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Andy Brahney

Head of SMART

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From short term safety to long term resilience

The Covid pandemic has led to a sharp drop in commercial rental prices and office occupancy levels are 25% globally as employees work from home. Office owners, operators and tenants are grappling with several key questions and searching for solutions on how best to move forward. 

Interventions are needed to mitigate the immediate risk of Covid infection. At the same time, solutions should focus on creating workplaces that promote improved health and wellbeing to help retain and attract tenants in the long run.

Ramboll’s New Solutions Toolkit

To address these issues, Ramboll has developed a practical ‘New Solutions Toolkit’. Ramboll provides a holistic service covering all aspects and phases from analysis and strategy development to design and implementation. 

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With specialist expertise in areas such as health sciences and smart engineering, we are uniquely positioned to deliver lasting benefits and office environments that are safe, resilient and liveable.

For assessment, we employ digital analysis packages including user journey mapping, people flow simulations, and air flow modelling. This provides insights into the risks that the pandemic poses to an office and allows the effectiveness of different interventions to be tested before being implemented.

Solutions consider a combination of operational, technological and architectural interventions. Proposals are inspired by factors including digitalization, automation, attentiveness to user-experience and wellness.

The New Solutions Toolkit has a strong scientific grounding. It is based on the principles of the Hierarchy of Controls, which classifies the effectiveness of design solutions or operational measures in managing risk in the built environment.

Addressing key office challenges

People flow

How do I safely and efficiently manage the flow of people inside and outside of my development?

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Pinch points

How can I safely manage “pinch points” and confined spaces like lobbies and lifts?​

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How do I efficiently manage my workforce to meet the new requirements? ​

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Incentivizing tenants

How do I ensure my tenants are incentivized to come back to work?​

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How do I make informed investment decisions to support the long-term resilience and adaptability of my development?​

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Solutions for ensuring offices fit for the future

What does it take to make offices safe, resilient and attractive for tenants? Download the guide with solutions for ensuring offices are fit for the future.

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