degeneration to the building's structure and façade. The original render — a highly polished ground silica — has been sensitively res ...

Said Business School

The Said Business School is arranged around a central courtyard framed by massive piers of brick diaphragm wall construction. A steel frame along one side of the building provides the 14.5m spans required for the lecture theatres.Our use of 3D modelling enabled us to build virtual models of the steelwork, especially useful for complex areas such as the barrel roof and the ziggurat tower that houses a plant room.Early work on this project included a remediation strategy for site decontamination and a building physics study to establish the potential for natural cooling. The services energy strategy was developed to provide natural ventilation to rooms fronting courtyards and restrict mechanical systems to lecture theatres and adjacent seminar rooms.

Sea City Museum

The Southampton Civic Centre is being renovated and redeveloped as an integral part of the creation of the city's new cultural quarter, which includes the existing Guildhall, library and art gallery. We worked on the transformation of the Grade II* listed former magistrate's courts and police headquarters building — and its new extension pavilion — to accommodate the Sea City Museum, which focuses on the maritime history of Southampton. The museum opens on the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, which began its ill-fated journey from the city's port.Working with architect Wilkinson Eyre, we provided structural, infrastructure and building services engineering for the refurbishment, conservation and new-building works.

West Ham District Line Station refurbishment

We worked on the upgrade and extension of existing structures at this tube and train station, where smart new facilities had been built for the Jubilee Line extension. Our involvement included co-ordinating the requirements of several new tube line companies that had been devolved from London Underground. To minimize disruption, work was carried out at night and on the weekends.The partially hollow District Line platform was replaced by a solid concrete pier; all plant was moved to a new plant room next to the re-paved ticketing area. We also added a lift from ticket hall to platforms. A short cast iron platform canopy was replaced with an extended structure of precast concrete. Cleverly-engineered columns, each consisting of two concrete cores with ...

135-137 New Bond Street

Having worked in this busy inner-London high-end retail street many times before, we had the experience needed to manage the challenges of pedestrians, traffic and the three shared walls for this part-refurbishment, part-rebuild. The retained façade of the Grade II listed building fronts a basement and ground floor of retail space and four levels of office compliant with British Council for Offices specifications.Focused investigation and materials testing enabled us to understand and appraise the history and structural implications of past changes to the existing loadbearing masonry and steel frame structure. We developed an integrated scheme in which existing elements were retained, reused and/or strengthened where possible, and the constraints they imposed were thoroughly un ...

University of Bath, 4 West building

At the University of Bath, we are working on number of projects as part of a framework agreement. For the replacement of the campus' 4 West building, we have engineered a three and five storey new concrete structure and the refurbishment of the 1970s Nucleus building. The new 4 West complex will house digital research facilities.The new structure is built in the footprint of its predecessor, which was steel frame and had been found to contain asbestos. We were lead consultants for the demolition of this building and worked closely with asbestos removal experts.Investigations into the Nucleus building found that it too contained asbestos. However, refurbishment was more cost effective than rebuilding in this case. Strategies have been established to manage the asbest ...

Embley Park School

Embley Park School occupies a converted country house (once the home of Florence Nightingale) in Romsey. An initiative to merge with a local junior school called for some refurbishment to the existing building, while two new buildings have been created — one for senior laboratories and fine art facilities, and another housing a new classroom block. Work was phased as the school remained operational throughout.Preliminary survey work discovered high levels of carbon dioxide in the soil. A gas membrane was laid as a protective sealant and a proprietary ventilation system inserted beneath the groundbearing slab to funnel excess carbon dioxide offsite.The laboratories are housed in a three storey concrete frame building with a long span steel frame upper storey. The new ...

Fullhurst Community College

Fullhurst Community College was selected by Leicester City Council to benefit from the government's Building Schools for the Future initiative. Part of an existing listed brick building has been refurbished and a state-of-the-art three-storey extension added. Our building services and structural engineers worked with Miller Construction and the design team to improve the school’s facilities. The school's original assembly hall, some of its façade and the clock tower have been retained. The new extension replaces demolished wings, and accommodates dining hall, library and administration, as well as teaching spaces. A sensitive approach has been taken to the refurbishment work to ensure the retension of its character, while bringing it into line with current building regulations. ...

Parkstone Grammar School

The pupil intake age at Parkstone Grammar has been lowered from 12 to 11 years, bringing it into line with others in the Poole area. To accommodate the additional students the school needed to expand its teaching facilities. We provided structural and infrastructure engineering for a new Art & Technology block, additional parking and the refurbishment of the existing Art & Technology building.The new block is located on a sloping site close to the front entrance of the school. Ground modelling helped determine the optimum build level, minimising groundwork costs. Build time was also a challenge as refurbishment of the older building could only commence once the new one was ready. The school remained open throughout.The new three-storey building has a grid layout, pr ...

Sony BMG UK headquarters

Back in 2007 we worked on the complete refurbishment of this six storey 1930s Art Deco building in central London. In 2008 we returned, working on the refit of the third and fourth floors for Sony BMG. An atrium, cafeteria, performance space and 152,000 sq ft of offices have been constructed over the two floors, using exposed concrete, rustic timber and glass to create an old-meets-new feel.The large voids have been made in the concrete/clay hollow-pot floor slabs, creating both a sense of space and more connectivity between floors. Performances on the lower level can be viewed from the 13m lightweight steel bridge that spans one void. The bridge's floor is made from timber sleepers and its balustrades steel and glass.A stone staircase, with glass balustrades and op ...

The Embankment

Set within a former railway station’s retained Grade II listed sandstone façade; Embankment consists of a 10 storey office sat atop a three-level car park podium. A future phase will add a second nine storey building upon the podium.

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital is the UK’s first dedicated specialist emergency hospital with senior consultants on duty 24 hours a day, delivering a new model of emergency care for the people of North Teesside and Northumbria.

Bahrain International Airport

A project involving the design of a bespoke new apron, service facility and taxiway

Elektron residential development

An ambitious regeneration of the East India Dock neighbourhood has culminated in this flagship development. Three highly glazed towers — one at 25 storeys, the others at 22 — house high specification flats with ground floor car parking. We came on board at post stage D development. We helped streamline the initial design, increasing efficiency of construction and reducing costs. Each concrete frame structure is set on a piled raft foundation incorporating up to 100 piles per tower. With careful analysis we were able to revise the original design to deliver a uniform column grid, eliminating the need for costly transfer structures. Strengthened concrete is used to keep columns to a slender 200mm in width.

CitySuites, Chapel Street

Located adjacent to central Manchester and Manchester Victoria train stations, the CitySuites Chapel Street project is set to act as a catalyst for the cross city regeneration in Salford. CitySuites fuses the luxury touches of a hotel with the home comforts of residential living. 

Imperial Ocean Plaza

Situated in Gibraltar’s famous Ocean Village marina complex, the new Imperial Ocean Plaza Gibraltar is an 18 storey mixed use development. It will comprise 116 luxury apartments, retail units and Category A commercial office space.

Gatwick Airport airside/landside boundary relocation

As part of a broader masterplan to expand the UK's second-busiest airport to a capacity of 40 million passengers, Gatwick carried out a series of refurbishments to its South Terminal. We provided engineering expertise on several projects, including the relocation of the airside/landside boundary to accommodate more airside retail space.

