Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Increasing the competitive strength at Coop Denmark

In a price-driven market, Coop wants to compete on leadership and loyalty. Ramboll is helping the retail giant with development of leadership and more profitable customer relations.

Measuring and reporting on educational quality

Developing and measuring educational quality is a multi-facetted affair. This is true for public-sector executives who need to oversee progress, for local leadership who needs to priorities under budgetary constraints and for teachers tasked with creating inclusive learning environments for kids and youth.

Stimulating sustainable development for the people of Greenland

A multidisciplinary team of Ramboll engineers and Ramboll Management Consulting experts will equip Greenlandic companies to become competitive subcontractors for large natural resource projects. The competitive platform will ensure sustainable development for Greenlandic society.

Framed leadership keeps the engine running

An engine needs fuel to keep running. A leader needs training, feedback and inspiration to lead with purpose and power. On the fifth year running, Ramboll Management Consulting has helped world market leader of diesel engines, MAN Energy Solutions, to develop a common understanding of leadership.

Pulse surveys to improve leadership in DNB

DNB is Norway's largest financial service group and one of the largest in the Nordic region in terms of market capitalisation. A company this big is nothing but ambitious when it comes to leadership development.

Study of the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school

50 suggestions for how regulation and procedures in the “Folkeskole” (the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school system) may be simplified. This is the result of a study conducted by Ramboll. A large number of people working in the Danish school system were surveyed, such as teachers, secretaries, head teachers, directors of education etc.

IT support for the most comprehensive emergency care unit in Northern Europe

Oslo Legevakt (care unit open around the clock ) is a unique combination of somatic and psychiatric emergency care, orthopaedic surgery and detoxification ward. Oslo Legevakt is open 24 hours a day to serve any person living or staying in Oslo in need of emergency care.

Reducing excessive burdens

Administrative burdens on businesses, in the form of excessive amounts of paperwork to public authorities, are high within the EU. It is estimated that these burdens on businesses amount to around 3% of the European GDP – restraining European productivity and competitiveness.

Deep customer insight creates loyalty and growth in the Danish metro

Since 2010, travelers in Copenhagen have become more loyal towards the Danish underground system, and the metro has experienced massive passenger growth. The positive results can largely be explained by a commercial strategy based on an extensive study of transport and travel habits in Copenhagen.

60,000 yearly interviews secure real-time customer insights at TDC

Ramboll Management Consulting has since 2003 conducted more than 840,000 customer satisfaction surveys for the Danish telephone operator, TDC. Over 60,000 interviews have been conducted every year to provide TDC with continuous, real-time insights of their customer satisfaction.

Improved intelligence platform for actionable insights

One of Denmark’s largest energy providers, Eniig, had the ambition of becoming even more customer centric in their thinking and approach to customers and markets.

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