New buildings add only one percent to the building stock each year. The remaining 99 percent of buildings require regular renovation and refurbishment to meet ever-changing building user demands or recover service life. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to meet client’s needs - ensuring existing buildings provide economic, social, and environmentally sustainable benefits.

BBC W1, London, UK


Mari Brandl

Mari Brandl

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We believe that simply maintaining the built environment and limiting deterioration is not enough. Our aim is to ensure buildings remain as living, working structures - meeting the needs of current and future users - whilst minimising their impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, we use a systematic and holistic approach to ensure the full potential of an existing building is reached before they deteriorate and become unusable – utilising all aspects of the building.

Historic buildings

Historically significant buildings require a special approach - understanding or ‘listening’ to the building is the key. We have worked on internationally important historic buildings and sites – collaborating closely with historic building protection authorities – providing solutions that are sympathetic to the historic building fabric and minimising irreversible interventions.

Comprehensive renovation and refurbishment service

Experience is often the key to successfully renovating or refurbishing an existing building. 1:1 renovations are one of our specialties and we have provided solutions to many complex and multifaceted problems in existing buildings to realise our clients’ aspirations.  

We have a wide range of clients and no job is too small – we work on everything from maintenance plans and mould inspections to complete renovations.

Our comprehensive renovation and refurbishment service covers:

  • Assessments and upgrades of building services and energy efficiency
  • Service life prediction and condition survey
  • Reviews and improvements to acoustic performance
  • Fire safety evaluations and system design
  • Structure and façade investigations, testing (concrete, brickwork, plaster, wood/timber etc.), appraisals and alterations
  • Building maintenance and facilities managementTechnical due diligence (TDD and EDD)
  • Moisture, mould, radon etc. inspection, indoor climate surveys
  • Building physics, calculation and evaluation of heat and moisture issues in new or existing buildings
  • Masterplans for social housing (LBF)
  • Hazardous materials audit and demolition consultancy

Ramboll provides a one-stop service for existing buildings – with all the necessary knowledge gathered in one place to meet any client need.

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The Whitworth

The Whitworth

Through its impressive £15m reinvention, The Whitworth Art Gallery has cemented its place at the centre of the cultural national stage - winning the prestigious 2015 ArtFund Museum of the Year Award and is currently shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize Award 2015.


BBC W1 project

The BBC has developed a new broadcasting complex consisting of two new, linked buildings and a refurbished Broadcasting House. The project has been constructed in two phases...

Carlton House Terrace refurbishment

The Grade I listed Carlton House Terrace is a six-storey stucco rendered building in central London. The freehold belongs to the Crown Estate. Classical in style, complete with Corinthian columns, it dates from 1827-32 and was designed by celebrated architect John Nash. Its historic fabric includes mahogany floorboards, marquetry inlay, hand-painted walls, cabinetry and chandeliers.

In line with the guidelines set out by the Crown Estate and English Heritage, we have worked with four international designers to create a series of modern residential apartments within this historic setting. We helped design living spaces that work around Nash's cantilevered staircases, banqueting rooms and portrait-viewing hallways.

Permission has to be obtained for every procedure. We h ...

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