Goldsmiths, Department of Media & Communications

The new Media & Communications building at Goldsmiths, which is part of the University of London, is a purpose-built facility on a prominent location overlooking the campus Green. The building unites two previously separate departments. Our structural, building services civil and geotechnical engineers all contributed to the project, designed by architect Stride Treglown.The five-level steel frame structure includes a full-footprint basement. Its design had to meet a number of structural challenges, including the accommodation of a double height theatre, TV studio and lecture spaces in the basement. Our solution for these is several transfer structures, which not only provide the open floor areas needed but also allow for full utilisation of the floor plates above.T ...

Greenwich Millennium Village phase 1 C,D and E

An award-winning scheme, these new dwellings constitute Phase I of a larger development — Greenwich Millenium Village. This includes a variety of residences, a school, parkland, waterways and a football pitch. The buildings in Phase I provide a major proportion of the affordable housing for the project.Holly Court (otherwise known as Phase IC) consists of two ten storey concrete frame buildings, both L-shaped in plan, enclosing a central courtyard. The upper storeys of each building are stepped back from the elevation The roof is a steel barrel-vault.Due to site contamination, digging a basement was not an option, so indoor car parking is provided on the ground floor. This contributed to our challenge of maximizing the total number of storeys within a 30m planning ...

Grace Academy, Coventry

This new school is part of the government's city academies scheme. It will be built on the playing field of an existing school which will continue to operate during construction. When the new building is complete, the old one will be replaced with car parking and a sports field.The two to three storey structure is part concrete, part steel framed and is butterfly-shaped in plan, with four concrete-framed wings linked by a central atrium. Fully glazed on the front elevation, the structure's north elevation — facing onto a motorway — is blockwork with minimal glazing to ensure acoustic protection. A concrete roof slab provides further sound insulation while also contributing thermal mass as part of an integrated structures and services strategy.The second floor lectur ...

Upton site C residences

This award-winning scheme for a new housing development near Upton manages to combine high architectural standards with a strong sustainability agenda — a sometimes tricky balancing act. Equipped with a range of renewable energy technologies and built to low energy standards, the houses feature ample glazing and some double-height spaces as part of a high-specification architectural brief.

Donna Karan Collections refurbishment

The original façade of a listed Georgian townhouse was the ideal choice for this flagship store but the interior required extensive work. Our client wanted to increase floor space while creating cleaner lines. We employed structural modifications to open up the front of the four-storey building.

Emporio Armani refurbishment, Brompton Road

We helped our client refurbish an existing store of 15 years to bring it into line with the brand's 21st century image.

Lighthouse building

Located in the heart of Kings Cross and dating back to 1875-1895, the Lighthouse building is a local landmark. It was left derelict for many years until developers; UK Real Estate took the bold decision to redevelop the Grade II listed building that was on Historic England’s Buildings at Risk Register.  The building now features an additional storey-and-a-half, conserved and repaired masonry façade and the restored timber lighthouse, ensuring its great character was retained and its long term viability secured.

The Presidential Library, Astana

Ramboll UK's engineers worked side-by-side in Copenhagen with the architects on the development of the design of BIG's extraordinary, competition-winning scheme for the new Presidential Library in Astana, Kazakhstan, though the project has not proceeded. The steel and glass building was designed to house three million books, the National Archive, a museum, exhibition space, visitor amenities and an office for the country's President.A key challenge was to bring buildability to the complex structure, making an outwardly highly complicated form in an extreme climate achievable using simple rational forms and conventional building services systems. The design merges several architectural archetypes — the circle, the rotunda, the arch and the yurt (a felt-covered structure used by ...

The Whitworth

Through its impressive £15m reinvention, The Whitworth Art Gallery has cemented its place at the centre of the cultural national stage - winning the prestigious 2015 ArtFund Museum of the Year Award and is currently shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize Award 2015.

Mayfield School

The expansion and modernisation of Mayfield Secondary School provides a showcase of how the latest construction materials, technologies and collaboration can address the increasing demand for school places, within tight programmes and budgets.

British Council Offices, Dubai

The groundbreaking design for this project stores cool air in rocks, has re-used construction waste and is adding to new data for sustainability research. An exciting collaboration between our structural, building services and sustainability teams, the complex consists of multi-purpose office and meeting rooms.


A combination of structural and sustainability innovations created a building that fits perfectly into its environment.  Social responsibility is an integral part of Ramboll’s vision.  This means we strive to ensure our services contribute to sustainable development that benefits people and communities around the world.  We aim to minimise environmental impact whenever we can. Eco-Arish is a proposed accommodation facility for the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) staff restoring old forts in Liwa Oasis. Our aim was to deliver a self-sustaining design solution, with no carbon emissions. This project will be the first contemporary building using date palm tree and stems (arish) as building materials, a method that has challenged our structural engineers. our team has identified and thoroughly tested a structural design that ensures this natural building material meets international building standards. In addition to using local materials, the facility is designed to be self-sufficient in energy and water. our sustainability experts proposed several renewable technologies ensuring this, such as a solar pumping system, a solar desalination plant providing water, a solar energy system providing electricity, and an air tank to store surplus energy. Any waste generated will either be recycled or consumed on-site, with no need for any landfill. Upon completion our sustainability team is carrying out a study of the performance of solar panels in sandy, desert conditions.

Magnet Minsk

A multi-purpose complex with diverse recreational and business uses such as a shopping mall, a supermarket, an office centre and a high-class business hotel.

Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Construction of the Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury made possible the consolidation of Pembury and Kent & Sussex Hospitals into one single location. Built on the site of Pembury hospital, it includes 512 bedrooms and was the first NHS acute hospital in Britain to have single room wards.

Dalston Works

Dalston Works is the largest Cross Laminated Timber project globally. Weighing just one fifth of a comparable concrete structure, it accommodates 10 storeys above a planned Crossrail route.

The Pad

Slanted at 6 degrees from the vertical, The Pad’s design is based on the iPod. Billed as the world’s first ‘cybertecture’ building, with its design inspired by the Apple iPod, The Pad is a twenty-three storey residential development in Dubai’s Business Bay.

Emonika mixed use development

A central district of Slovenia's capital city is to be completely transformed by an ambitious mixed use development that incorporates commercial, residential, retail, hotel, sports and leisure facilities for day and night. Ramboll's engineers and consultants have provided structural, building services, fire and transport engineering for the concept design.

Arts Alliance mobile venue

The client for the Arts Alliance mobile venue set a tough brief. The structure had to be capable of being erected within two weeks and when demounted it had to fit inside a reasonable number of shipping containers for transportation across the world. It also had to be of the highest quality architecturally. Working with Various Architects, who are based in Norway, together with specialist contractor ESS, we developed a structural concept that has met the challenge. The travelling theatre has an ultra low-weight steel roof with radiating steel tension spokes and a perimeter steel structure, like a bicycle wheel. The exterior skin is self-supporting and consists of a web of inflatable fabric tubes coated in PVC, with translucent inflated pillows as infill. Aluminium portal frames ...

British Embassy, Sana'a

We were lead consultants for a project to construct new British Embassy and consular offices in Sana'a, Yemen. The competition-winning design is a two storey reinforced concrete building housing 1,000 sq m of office space. It stands in landscaped gardens that are irrigated in part by rainwater harvested from the flat roof. The building's thermal mass is part of an integrated services strategy that includes passive cooling systems. A canopy overhang and brise soleil further mitigate solar gain.We provided in-house expertise for a wide range of specialist aspects: our geotechnical engineers contributed to the development of seismic-resistant features and our fire engineering team advised on compartmentation and fire-fighting methods.By providing an integr ...

