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Ramboll provides specialist Building Physics consultancy services that deliver sustainable solution through low energy, low carbon emitting buildings that are comfortable to occupy and well-integrated with liveable city concepts.

Elephant house, Copenhagen Zoo


Mika Kovanen

T: +358 50 568 5128

Nina Aastorp Blindheimsvik

Section leader, building physics
T: +47 974 61 475
Bjorn Gunnar Foss

Bjørn Gunnar Foss

Section leader, building physics
T: +47 930 38 072
Mari Brandl

Mari Brandl

Director of Renovation and Building Physics
T: +45 51 61 63 63
Christian Zäll

Christian Zäll

Head of Department
T: +46 76 762 13 91

Building Physics is the study of energy flow and moisture transfers in the built environment and their effect on occupant comfort which includes the following: 

  • Direct and indirect solar radiation transfer that can provide light and heat in buildings. 
  • Temperature differentials that can drive ventilation strategies to exhaust heat and provide fresh air for occupants.
  • Moisture transfer control through building fabric that prevents condensation and mould growth.
  • Energy supplies and demands required to artificially light, condition and power our buildings influencing running costs. 

Enabling informed decisions 

Many key passive design decisions that influence a buildings carbon, energy, air quality and thermal comfort such as orientation, albedo, form, fabric and massing need to be established early in the design process. We feel it is critical that at this stage our Building Physics Engineers are involved to provide valuable analysis and performance data for the many options considered to allow informed decisions to be made that can maximise the passive savings. 

Prioritising passive systems 

Ramboll follow the ‘fabric first’ approach where carbon and energy savings are maximised from passive form and fabric strategies before the design of high efficiency, active HVAC systems. Finally, once the building energy demand is minimised, any further enhancement required by expensive renewable technology is also minimised.

With the help of calculation models and advanced simulation programs, it is possible create a deep insight into the function and to test a building before it is in place, thus saving time and money by knowing most of the risks and possibilities of the buildings even before construction starts.

Advanced capabilities for optimising buildings  

In building simulation, we utilise the rapid software development and use existing models, for example, BIM intelligence, to calculate multiple performance indicators (e.g. energy, daylight, cost) at the same time. This increases the knowledge and optimisation of the buildings while minimising the number of separate controls. 

Ramboll has an active internal network and regularly educates in current software, which helps us take advantage of the latest opportunities in building simulation. Furthermore, Ramboll have established links with Research institution and Universities to be able to integrate the new findings and knowledge into our design stages and process. 




Ayrshire College, Kilmarnock Campus

Ayrshire College

One of the first education buildings to achieve the highest available BREEAM rating of ‘Outstanding’ at design stage, Ayrshire College’s new £53m Kilmarnock Campus provides a functional, flexible and efficient learning environment that encourages collaboration between students.

Ramboll. Rothera Research Station Wharf. British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey - Rothera Research Station

The Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation programme (AIMP) to support world-class science through an upgrade of British Antarctic Survey (BAS) research stations and infrastructure includes preparations for one of the world’s most advanced Polar research ships - the RRS Sir David Attenborough. 

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