Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Single European Sky in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Never before have governments been under such pressure to deliver such a high level of infrastructure at such low cost while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. When it comes to aviation, rationalising flight patterns for greater efficiency is an obvious place to start. However, sensitivity about air sovereignty means the process of working toward a united European airspace is a highly delicate one.

Sydney Airport Airpave implementation

Ramboll won a competitive tender to supply Sydney International Airport with an air pavement management system. Initially implemented in 2004, Airpave continues to deliver a precise and economic framework for managing the airport’s 3 million sq m of paved assets.

Greenlandic Airports

In a country as large as Greenland, the only way to travel between towns is often by air. The airport development and maintenance done by Ramboll is therefore incredibly important to society there.

Socio-economic assessment for a new mega airport in London

The London Airport system comprising the main airports Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted is running short of runways and terminal capacity which leads to congested airports with delays and long waiting times both for the passengers and for the airline operators. Furthermore, London is losing the lead position as one of the main transfer hubs between particularly North American and European destinations and as a gateway to Asia due to the capacity constraints.

Technical airport assistance in Moldova

At an overall level Ramboll provided technical assistance to Chisinau International Airport concerning upgrading of the airport. This was done particularly with respect to the airside facilities and electrical systems. The project was financed by EBRD and EIB.

Expert witness assessment of pavement conditions

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is one of the busiest airports in South East Asia and works as an important link connecting Europe with the Asia/Pacific region and vice versa. Moreover, it serves as a home base for the strong carrier Thai Airways.

Improvement works on several Mozambique airports

The project comprised supply and installation of plant and Design - Build for the improvement of Beira, Quelimane and Tete Airports.

Bringing up Dhaka's main airport to international standards

Dhaka Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport requires rehabilitation of Apron, Taxiways and Runway including upgrade of associated AGL and Air Traffic Management equipment to upgrade the airport to international standards. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark has granted a loan for the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh for carrying out these improvement works.

Airport planning for the overall master plan of the Emirate of Fujairah

Fujairah International Airport is located next to the city centre of Fujairah City in the Emirate of Fujairah. The airport provides facilities for many different kinds of operation. However, the location close to the city centre means that the airport occupies valuable land, which alternatively could be used for urban development comprising residential areas and areas for industrial and commercial use.  Ramboll has undertaken the master planning for the Emirate of Fujairah including the airport.

Feasibility Study of runway maintenance in Norway's second largest city

Bergen International Airport is located on the west coast of Norway, where it provides services to the inhabitants of Norway's second largest city.

Brunei International Airport

Recommendations for refurbishment to achieve code F compliance. Due to aging infrastructure and projected traffic growth, Brunei International Airport requires substantial refurbishment and upgrade of airside infrastructure. Ramboll, in cooperation with Arcadis and Jurutera Tempatan, prepared an assessment of airside geometric requirements and review of available information on pavement and AGL infrastructure. The purpose was to provide recommendations for the scope of works necessary to most efficiently meet the future operational needs of the airport.

Improving mobility and increasing capacity at Arlanda airport

Stockholm Arlanda is expected to cater for almost 40 million passengers by 2040, compared to 25 million today.

Supporting London Stansted Airport’s £600m (US$830m) Transformation program

London Stansted’s £600m (US$830m) Transformation program will be the biggest upgrade to the airport in nearly 30 years. 

Design & Build contract for 9 hardstands

The Abu Dhabi International Airport (ADIA) is undergoing a major programme of expansion under the management of Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC). As part of this expansion ADAC requires 9 Code E Hardstands to be constructed to provide relief aircraft parking until opening of the new Midfield Terminal Building in 2017.

London Luton Airport – transformation and expansion

Transport links, infrastructure accessibility as well as a new parallel taxiway and work to the aprons were included in the ambitious plans for a vast expansion of London Luton Airport.

Gibraltar Access Road and Tunnel

Ramboll produced an outline strategic brief to improve access between the city centre and airport, adjacent to the frontier with Spain. The objective, to provide for a free flow of traffic; currently interrupted by airfield operations where 600m of existing road crosses the runway.

Refurbishment of operational runways

Using effective planning and innovative technology to complete refurbishment work on operational runways.

Gateway to St. Petersburg

In early 2010, NCG appointed Ramboll as lead designer of the redevelopment of Pulkovo Airport, which is one of the most ambitious aviation projects currently underway in Europe.

Vagar Airport - extension of the runway

The Faroe Islands have only one airport, and it is their main connection with the rest of the world. Ramboll has helped to extend the runway, and to ensure reliable transport links in this area.

Dubrovnik Airport

Ramboll has been instrumental in the upgrading and expansion of Dubrovnik Airport’s infrastructure. The project will ensure the airport is fit for the future and capable of handling increasing passenger numbers.

RAF Akrotiri - Refurbishment of airfield operating surface and airfield ground lighting

RAF Akrotiri is a busy British military airfield situated on the Akrotiri Peninsular on the South coast of Cyprus. The Base provides joint support to British Forces Cyprus and Operations in the region in order to protect the UK's strategic interests. It is used as a forward mounting base for overseas operations in the Middle East and for fast jet training. The previous runway had reached the end of its usable life, and this project set out to refurbish the aircraft operating surfaces and to widen the taxiways.

Gatwick Airport airside/landside boundary relocation

As part of a broader masterplan to expand the UK's second-busiest airport to a capacity of 40 million passengers, Gatwick carried out a series of refurbishments to its South Terminal. We provided engineering expertise on several projects, including the relocation of the airside/landside boundary to accommodate more airside retail space.

Gibraltar Airport runway re-surfacing and AGL upgrade works

When Gibraltar's airfield approached its due date for major planned refurbishment works and upgrade, Ramboll was appointed to provide management, technical and financial services to the project, which was the first full runway re-surfacing in 20 years.

Biofuel as a sustainable alternative in the aviation industry

With the introduction of new technologies, biofuels could make out a sustainable strategy in the Norwegian aviation industry by 2025. But it takes by-product sales to make it profitable, states Ramboll report.

London Heathrow Airport

For almost three decades, Ramboll has supported multiple projects at Heathrow Airport. This includes the scheme design for Terminal 2B, integrating the light rail passenger transport system and new baggage handling networks.

Vatnsmyri Airport masterplan

Vatnsmyri is an area of 150 hectares located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland. It is the last plot of undeveloped land on Reykjavik's narrow peninsula and is occupied by the domestic airport. To retain its historical centre and remain a competitor in the global market, the city has to expand...

Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg provides a critical gateway into Russia and is one of Europe’s most ambitious aviation projects with a landmark terminal and surrounding airport ‘city’.

Development of a strategic master plan for the Emirate of Fujairah

This master plan will provide the vision and framework for economic, social and government based projects over the next 30 years. The creation of the Fujairah Strategic Masterplan Project is an initiative of the Government of Fujairah and will set a framework for the growth and development of the Emirate of Fujairah until 2040.

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