British Embassy, Brussels

Ramboll UK was appointed lead consultant to refurbish an office building in the centre of Brussels on behalf of the British Embassy and the UK Permanent Representation to the European Union. Structural, building services, fire engineering, lighting and sustainability services were provided to make the long, narrow, nine storey building with three basement levels fit for purpose.Limited information and incomplete structural drawings existed for the 1960s building, so the details of its concrete frame and substructure only became available when fittings and fixtures were stripped out. Ongoing survey and assessment work was carried out while refurbishment commenced to reduce the impact of the lack of information on the fast-track construction programme.Essential securi ...

Central Park business park transport gateway

The new Central Park business park is viewed as a crucial catalyst in the regeneration of East Manchester and it is set to expand to 160ha over ten years, making it a major employment base. The transport gateway project provides a fully integrated hub, where road, rail, bus and Metrolink services converge, encouraging the use of public transport and providing safe, flexible transport options. We were lead designer for the transport hub for Balfour Beatty.Arterial road access to Central Park is via the A62 Oldham Road, which is separated from the site by the Manchester to Rochdale main railway line. The transport project required the construction of a new access road — The Gateway — and signalised junction on Oldham Road, incorporating bus, cycle and pedestrian priorities. The G ...

Blackdale Residences, University of East Anglia

The new 514 unit student residential accommodation buildings utilised digital tools and offsite construction to enable a breathtakingly fast paced programme, completing the construction in just 62 weeks.

Old Town Dock detailed design

A brownfield site full of buried obstructions, including three historic docks, riverwall tie-rods and boulders — is the location of this riverside residential development in Newport, Wales. We provided the foundation design and a loadbearing masonry option for the three buildings: four, five and six storeys high, linked by a ground floor car park.

St David's 2

The largest city-centre regeneration to ever take place in Wales, St David's 2 Cardiff is a mixed-use development that includes over 100 new retail outlets, 300 luxury apartments and parking for 3,000 cars, spread across a site footprint that is roughly the size of eight football pitches...

Shining Towers

Multidisciplinary award-winning project. Ramboll completed the Shining Towers project in 2012. The project comprises two towers of 33 and 42 storeys respectively, and won the GCC tower of the year at the 2010 Construction Week awards.

Kings Cross Central Development

A vibrant new part of London that will be the largest mixed use redevelopment in single ownership to be developed in central London for over 150 years.

Crome Court, University of East Anglia

Crome Court, part of The University of East Anglia’s £58m campus redevelopment, is the University’s newest and most energy efficient accommodation block, achieving ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.

Fitzroy Place

Fitzroy place is the most significant new development in Fitzrovia in over 50 years. This mixed use scheme includes almost 300 homes in three in situ concrete framed buildings, as well as 210,000 sq. ft. of offices and 21,000 sq. ft. of restaurants and shops in two steel framed buildings, encompassing some of the most desirable residences and commercial premises in London.

Ferrari World rollercoaster works

The Ferrari World theme park is located in a three storey building that houses rides, restaurants and shops. It features two rollercoasters that simulate different car races. Boarding stations for the rollercoasters are situated on the third floor plaza level and the tracks travel outside the building.The first rollercoaster is F1-style and uses a high-powered winch to slingshot the cars. The winch is housed in a protective 40m x 50m steel framed room on the building's concrete slab. The second coaster is GT-style, simulating a two car race. Three concrete frame acceleration/breaking stations have been constructed to house its control gear.Each coaster has a steel and concrete framed station building consisting of an observation deck, load/unload platform, queue cor ...

Oldham Leisure Centre

The brand new, £15m Oldham Leisure Centre is set to place the area on the national sporting map, providing state of the art competition level facilities for several sports including swimming, handball, boxing and basketball.

Larbert Village Primary School extension

Ramboll UK’s engineers have worked on a number of schools in the region. In the village of Larbert, not far from Falkirk's town centre, we worked on the extension and partial refurbishment of Larbert Village Primary School for Falkirk Council.The extension is a two storey steel frame classroom building, linked to the existing structure via a new structural opening. A sports hall and nursery facilities have also been provided, constructed using glulam frames and exposed external columns. Partial refurbishment of the existing building included new services installation and a new roof.As the school continued to open during construction, student safety was a key issue. The work compound was kept separate from the school site, as the students were naturally curious. Safe ...

The Copenhagen Opera House

Ramboll was engaged as the consulting engineer on the construction of the Opera House and had engaged Buro Happold (UK) as sub consultant to review Ramboll's superstructures and mechanical and electrical services. The roof was projected in cooperation with Henning Larsen Architects.

1 Moor Lane refurbishment

Ramboll UK helped update this tired office building, which had been left unlet for several years. Work involved modifying the existing atrium and replacing its glazed roof, and adding several storeys above the terraced west wing. Crucially, we devised solutions to substantially increase floor space with the minimum of structural intervention.The existing steel frame structure was rectangular in plan, with an irregular atrium — roughly circular in plan — in the centre. The first six stories housed offices, with plant located on the seventh and eighth floors and in a service drum that rose three storeys above the building.Infilling half the atrium served to extend floor space at each storey. The new, diminished atrium was then reconfigured to conform to a more pleasin ...

Ericsson Dublin Densification

In November 2009, Ericsson’s Dublin staff occupied four leased buildings at two locations. With leases due for renewal in June 2010, the client wished to refurbish two of the properties to accommodate all employees in one area and surrender the remaining ones.Ramboll's services engineers were asked to identify the most appropriate buildings for refurbishment as well assessing existing and future services provision. The new services design was implemented at Ericsson's headquarters — a 1960s precast concrete structure and at the more modern Boole House, built in the 1980s. Original drawings and existing information for both buildings was incomplete, making assessment of the services more challenging. Existing services for the HQ ran underneath egg-crate flooring, mak ...

Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus

Borders College, one of the largest providers of further and higher education in Scotland's south east, has joined part of Heriot Watt University on the newly created Scottish Borders Campus in Galashiels, south of Edinburgh. Our engineers and consultants worked on a new university building and the refurbishment of three 1960s higher education buildings redeveloped to accommodate the College. The three refurbished buildings have been stripped of their out-dated building services and provided with high-efficiency lighting and heating systems. Economical heat recovery ventilation systems have also been installed. High windows with temperature-controlled opening functions provide natural ventilation. The new building is for Herit Watt. Here, solar panel installation ha ...

New Cross Hospital

A new £38m state-of-the-art Emergency Department in the centre of a congested hospital estate with numerous complex interfaces with the surrounding buildings and infrastructure

Arts Tower refurbishment, University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield's Grade II* listed Arts Tower is a 20 storey concrete-frame high rise. Opened in the1960s, it had fallen into disrepair and required full refurbishment. Our engineers...

British Antarctic Survey

Appointed by NERC as Technical Advisors to BAS (British Antarctic Survey), Ramboll is providing specialist engineering and consultancy services for seven years. Delivering a host of projects in the Antarctic region and in the UK, BAS and its Technical Advisors are preparing for one of the world’s most advanced Polar research ships - the RRS Sir David Attenborough (SDA), which will be ready for operation in 2019.

British Antarctic Survey - Rothera Research Station

To sustain world-class UK science, an ambitious modernisation programme is being planned for Rothera Research Station, British Antarctic Survey’s largest polar facility. To ensure highest quality science support, new science and operations buildings, hangar, marine facility and accommodation block, as well as site-wide infrastructure, are being designed.

