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Ramboll offers specialist consultancy and assists world-leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies in their efforts to streamline their production and enhance product development.

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Bjarne Rasmussen

Bjarne J. Rasmussen

Director Life Science, Existing Buildings & Client Consultancy
T: +45 5161 6464
Bjarke Møller Nielsen

Bjarke Møller Nielsen

Director, Pharma Operations
T: +45 51614691

Project execution within the pharma sector requires sound experience as well as deep insights into existing laws and standards. Ramboll has conducted specialist advice in this field for several decades, and we always work in accordance with national laws and EU/US GMP.

We offer consultancy in all pharma-related areas including laboratories and clean room design. Consequently, we can assist in all stages of the project, from development of business and masterplans to choosing the right solutions to forming process flow diagrams to qualification. We can develop end-to-end solutions and handle the process from beginning to the end, manage the tendering process and compose the necessary requirement specifications.

Seamless global service

Our more than 300 global offices allow us to solve projects and draw on knowledge and capabilities worldwide. To ensure a seamless global service, we have founded an international pharma network based in Denmark.

We often help our clients with the following offerings:

  • Phrasing ideas and drawing up business and masterplans
  • Conceptual Design, Basic Design and Detail Design
  • Regulatory review processes
  • Writing requirement specifications and handling tests and qualification
  • Tender management
  • Execution and implementation

We insist upon offering customised solutions and flexible processes that do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Each project demands a different approach and we emphasise fulfilling these individual needs. Finally, we strive to engage ourselves in a holistic manner in order for our clients to reap the maximum long-term benefits.

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Pharmaceutical Process Technology

Ramboll's Pharma department offers highly qualified specialists with extensive know-how and expertise. Learn more in the brochure about Pharmaceutical Process Technology

Laboratory Technology

Ramboll's Pharma department has gained extensive technical knowledge from projects for the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more in the brochure about laboratory technology 

Clean Room Technology

For more than three decades, Ramboll has specialised in cleanroom technology in close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more in the brochure.

Clean Room Performance Testing

Ramboll is always adopting the latest standards in classification and testing. Learn more about clean room performance testing in our brochure.


Visualisation of aseptic cGMP/GMO production facility for Bavarian Nordic

Aseptic cGMP/GMO production facility for Bavarian Nordic

New state of the art aseptic GMO 2 flexible manufacturing facility for manufacture of novel vaccines in Kvistgaard.

Visualisation of Novo Nordisk 1R Purification Plant

NN 1R Purification Pilot

Ramboll was appointed to deliver comprehensive technical advice and assistance in connection with a strategically important Purification Plant set up for Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen, Denmark. The plant will increase the capacity for the manufacturing of active diabetes medicines in line with the Novo Nordisk development programme.

Novo Nordisk OLP Launch Facility

Novo Nordisk A/S, OLP Launch Facility - Tablet Production

Rambøll Denmark A/S was appointed by Novo Nordisk A/S for the design of a new production facility which will deliver the world’s first protein tablet to the global market.

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