Lighting design

Natural and artificial light shapes our experience of space and architecture. Lighting design can enhance the aesthetics of a building or outdoor space and create new experiences. The correct light setting provides safety, improves productivity and gives space an identity.

Lighting plan for Götaplatsen


Vladan Paunovic

Architect, Lighting Designer (MA), Creative Lead, IALD
T: +45 5161 8601

Per Øyvind Løbach

Head of Section
T: +47 93468106

Reija Pasanen MA

Senior Lighting Designer, Head of Design
T: +358 40 127 1265

At Ramboll, we think holistically. We see architecture, landscaping and lighting as several perspectives of the same challenge that together raise the project to a higher level. The users’ needs are always the main focus for our designs.

Creative and advanced lighting design expertise

We are a team of highly qualified specialists who believe in evidence-based design. In our designs we combine creative thinking and the insight in the technological development. 

We continuously develop the quality of our services and expertise. The results of scientific research are corner stones of our designs. 

We meet the requirements for energy efficiency, driven by the global climate challenges and the growing energy consumption.

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Project references

Lighting plan for Götaplatsen


Lighting design for Götaplatsen in Gothenburg, Sweden

Lighting Design in Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

Ramboll invites light into Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

Frederiksberg Shopping Centre in Copenhagen has undergone an extensive renovation. The reconstruction offers a totally new interior and lighting design that invites light and costumers into the shopping centre.

The wall at night. Ramboll created the LED-illumination, so that the beautiful outdoor mural can also be seen in the dark

The Wall of Dreams

Public housing area Gadekærvej in Valby, Copenhagen is undergoing a major renovation, which amongst others includes the construction of a 600 m2 LED lit poem embedded in the house-ending wall. The art piece has been developed in a partnership between the area residents, poet Morten Søndergaard and Ramboll Lighting. The art piece has been named ‘The Wall of Dreams’ and was inaugurated in May, 2015.



Facade lighting for sludge incineration plant "Lynetten" in Copenhagen, Denmark

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