Tradewinds residential

The Tradewinds development at Marina Bay, on Gibraltar’s west coast, south of the airport runway, has 81 apartments in three linked towers of up to 16 storeys. Underground car parking and retail outlets occupy the lower levels. The structural design uses an in situ concrete frame with flat unbonded post-tensioned floors — thought to be a first for Gibraltar — allowing the inclusion of an additional storey within the building height restrictions. Our engineers also undertook wind and environmental modelling.The towers are built around a swimming pool set back from the water’s edge, and have sloping roofs that increase in height from eight to 16 storeys, north to south. The buildings’ concrete frames are clad in a mixture of precast panels and curtain walling, which is illuminate ...

Garden Street residential

The thriving West Yorkshire market town of Hebden Bridge, close to the Penine Way, attracts 125,000 visitors a year and, as a result, has run out of car-parking spaces. This site, which had been vacant since the 1960s, is set on a tiered slope with a retaining wall in the heart of the town's conservation area. The planning issues are complicated and sensitivity has been integral at all levels.The design for the proposed seven-storey development is clad in local stone and offers 160 parking spaces, a hidden car stacker system, 48 residential properties and eight retail units.The foundation design incorporates a bored piled wall to form a double storey basement, and a concrete slab ground to act as support for the superstructure. Shops at street level will be concret ...

Head Above Water

Jutting out into the River Thames from Gabriele’s pier, stood Head Above Water, a 9-meter-high, interactive, Cross Laminated Timber sculpture. Creating a dramatic change to London’s skyline its intention was to provoke discussion to end mental health-related stigma and discrimination.

37-45 Kensington High Street

We provided structural and geotechnical services for major demolition and rebuilding work behind retained façades on this corner commercial site. The ground and basement levels of the five storey brick building house retail, and levels one to four offices.

Chapel Street bridge replacement

Chapel Street Bridge is a vital component in Network Rail’s £1bn Northern Hub infrastructure upgrade project, which includes Ordsall Chord. It is also a key part of Central Salford Urban Regeneration scheme.

House of Music: Harmonic interaction in architectural playground

The outer and inner parts of the House of Music in Aalborg play very well together both in terms of architecture and construction. With its raw concrete appearance and high standards in terms of acoustics, the building contributes to the cultural development of the city and creates opportunities for attracting international artists.

Royal Holloway, University of London

This major extension of Royal Holloway, University of London provides a library, student meeting areas, college administration facilities and records storage and archiving, and a new external meeting area


Home to the world’s richest horse race, this magnificent venue is also the world’s largest racecourse.  With only three years from its announcement to the first meeting, the $1bn Meydan is a testament to the efficiency of the Middle East’s construction industry.

Qatar Integrated Rail Project - Green Line Underground

As part of an ambitious plan to develop a railway based public transport in Doha, Qatar Railways Rail has appointed a Joint Venture comprising PORR, the Saudi Binladin Group and HBK Contracting for the design and construction of Green Line Underground.

Saraya Towers

Two undulating, curved buildings on a small plot provided challenges for all of our disciplines. Perched on the edge of Abu Dhabi’s Corniche, Saraya Towers will provide exclusive, high-spec apartments, including a rooftop ‘royal penthouse’ with infinity pool.

Innovation Hub

170,000sqm state-of-the-art business centre community comprising commercial, retail and hospitality spaces to support Dubai’s vision for Innovation.

The Opus

This Zaha Hadid design has tested our engineers’ skills unlike any other. In the constant search for original designs that truly push the limits, many building projects in the Middle East are in fact driving innovation in engineering design.

Liverpool John Moores University Design Academy

Opened to coincide with Liverpool's appointment as European Capital of Culture, the design academy provides facilities for a wide range of programs including architecture, fine arts, textiles, graphics and printing. The building is designed for energy efficiency, with renewable technologies accounting for 10% of annual energy demand. The five storey concrete frame structure is waved on plan, with saw toothed windows from first floor up on the two long elevations. A full height glazed atrium forms a dramatic "cut-through," permitting sightlines across the building. Open-plan at ground floor level, the atrium's upper storeys are internally articulated with segments of the floor slabs filled in at varying locations. Lightweight cantilever steel scissor stairs connect the ascending ...

South Kilburn regeneration masterplan

The district of Kilburn South in London extends from Kilburn Underground Station on the east to Queen's Park Station on the west. Its mix of residences, shops and other amenities developed over the last 200 years and structures range from Victorian terraces to grouped multi-storey tower blocks.Funded by the Government's New Deal for Communities scheme, Brent Council has embarked on a regeneration initiative to improve and sustain the quality of life in the area over the long term.Working for MACE project management, we supported the masterplanning team with a wide range of engineering expertise. We have delivered detailed assessments of current conditions against which options for improvement can be considered by planners and the public. Our infrastructure and urban ...

Tynemouth Railway Station

Grade II* listed Tynemouth Railway Station has undergone extensive refurbishment to preserve its elegant canopy roof and enable its redevelopment as a community venue.

Ormiston Academies

Ramboll is working with contractor Balfour Beatty under a design & build contract to deliver five school projects in the UK counties of Essex and Norfolk. The scheme, which is due for completion in 2014, is the latest in our five-year working relationship with Balfour Beatty, with whom we have completed more than 10 school developments, including work on the Building Schools for the Future government initiative. For this new scheme, collectively known as Ormiston Academies, Ramboll's engineers and consultants are providing a full range of services.The five academies are publicly-funded independent schools, teaching children aged 11-18 years. The Gateway, Park and Rivers Academies are located in Essex, and the Venture and Victory Academies are in Norfolk. In 2006, Gateway Academ ...

Fort Nelson museum

Fort Nelson is one of a chain of fortifications built in the 1860s to protect the naval harbour and Royal Dockyard of Portsmouth from feared French invasion. The fort is a Grade I listed structure and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. These days it provides a home for the Royal Armouries’ collections of historic artillery — one of the finest such collections in the world. We provided a multi-disciplinary service for the remodelling of some gallery spaces, a new gallery building, a new admissions complex and a car park.Heritage Lottery funding had been secured to develop facilities to cater for the rising number of visitors to site, and to extend and improve the galleries for exhibits. The new admissions complex is located on the former site of the visitor car park, and its circular ...


An ambitious project to become the new home to 120,000 people and used by 190,000 people daily.  Badrah will be located on the eastern edge of the Waterfront development along the Jebel Ali coastline. Next door to the Palm Jebel Ali, the Madinat Al Arab, and the Crescent Island, Badrah is planned at the gateway to the entire development.

Ras Laffan port expansion

Ramboll provided the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for Phase 2 of the Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project.

Doha Metro Green Line Underground

As part of an ambitious plan to develop a railway based public transport in Doha, Qatar Railways Rail has appointed a Joint Venture comprising PORR, the Saudi Binladin Group and HBK Contracting for the design and construction of Green Line Underground.

Emirates Advanced Investments Group (EAIG) Headquarters

Ramboll has been appointed by RSP Architects to provide consultancy services for the development of the new Headquarters’ office of Emirates Advanced Investment (EAI), located in Abu Dhabi. Elite Design and Engineering Consultancy, an Emirates Advance Investment Group (EAIG) Subsidiary is the main Client on this project.

New Power Station for BWSC

Samawah, the capital city of Muthanna with a population of 250,000, lies 280 km south of Baghdad situated within the Japanese sector of the Multi-National Force in Iraq. As part of Japan’s governmental reconstruction efforts, their emergency aid program financed total construction of the 60 MW power station for the cost of USD 110m for the people of Iraq. Ramboll was proud to provide the civil works turnkey contract for design and supply services for the Samawah power station.

