Digital client consultancy

We assist clients in digitalisation in their organisation and/or projects. We strive to ensure that the client’s interests are carried out through a Building lifecycle approach. We will help you define the right technology toolbox and identify digital synergies, thereby providing new value, strengthening decision-making and minimising risks. 

Processes, digital client consultancy

With our holistic sociotechnical approach in facilitating digitalisation, we will help you outline a ‘Digital WoW’ (Way of Working) for your projects.

Our digital client consultant will build ‘bridges’ across digital tools used in the project and help the Project Management with digital capabilities to navigate and manage digitalisation.

We can provide client consultancy within these digital services:

  • Digital Construction Management - subservices like Digital Supervision, BIM/VDC 4D & 5D..
  • Reality Capture - subservices like 3D scanning & drones. 
  • Digital Reality – subservices like VR for user involvement, Augmented reality for equipment placement, Virtual Mockups..
  • Smart Building/Cities – subservices like IoT, Corporate data strategy, Requirements and analyses of existing buildings and Greenfields..
  • ICT/BIM Management - subservices like Clash controls, Digital QA, Digital tendering, Classification, Bill of Quantities verification. .
  • HSEQ Gamification – subservices like 3D training simulator for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality aspects..
  • Digital FM – subservices like Operation & Maintenance data and models, FM systems requirements consultancy.. 
  • Digital Business Management - subservices like Digital transformation & implementation strategies, IT architecture, Innovation practices..

Digital Client Consultancy within HSEQ

Read more about how we work with Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ)

Learn more about an interactive 3D model for training real life situations on construction sites that we developed in this video:


BIM standardisation makes HB Reavis’ procedures more effective

Ramboll helped the international building developer HB Reavis to define the company’s future global BIM demands and requirements for external design consultants. The result is a consistent and far more effective working procedure, both internally and with cooperating partners.

Orsted Windmills

BIM specification template streamlines digital deliveries at Ørsted

Ramboll has designed a comprehensive BIM specification template around Ørsted’s business needs. The tailormade template ensures consistent and aligned digital deliveries. 

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