District energy

District heating and cooling improves energy efficiency and lowers costs and carbon emissions. We have 40 years of experience from more than 200 systems worldwide.

District heating in the Danish capital

An energy network for one million people

The 160 km transmission network supplying heat to Greater Copenhagen is one of the most sophisticated district heating systems in the world. It improves energy efficiency and enhances environmental protection.

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3D illustration showing a positive indication of the visual impact of the district cooling plant and storage tank (green) in Taarnby

One of the world’s most advanced district energy systems developed with Ramboll’s assistance

10 June 2019

Ramboll has supported utility company Taarnby Forsyning (TF) in establishing one of the smartest and most advanced district heating and cooling systems in the world. The project demonstrates how smart cities are built on smart solutions that promote the synergy between energy and the environment while benefitting the local community.

Detailed energy planning saves money and Co2

A growing number of US cities are striving to lower their carbon footprints. District heating with flexible use of energy sources is a cost-efficient way of achieving this. An energy technology professor sees a huge potential.

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Igniting district heating in the UK

A new EUR 370-million government scheme will boost energy efficiency in UK homes and businesses. The clients need planning expertise from the micro to macro levels.

How to build a smart energy system

More and more countries, regions and cities are making energy strategies. That's a complex planning task, especially if the goal is to be fossil-free and cost-efficient.

District Energy at a glance

At Ramboll, our 115 district energy specialists are committed to creating sustainable and long-term solutions for our clients and society.

Smart energy systems

We have provided clients with district energy and smart energy master plans for more than 40 years.

District heating experts

We have provided consulting services to more than 200 district energy systems worldwide, ranging from small village schemes to city-wide transmission networks.

Icon of thermal pit storage
Record breaker in thermal pit storage

We have designed and constructed a 200,000 m3 heat storage facility – breaking the world record.


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