New Power to Ouagadougou

Ouagadougou would seem like any normal African capital, over-populated and under-serviced by infrastructure, if not for the Sonabel power station phase 1. Contributing to bolster much needed electricity for a sprawling city, the project improved welfare and development of many ordinary Burkinabes. Ramboll provided the civil turnkey contract for design, supply and erection services.

Danish Crown in Holsted - new slaughterhouse

In connection with a comprehensive modernisation of the production machinery the plans for a new slaughterhouse emerged.

The Utzon Centre

The Utzon Centre has stood on the Aalborg waterfront since 2008; it houses an archive of the world famous architect Jørn Utzon's works, an exhibition room, a lecture hall, a workshop area and a café.

Grundfos - new electronic production facility

Establishing a new electronic production facility in an existing production hall.

Husnes music and culture center

The extension of the culture school is placed neighbouring the existing culture house in Husnes, Norway.

The Hamsun Centre

The Hamsun Centre, built to celebrate the most famous Norwegian author, combines exceptional architecture with unique technical solutions.

Soeraashoegda School

Bergen kommunale bygg, BKB (Bergen Council Constructions) are in the process of renovating and extending Soeraashoegda School.

New Ducab Headquarters Dubai

Ramboll was appointed as the Lead Consultant to provide fully multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering design services for the extension of existing facilities of Dubai Cable Company (Ducab) in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Damac Heights

Ramboll has just topped out the supertall tower, Damac Heights in the Dubai Marina. Pushing 340m it is set to become one of the world’s  top 100 tallest buildings once complete in 2017.

Creek Towers and Plaza

A five tower office complex surrounding a central plaza in the world’s first maritime business centre.  The first ever purpose-built maritime center in the world, Dubai maritime city, will serve as an international hub for maritime business.

RNLI Baltimore upgrade

Baltimore Lifeboat Station, on the south west tip of Ireland, has been extended and remodelled to accommodate the needs of crews for the inshore and all-weather lifeboats. Facilities have been improved further by creating an adjacent pontoon berth. Our team provided geotechnical, marine, structural and building services engineering and project management.The station building (c.1913) is an early example of reinforced concrete construction and has been refurbished and enlarged by the addition of a new steel frame extension, roofed with slate to match the existing. The station’s slipway has been modified so that RNLI Baltimore’s Atlantic 75B class inshore lifeboat Bessie can be launched directly from the boathouse. A water-source heat pump uses seawater to supply backgro ...

Power Road Bridge Replacement

TfL is replacing the three span Power Road Bridge, which carries the A406 North Circular Road (Gunnersbury Avenue) over two Network Rail lines. This complex project involves diversion of utilities onto a new service bridge, and highway bridge deck demolition and replacement works without the need for road closure.

Hub Zero Dubai

Appointed as the lead design consultant for this project, Ramboll provided the multi-disciplinary engineering services as well as validated and optimised the initial design and reviewed the constructability that have enabled the client to create a vibrant environment that invites visitors to “live the game”.

Bella Sky: The hotel which leans and twists

Leaning at a gravity-defying 15 degree angle, Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen’s Ørestad offers a sight never seen before: Two towers leaning in opposite directions at an angle almost four times that of the leaning tower of Pisa. The geometrical dare continues as the top nine floors of tower one and the bottom nine floors of tower two both twist an additional 19 degrees horizontally.

European Extremely Large Telescope: The world's biggest eye on the sky

Located on top of Cerro Armazones in Chile, the European Extremely Large Telescope will gather 8 million times more light than Galileo's telescope of the renaissance era. In the search for life on planets around other stars in the Milky Way, this ultra-advanced telescope will be our best bet in the near future.

National Graphene Institute

Construction is now complete at the new National Graphene Institute (NGI) a £61 million state-of-the-art facility at The University of Manchester, dedicated to the study, research and development of graphene and its applications.

Ormiston Academies Trust aiming for zero carbon emissions

Ramboll is working with the contractor Balfour Beatty, under a design & build contract, to deliver five school projects in the UK counties of Essex and Norfolk.

U-Bora Towers

With its sweeping, curving aspect, this mixed-use project offers prime retail, commercial and residential space on Business Bay.  Comprising a 56-storey commercial tower, a 16-storey residential block and a 7,000sqm retail space, this complex comes together to create an ultra-modern gateway to Business Bay.  

Beaumont Leys School

Beaumont Leys co-educational secondary school is the first of four schools rebuilt or refurbished in Leicester as part of the Building Schools for the Future government programme. We provided a full range of services to Miller Construction throughout the project, including the planning, cost evaluation and tendering stages. The site for the new building is adjacent to the original, which remained in operation during construction.Our engineers appraised the constructability and maintainability of the school's design throughout the design & build process, contributing information to decisions about the phasing of the project.The structure consists of a three storey, 180m long braced steel frame, with concrete floors supported on composite beams and profiled metal deckin ...

The Beaumont

Refurbishing and extending a Grade II listed façade, previously used as a car park, into the luxury five star boutique hotel, The Beaumont.

Athena Sculpture

Ramboll reaches for the sky, erecting the UK’s tallest bronze sculpture  in difficult ground conditions near London City Airport.

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

The architect's design for Aylesbury Theatre is an interpretation of the surrounding countryside, with its woods and rolling hills. In keeping with this concept, its concrete core, which house the auditorium, is surrounded by a timber frame. The auditorium stands at the heart of the building as if at the heart of the forest. One hundred and ninety geothermal piles make up the foundations.

The Blade

Sensitivity is required on this project to build an eight storey residential building and a fourteen storey commercial high rise on an historic site which once housed a mill complex run by Benedictine monks. Care was taken during demolition to preserve a medieval arch, which has been awarded scheduled monument status...

Alakati mixed-use development masterplan

Sparsely populated suburbs southwest of Nicosia are being redeveloped to provide a high-quality commercial, residential and retail district for Cyprus’s capital city. The developer's ambitions represent new goals locally for sustainable planning and operation. Ramboll UK joined the multi-disciplinary masterplanning team to advise on overall feasibility and on infrastructure and utilities in particular, with special emphasis on sustainable water supply, management, treatment and recycling.The development occupies a 17 hectare site, currently consisting of sub-arable land and largely disused buildings. Orange and lemon orchards occupying the site are to be retained, relocated to areas of water-rich parkland that are integral to the new plans.Our infrastructure and mas ...

Rathbone Market

A major multi-phased residential and retail development revitalising Canning Town. Constrained by major roads and properties and up to 21 storeys high, the 650 unit award-winning scheme presented numerous engineering challenges requiring creative and innovative solutions.

Four Seasons

The large scale mixed use redevelopment of the Four Seasons hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, delivers world class hotel, residential and commercial facilities.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the World’s only Ferrari theme park. Sixty of our engineers worked on the four-year project and were involved in every aspect of the park's unique design from concept to completion.

East Ayrshire schools PPP

A major PPP project to consolidate ten different schools of four Scottish campuses. As we provided a full range of services, including structural, building services, geotechnical and fire engineering as well as BREEAM consultancy, we were able to deliver highly co-ordinated solutions.Overall, the developments provide for nursery, primary, secondary and special needs teaching, as well as sports and other facilities for community use. We worked closely with the architect to help achieve a design that balances cost-effective repeatability with the flexibility to respond to each school's distinct character and needs. For example, St Joseph's has an Oratory, Shortlees a weightlifting room and The Grange a special needs facility.At Mauchline School, a 19th century buildin ...

BBC W1 project

The BBC has developed a new broadcasting complex consisting of two new, linked buildings and a refurbished Broadcasting House. The project has been constructed in two phases...

