Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging projects for our customers. Ramboll’s Project excellence programme is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.

Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan

The East Baltic States of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are, apart from Cyprus and Malta, the only four EU member states which remain isolated from the present integrated EU gas market and transmission system.

Consultancy on priority corridors for energy transmission for the European Commission

The EU is facing huge challenges in the coming years when it comes to energy supply and transmission. Demand for energy transmission is affected by changes in energy markets such as increased market competition, security of supply and increased demand for renewable energy in line with increasing focus on climate change and the 20/20 in 2020 policy. For this purpose Ramboll's Studies & Planning department prepared a report on the subject of natural gas, legislation and monitoring.

Natural gas storage in the EU

Ramboll Oil & Gas' Studies & Planning department was selected by the European Commission to review the European gas storage market and provide guidance in the input for the Second Strategic Energy Review and the work of the Gas Coordination Group.

Society consultant on energy trade in the Arab region

CESI and Ramboll teamed up to determine the best options for electrical and gas interconnections in connection with the creation of a single energy market for 20 Arab countries by 2030.

Gas utilisation study, Yemen

Ramboll Oil & Gas became part of a comprehensive international project to replace oil, the main source of energy in Yemen, with natural gas.

Connecting energy flows: LNG projects in the Baltic region

Ramboll is engaged in several liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects. For instance, we investigate the possibilities of setting up LNG import facilities in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

LNG terminal in Estonia

Port of Tallinn Ltd (AS Tallinna Sadam), the port authority in Estonia, is considering the possibility of placing a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving terminal at a location in either Muuga Harbour or Paldiski South Harbour. The purpose of the LNG terminal is to receive liquefied natural gas from ships, store the liquid in storage tanks, vaporise the LNG, and then deliver the natural gas into a high pressure distribution pipeline or to a local major gas consumer.

Working on one of the largest oil discoveries in Norwegian history

Statoil awarded Ramboll a feasibility study for their Johan Sverdrup field development project with the purpose of developing feasible concepts for minimum-facility platforms.

Ramboll supports the European Commission in selecting cross-border C02 transport infrastructure projects

To help achieve the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement, key infrastructure projects that link the energy systems of EU countries are identified biannually as Projects of Common Interest (PCI). Ramboll has recently partnered with Ecorys to complete a project for the European Commission, focused on further developing a methodology and application template for PCI selection, evaluating the social cost of CO2 emissions and selecting PCI candidates. 

Benefits of Natural Gas for Poland – Needs for Development of a Gas Hub

Ramboll has analysed Poland’s foundation of becoming a well-functioning gas hub, serving as a central gas trading nation to the East Baltic region and CEE countries. The report, commissioned by Shell, sheds light on the competitive situation on the Polish gas market and highlights what could be done for Poland to become the gas hub in the region.

Feasibility study for artificial islands in Zakum oil field

Ramboll oil and gas experts studied the possible effects on the environment and existing structures as a result of introducing artificial islands to be used as the centre for future drilling and oil production in the Upper Zakum oil field off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

Economic study of commercial gas storage in Lille Torup, Denmark

Since the Danish gas market was fully liberalised in 2004, Danish consumers have been free to choose between suppliers. One of the companies that has stepped up to ensure a fair and flexible market is, which, among other activities, oversees the volume balance in Danish gas storages.

Balticconnector pipeline project - technical project management consultancy

The natural gas pipeline project in the Baltic Sea - the so-called Balticconnector - is now being realised. Ramboll carried out feasibility studies for this large-scale EU funded project and has been appointed technical project management consultant and engineering consultant for the project. The Balticconnector is a 100-150km offshore pipeline linking the gas networks of Finland and Estonia.

The Baltic Pipe Project – Feasibility study

Ramboll was awarded a feasibility study in joint venture with Gazoprojekt, and Ernst & Young as sub-consultants, to provide socioeconomic, financial and technical foundation for the prospective Baltic Pipe implementation.

Hejre development project

The Hejre field development project in the north-western part of the Danish sector of the North Sea will be one of the largest Danish investments in offshore oil and gas production for many years to come. Ramboll has been involved in the project for a number of years.

Smooth and cost-effective EPC set-up in the North Sea

In the summer of 2014 a joint venture between Ramboll Oil & Gas and Semco Maritime were rewarded an EPC contract for the provision of onshore and offshore services to Hess Denmark’s platforms in the Danish North Sea.

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