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Ramboll is a leader in delivering TEDD in connection with international real estate transactions.

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When properties change hands, it is vital to the seller and buyer to quickly create an overview of the property's condition and to uncover the associated opportunities and risks. Ramboll can help with this process through the preparation of professional and efficient technical due diligence.

Our team will inspect the property and its documentation to prepare our partners prior to the transactions and transfer of the property.   We have short response times and can quickly assemble a team that possesses the right generalist and specialist skills to analyse the property efficiently and accurately.  We create solid, flexible and tailor-made solutions for property buyers and sellers, to deliver fast, efficient products at competitive prices. 

We work internationally and carry out TEDD projects through our own 300 offices around the world or together with our local partners strategically located to support our teams. 

We use our one-client–one-advisor approach so that there is one contact person throughout the process who can continuously report on important matters during the project duration.  In this way, we constantly optimise time and resources for our clients and ensure that the project is performed within the client’s expectations.  This approach also allows the client to comfortably speak with someone who has followed the project from start to finish.

We are used to working closely with our client's legal and financial partners and combine our expertise with the other members of your sales and transaction teams. We participate in the negotiations and work to answer your technical concerns as we progress through the building and transaction phases

Our Technical and Environmental due diligence is designed for both existing building and new developments with many different modules that can be selected to add particular analysis depending on the building and/or client’s concerns. 

Some of the standard module choices include:

  • Phase 1 environmental review
  • Soil pollution analysis
  • Design documentation review
  • Building condition survey
  • Overview of potential risks and initial cost plan
  • Maintenance budget (CAPEX)
  • Operational costs check (OPEX)
  • Statutory compliance review
  • Hazardous material audit
  • Reinstatement calculation
  • Tenant interview
  • Sustainability audit
  • Energy audit

We create red flag reports, final reporting, tracking documents as well as other numerous tools to support you through the process.  Please feel free to contact us about how we may support you in your next property acquisition. 

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