Carlton House Terrace refurbishment

The Grade I listed Carlton House Terrace is a six-storey stucco rendered building in central London. The freehold belongs to the Crown Estate. Classical in style, complete with Corinthian columns, it dates from 1827-32 and was designed by celebrated architect John Nash...

Somerset House refurbishment

Somerset House is one of London's most important 18th century buildings and is located on a Thames-side site adjacent to Waterloo Bridge. Since the formation of the Somerset House Trust in 1997, the complex has been transformed from the home of the Inland Revenue and the Records Office into a centre for culture and the arts. We provided engineering and specialist services for phase two of the works, which focused on the south range, river terrace and central courtyard.Built of loadbearing stone and masonry, with timber floors and a timber truss roof, the six storey south range has two levels of basement, featuring cross vaults and open light wells around the perimeter of the courtyard. To enable the creation of new gallery spaces, and associated restaurant and catering facili ...

Rhyl High School

A new state of the art secondary school for over 1,200 pupils, Rhyl High School is working to achieve BREEAM Excellent rating by adopting passive design strategy and variety of on-site renewable energy technologies.

Eastgate and Chester City walls

Chester’s most iconic heritage asset, Eastgate and its world-renowned clock, was reopened in 2015 following almost a year conservation and extensive repairs led by Ramboll’s conservation engineers. The project was funded by Cheshire West and Chester Council, who recognised the important value of the site for its local economy...

York Engineers’ Triangle Rail Operating and Training Centre

York Engineers' Triangle is the UK's largest rail operating centre and was built above the well-preserved foundations of three roundhouse and a Victorian engine shed. Ramboll archaeologists and structural engineers preserved 95% of the archaeological remains.

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is the UK's second commercial straw-burning power plant near Sleaford in Lincolnshire. The 38MW commercial straw-burning power facility generates enough electricity to power 65,000 homes using sustainable fuel sources...

Ankhor development, Tashkent

Situated opposite the city's presidential complex, the Ankhor site in central Tashkent represents prime redevelopment land in Uzbekistan. Originally accommodating low level housing, outbuildings and wasteland, the 9.27ha site is located in a seismic zone. It is bounded by the Chirchick river, roads and buildings. Ramboll’s structural, infrastructural and environmental expertise was sought, and we liaised with the architect from an early stage to explore masterplan options for a mixed use development. The aim of the feasibility study was to maximise the density of any proposed design and address a number of issues in support of the planning application. Transport, access, structural requirements and infrastructure provision were investigated. Preliminary ground modelling was und ...

Paradise, Birmingham

Paradise Circus is being transformed into a vibrant mixed use development of commercial, retail, leisure and hotel spaces; providing major improvements to pedestrian access and greatly enhanced public realm befitting the setting close to Birmingham Town Hall and the Museum & Art Gallery.

Fawley Oil Refinery - Marine Terminal Berth 5

This project ensured the continual safe operation of one of the UK’s most critical pieces of infrastructure. It involved asset management and capacity enhancement as part of the upgrade of existing berths to accommodate larger VLCC vessels at ExxonMobil’s Fawley Oil Refinery

The Great Northern Hotel Refurbishment

Located between Kings Cross and St Pancras stations, the curved brick building of the Great Northern Hotel was the world's first great railway terminus hotels, boasting high ceilings and sweeping corridors. It was originally completed in 1854 by renowned Victorian designer; Lewis Cubitt, however, despite its Grade II Listed status, the building fell into disrepair from 2001 when works took place to the adjacent Kings Cross underground station.

Greenwich Millennium Village phases 3, 4 and 5

We produced a tender devised to promote a competitive overall costing by designing for three alternate methods of construction. This placed the contractor in a strong position to secure the most economic solution.

International Quarter London - Plot S6

Situated in the Olympic Park site, as part of the London 2012 games legacy, Transport for London’s (TfL) new headquarter at International Quarter London provides 265,000 sq ft modern, dynamic facilities for around 3,000 TfL staff.

Iasi Business Campus

Iasi’s new business park is located near the centre of town, divided from the university and commercial district by the River Bahlui. We worked on the masterplan and phase 1 of the development, which will eventually consist of 25 buildings in a dramatically landscaped environment. As well as offices, these include laboratories, hotel facilities, student accommodation and an arts institute. All structures and amenities are designed to meet the standards and expectations of companies used to operating in America and Western Europe. Former industrial use has left potential contamination on site. This, and the flood risk associated with its riverside location were dealt with by our infrastructure engineers. Our transport planning team examined links with the town centre ...

London Heathrow Airport

For almost three decades, Ramboll has supported multiple projects at Heathrow Airport. This includes the scheme design for Terminal 2B, integrating the light rail passenger transport system and new baggage handling networks.

TfL Structures and Tunnels Investment Portfolio (STIP)

The London 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games was Britain's largest peacetime logistical exercise and a major challenge for Transport for London (TfL). London's road network had suffered decades of under-investment preceding TfL’s ownership, and the highest priority structures had to be in a state of good repair before the Games began.

Mary Rose Museum

Famously raised from the sea bed before a worldwide television audience of 60 million in 1982, the Tudor warship Mary Rose has been undergoing an heroic conservation process in a temporary museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Golf Course Community at Education City, Qatar

Ramboll is providing Lead Engineering Consultancy, Design and  Construction Supervision on this 124-hectare multi-use development in Qatar.

The Green Planet

A landmark enclosed bio-dome ecosystem housing some 3,000 plants and animals invites visitors to discover the wonders of a tropical rainforest.

Upper Holloway - road-over-rail bridge replacement (STIP)

The road bridge carrying the A1 Holloway Road over the railway line at Upper Holloway station has been replaced. The £25m rebuild project is part of a Transport for London (TfL) scheme to improve London's roads and public spaces. It has been challenging and complex from feasibility to implementation.

The Hepworth Wakefield

The new Hepworth Wakefield gallery is the focal point of regeneration on the River Calder waterfront, formerly the site of a huddle of low mill buildings. It houses a collection of sculpture by local-born artist Barbara Hepworth alongside the works of other prominent artists, and is one of the largest art galleries yet built outside London.

Doha Marina Mall, Qatar

Marina Mall is a 180,000 sqm retail and leisure facility in the Lusail development on the east coast of Qatar. The mall includes over 70,000 sqm leasable retail over three main levels, as well as a hypermarket within the basement. It will also house cinemas, family entertainment centre, restaurants with terraces overlooking the marina and spa facilities.

Greenfield Production Facility for Bang & Olufsen, Czech Republic

Bang & Olufsen, the manufacturer of high quality audio-visual technology, decided to place their only foreign production facility in Koprivnice in North Moravia. The company invested EUR 16.5 million in the construction of a new factory employing up to 200 workers. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.


The population in Western part of Sweden is growing and capacity problems on the railways in and around Gothenburg are increasing.

Greenfield Production Facility for Faerch Plast

The desire to increase their range of distribution was the principal reason behind Faerch Plast's decision to locate their first production facility outside Denmark in the Czech Republic. The new location provides proximity to the rapidly growing markets in Central and Southern Europe. Ramboll was assigned as General Planner.

Production Facility for Grundfos

The desire to increase their range of distribution and to meet the increasing demand were the principal reasons behind Grundfos' decision to transfer their electric motor production from Bjerringbro in Denmark to Tatabánya in Hungary. In his inauguration speech, Niels Due Jensen, Chairman of Grundfos, said he was very pleased with the fact that not a single job was lost in connection with the transfer of motor production.Ramboll was assigned as General Planner.

