Use the power of data driven insights to reduce your maintenance costs


Use the power of data driven insights to reduce your maintenance costs


Henrik Gjelstrup

Chief Project Manager

T: 45 5161 2785

Digital Transformation

The integration of digital technologies into all areas of business is changing the way we operate and deliver value to stakeholders. But the change is not just about technology, it’s about people, organisations need to challenge the status quo, experiment and embrace new ways of working.

RamEye helps you transition to a higher up-time and more cost-efficient predictive maintenance regime.


Take the Future of Railway Maintenance benchmarking survey, and we will provide you with its results among all participants. The survey takes only 5 minutes to answer and deals with 5 important topics:

  1. Current Maintenance Challenges
  2. Railway Infrastructure Assets
  3. Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  4. Condition Based Maintenance Maturity
  5. Railway Maintenance Norms
Future of Railway Maintenance benchmarking survey

From insight to action: Maintenance optimization

Maintaining rail infrastructure is a key activity for infrastructure managers and the fundamentals of asset management have remained the same for decades. Now, new technology such as sensors and wayside monitoring are changing the way we maintain our assets.

We guide you through the complex task of navigating and interpreting your data with a view to identifying the actions needed to optimise your rail network.

Global access to 300 offices in 35 countries

15,500 specialists ready to help

We are an integral part of Ramboll. Therefore, our clients benefit from our ability to form specialist teams within a number of sectors. 15,500 colleagues form this global knowledge pool that allows us to combine management consulting and engineering, bringing value-adding services to both public and private sector clients.
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