Extension to Production Facility for Grundfos

Due to an overwhelming success in the Chinese market, the world's leading pump manufacturer Grundfos decided to extend their Suzhou production facility from 2005. With the extension completed late 2008, the facility totalled 48,000 sq.m., making it the company's largest production facility worldwide outside Denmark at the time of completion. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.

Greenfield Production Facility for Grundfos

Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. When the existing acquired production facility in Suzhou became too small to supply pumps to the rapidly growing Chinese market, Grundfos purchased a new site in the amazing Suzhou Industrial Park for a new greenfield production facility. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.

Harpa Concert and Conference Center: Designed in 3D

Harpa Concert and Conference Center has been hailed as a symbol of Iceland’s economic dynamism and has since it opened in 2011 hosted a range of world-class congresses and concerts. The concert and conference center is part of a larger master plan for the area around Reykjavik’s harbour, intended to attract tourists and artists. But the building is more than merely beautiful; however, it is also CO2-neutral, obtaining its energy from Iceland’s geothermal resources.

Greenfield Steel Service Centre for Ib Andresen Industri

Ib Andresen Industri A/S is a specialist subcontractor to Danish and non-Danish companies within the working and processing of steel and metals. As part of an internationalisation process, the company decided to build a new steel service centre in Györ, Hungary, offering coil warehousing as well as slitting and cutting of coils. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.

Greenfield Production Facility for Coloplast, phase 1 to 3, Hungary

When Coloplast decided to establish their first production facility outside of Denmark, the aim was to reduce production costs while maintaining the high product quality level required for their medico products. This was achieved by the construction of their first production facility in the Hungarian city of Tatabánya. Ramboll acted as General Planner.

New National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

Every capital around the world has its own distinctive attractions and national symbols such as a Parliamentary building, a university and museums. In Oslo, the Norwegian national planning authority, Statsbygg, is currently planning a National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Nasjonalmuseet).

Maljevik Bay

We are working closely with the architect on a greenfield development on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, south west of Sutomore, creating a 3D digital model to determine the optimum roof forms. Ramboll is providing masterplanning, structural, building services, façade, acoustic, geotechnical and marine engineering services for the project, which includes detached housing, apartments, a spa with hotel, restaurants, retail areas and associated infrastructure.The site is fringed with heavily wooded slopes to the west and south, with a grassy plateau in the central area. A steep rocky peninsula forms its southern tip. The area is seismically active and the ground conditions are being assessed further for the detailed geotechnical design. The buildings are concrete frame with pad found ...

Main Sales Office and Service Centre for Grundfos

In the Bang Na district of Bangkok, Grundfos has cemented its already solid presence in Thailand by erecting a new main sales office and service centre. As one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers and an expanding company in need of additional space, Grundfos decided to build new facilities in Bangkok. Ramboll was assigned as General Planner.

The Makers District, UAE

A vibrant hub responding to the rise of the maker movement – a global social movement with an artisan spirit – that is set to become one of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic communities.

Black Sea Hotel and residences

A Soviet-era tower block has been demolished to make way for a 23-storey five-star hotel and 14-storey apartment building linked by a two-storey podium in the historic port city of Batumi on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. We are providing a one-stop design and project management service for this fast-track development. Architect RTKL is acting as a sub-consultant to Ramboll. The design is contemporary but influenced by traditional Georgia. Features include an old-town style boulevard of two-storey shops and restaurants that runs along the seafront and through the new complex. Lawns and gardens cover the top of the podium to create an energy efficient green roof. Solar panels have also been installed on the podium and on the roof.

CityLife Milan technical reviews

The 43 hectare CityLife development occupies the site of Milan’s former fairground and exhibition site (Fiera Campionaria). Its combination of residences, offices, retail space and public facilities are arrayed around a large park — Europe’s biggest privately funded park development. We worked in collaboration with J&A Consultants on technical reviews of the architects’ schemes. Our combined refinements and suggestions produced savings sufficient to cover our fees five times over.

Greenland’s new prison fitted for Arctic settings

A new correctional facility is beginning to take shape in the capital of Greenland – Nuuk. More than being one of the most beautifully located facilities in the world, it will provide the sentenced with an opportunity to serve time closer to their families, nature and culture.

St Matthew Academy

Education from start to finish — primary school to A level — is provided at this single complex, created through the Government's City Academies scheme. It's built on the playing field of an existing school, which remained open during construction. When the works were complete, the old school was demolished to make room for a new sports field.Most of the teaching spaces are housed in two reinforced concrete wings, respectively two and three storeys high. The wings are neatly linked by an enclosed steel bridge and a triple height assembly hall. This and the sports hall are steel framed and clad in zinc tile and timber.The assembly hall is spanned by a second enclosed bridge, so broad that it resembles a mezzanine floor. By suspending this structure from massive steel ...

Novo Nordisk A/S, OLP Launch Facility - Tablet Production

Rambøll Denmark A/S was appointed by Novo Nordisk A/S for the design of a new production facility which will deliver the world’s first protein tablet to the global market.

Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg provides a critical gateway into Russia and is one of Europe’s most ambitious aviation projects with a landmark terminal and surrounding airport ‘city’.

Tithebarn city centre regeneration

We are working on various aspects of the new masterplan for the city centre of Preston, Lancashire. The area concerned is known as Heart of the Tithebarn Regeneration Area (HTRA) and covers approximately 14.8 hectares. The masterplan provides for 32 new-build blocks, the refurbishment of existing structures, relocation of the bus station and a considerable area of new retail space, leisure facilities, public spaces and car parking.Among the key environmental aspects considered during the evolution of the scheme have been land quality, archaeology, ecology (there are bats on the site), noise impacts, air quality, microclimate, drainage, townscape, visual context and waste management. Impact on the local economy and social structure have also been studied.Our consultants undertook preliminary microclimate analysis of daylight, sunlight and wind flow on the development site and the surrounding area. The objective of the wind flow analysis was to ensure that the proposals offered a year-round comfortable external environment.Our infrastructure engineers have completed an extensive 3D earthworks model of the proposed new bus station area that optimises the cut and fill volumes. A comprehensive drainage strategy has been developed that minimises the need for sewer diversion. The surface water strategy endorses the use of Sustainable Drainages Systems (SUDS) and includes rainwater harvesting, porous paving and the extensive use of green/brown roofs.

Kent schools PFI

This project involved the refurbishment and expansion of six secondary schools in Kent. Our challenge was to install new teaching and recreational facilities with minimal disturbance to users of the existing school buildings.Working with the architects, we developed a steel-framed structural system for almost all the new buildings involved. Modular units were designed in varying shapes and sizes, depending on their function. Flat roofed, with a maximum height of two storeys and clad using a proprietary cladding system, they were able to be slotted in and around existing structures with speed and efficiency. Once the new structures were in place, old buildings were demolished or refurbished according to the needs of each school. We also engineered double-height gym f ...

Modernisation of Swedish hospitals

The upgrading of healthcare facilities in Sörmland, Sweden includes the refurbishment and extensions of hospitals in three cities.

Custom House Station

Crossrail is delivering a new railway which will be known as the Elizabeth line, and is among the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK. Custom House station is one of the 10 new stations being delivered for the Elizabeth Line. 

Jersey Airport: Integrated Terminal Development

Major redevelopment of the terminal buildings at Jersey Airport will create a 'new' airport by re-configuring the existing Departures terminal buildings to integrate a new Arrivals facility. Value for money will be achieved by upgrading operational elements such as security and lounge facilities at the same time as constructing a new mezzanine floor.

Tate Modern

Officially opened on the 17th June 2016 the new Tate Modern extension is an iconic world-class addition to London’s skyline. The ground breaking Tate Modern extension pushes the boundaries of modern design and engineering. From its one-of-a-kind geometric structure to its striking brick façade, every facet of this building has been planned and engineered with staggering accuracy.

Hillhead Primary School

Three existing primary schools are being replaced by the new Hillhead Primary in Glasgow. We were appointed by the architect as part of the design team to create a learning environment for 666 pupils in a woodland habitat. The site is divided between a former car park and a greenfield site previously used by the city's parks department.The site's proximity to the River Kelvin necessitated an environmental impact assessment to examine the flood risk. Proposed green roofs will contribute to the drainage strategy by discharging excess water into the river. We provided transport solutions, including provisions for bicycles and staging drop-off zones in the surrounding side streets. An air quality study analysed the impact of CO2 emissions during peak hours.The school's ...

New North Zealand Hospital

In March 2014, and following a 12 month intensive international design competition, the Architectural consortium of Herzog & de Meuron/Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter was awarded the contract to design the New North Zealand Hospital in Hillerød, Denmark, with Ramboll named as the engineering services consultant for the project.

Wembley Park regeneration

Wembley Park is a major residential development adjacent to the iconic stadium. As well as providing engineering and geotechnical services for three plots Ramboll has created and is implementing a District Heating masterplan that will deliver low carbon, sustainable energy across the whole Wembley Park site.

NN 1R Purification Pilot

Ramboll was appointed to deliver comprehensive technical advice and assistance in connection with a strategically important Purification Plant set up for Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen, Denmark. The plant will increase the capacity for the manufacturing of active diabetes medicines in line with the Novo Nordisk development programme.

Storstrøm Prison

The largest maximum security prison in Denmark is located on the island of Falster. The prison has capacity for 250 inmates and is the most secure facility in Denmark.

Greenfield Production Facility for Grundfos

As one of the fastest growing markets for Grundfos, the Istra Region near Moscow in Russia was the chosen location for the new production facilities of Grundfos, who is among the world leaders in pump manufacturing. The new factory would facilitate direct supply of efficient and energy-saving pumps to the craving Russian market. Ramboll acted as General Planner on the project.

Greenfield Production Facility for Grundfos

When a long-term subsupplier of Grundfos, who delivered electric motors to their submersible pumps in the USA, suddenly became a competitor by acquiring a small pump factory, Grundfos decided to realise a long-standing desire of the founders – a production facility in Mexico. The new factory forms an important part of the growth strategy for the North American market of Grundfos, one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Ramboll was assigned as General Planner on the project.

Greenfield Production Facility for Coloplast

The first medico production facility by Coloplast in China was placed in the city of Zhuhai in the Guangdong province of South China. With the 18,500 sq.m. production facility complete with offices, canteen and over 2,500 sq.m. of cleanroom facilities, Coloplast has underlined its presence in China. Ramboll was chosen as General Planner on the project.

First Extension to Production Facility for Coloplast

Increasing sales soon made Coloplast's first production facility in Hungary too small to cope with demands. As a result, Coloplast decided on an extension of the facility in Tatabánya and, based on the success of the first project for Coloplast in Hungary, Ramboll was selected as General Planner.

Final Extension to Production Facility for Coloplast

When Coloplast decided to build the third and final extension to their production facility in Tatabánya, Hungary, Ramboll's proven expertise as turnkey consultants on production facility projects worldwide was the answer.

Greenfield Production Facility for Coloplast

A combination of social and competitive aspects influenced Coloplast’s decision to place their fourth production facility in the city of Nyírbátor in Eastern Hungary. Ramboll was selected as General Planner for the entire project.

Modification of Coloplast Production Facility

After a successful start-up of their production facility in Nyírbátor in Eastern Hungary, Coloplast decided to modify and extend the facility in order to accommodate new production lines. Ramboll was selected as General Planner for the project.

RNLI Coventina - All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC)

The All-weather Lifeboat Centre (ALC) at the RNLI Headquarters, Poole is a modern life boat manufacturing facility that has secured the charity’s lifeboat building supply chain for the next 30 years.

The Niels Bohr Building

The new 53,000m2 Niels Bohr Science Park is to consist of two separate buildings on either side of one of the busiest roads into the centre of Copenhagen. Ramboll experts teamed up with subconsultants from Vilhelm Lauritzen, Christensen & Co, GHB Landskabsarkitekter and Collin Gordon and Associates to provide an all encompassing proposal for the design of the building and its surroundings.

The Maersk Tower, extension of the Panum Complex

The building with the eye-catching Maersk Tower is in many ways a research building beyond the usual. Requirements for flexibility and security have resulted in innovative solutions.

Khalifa University Extension Phase 1

The Khalifa University Extension Phase 1 Project will add an additional area of 120,000 sqm to the existing 34,500 sqm of the current campus.  Ramboll provided multidisciplinary services for extension.

First part of Carlsberg City

A new campus for the university college, UCC, as well as shops, offices and a 100-metre tall residential tower covering an area of 101.000m2 will be the first of 16 building zones, which together will form a rejuvenated district in central Copenhagen known as Carlsberg City.

Spectacular project in the Copenhagen harbour area

Copenhagen’s sustainable new neighbourhood, Nordhavn, will be enriched with an artificial island that provides the framework for a major underground car park, apartments with sea-views and an office building of slate.

Ayrshire College

One of the first education buildings to achieve the highest available BREEAM rating of ‘Outstanding’ at design stage, Ayrshire College’s new £53m Kilmarnock Campus provides a functional, flexible and efficient learning environment that encourages collaboration between students.

Maritime Museum in Elsinore

Elsinore Harbour is the home of a new subterranean maritime museum. Ramboll has made the subterranean museum possible, with its innovative solutions and cross-disciplinary collaborations. The museum is one of a kind – also on an international scale. It is situated underground and under the sea level, encircling a 150m dry dock where the wharf used to be.

The Mersey Gateway - six lane toll bridge

Ramboll has played a significant role in the Mersey Gateway project, the central feature of the significant highway improvements between the M56 and Speke Road. It is a new six-lane cable-stayed tolled bridge across the Mersey Estuary between Runcorn and Widnes.

Helix-London development

Two elliptical residential towers of different heights sit above a two storey podium in this mixed use development in London's Canary Wharf. One of Europe's largest McDonald's restaurants has been demolished to make way for it.The concrete frame towers, one 28 storeys high and the other 35 storeys, are linked by spaghetti-like steel bridges. Each floor has a wrap-around balcony with views to the nearby marina. The podium below houses shops and a replacement McDonald's on the ground floor; and a children's playground, screened sports pitch and landscaped public space on the first floor.A complex transfer system supporting the two towers has been integrated into the podium. Concrete beams and deep reinforced concrete walls have been strategically positioned as part of ...

Vestas Blade Technology Centre

The world leader in the offshore wind industry, Vestas was looking to create an R&D facility to prototype and test its new wind turbine design. With 80m long blades, the V164 turbine is a huge leap in wind technology. Each turbine is set to generate...

Fehmarn: The world's longest road/rail tunnel

In the future Scandinavia and the rest of Europe will be connected by the world's longest road and rail tunnel.

Nordhavnsvej – the largest road construction project in Copenhagen in 50 years

The project for “Nordhavnsvej” is the first stage of a new road to Copenhagen’s Nordhavn (North Harbour). Nordhavn is an old industrial and port area, planned to be developed into a new urban area in the north-eastern part of Copenhagen. When fully developed, the urban area is planned for 40,000 residents and 40,000 workplaces.

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