System Rornet

System Rornet is an efficient, powerful module-based tool for technical and economic analysis and optimisation of piped transport of fluids and gasses.

The system has been developed for both stationary and dynamic hydraulic/thermal calculations for utility networks such as district heating, district cooling, water, steam and gas distribution and firewater networks.


If you want to learn more about our System Rornet services, please contact Søren Vesterby Knudsen (Scandinavia), Søren Ørsted (Canada/USA), Olof Jangsten (UK), Jens Ole Hansen (Middle East) or Christoph Redecker (Germany/Switzerland)

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System Rornet has a very strong and proven calculation engine which ensures quick, accurate and stable calculations. The System Rornet program suite has been developed over a period of more than 35 years and has proven its worth in a significant number of well-performing networks.
One of the key functionalities of System Rornet is water hammer analysis to predict problems and design safety measures. With this analysis it is possible to protect the network against major and expensive damage related to for example pump failure or sudden closing of valves in future operations.

System Rornet modules

System Rornet is module based, which enables the users to perform advanced analyses at maximum efficiency.
The hydraulics module determines the steady state pressure and flow fields for any network containing a liquid. The module is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).
Heat flow
The heat flow module determines the steady state heat balance and the temperatures in the network. 
Gas flow
The gas flow module determines the steady state pressure and flow fields for any network containing a gas.
Steam flow
The steam flow module determines the steady state pressure, temperature and flow fields for any network containing saturated and overheated steam with pressures and temperatures below 20 bara and 300°C respectively.
The design module is used for design of new networks as well as extension or refurbishment of existing networks. Combined with either the hydraulics module or the gas flow module, the optimum dimensions of the pipes in the network are determined. 
Water hammer
The water hammer module performs transient hydraulic analysis. Water hammering is caused by any change in the supply pattern, e.g. pump failure or valve closure. Control of valves and pumps is taken into account. The module is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). 
Heat hammer
The heat hammer module performs dynamic analysis of temperature fields. The heat storage capacity of the network is taken into account, and the effect of varying fluid temperatures is simulated with respect to the physical and economic consequences.
Production simulation
The production simulation module calculates how the production is distributed among the production units. The calculations are based on the properties of production units and networks (e.g. heat demand variation hour by hour, hydraulic bonds, minimum and maximum load on production units, revision and breakdown of production units).

More information

Hydraulic analysis

Read our brochure on hydraulic analysis for optimal design of district energy systems (online publication, opens in new window).


District heating network in Varde

Optimisation of district heating network, Varde

Varde Forsyning has approx. 5500 district heating consumers. Around 95% of the heat delivered to these consumers is produced at a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant located in Esbjerg. The heat from the CHP plant is delivered through a buried transmission line.

Dongtan2 water hammer analysis

KDHEC Dongtan 2 - Yougin

A 16 bar distribution network in the Dongtan2 area is supplied with heat from the Dongtan2 Combined heat and power plant.

District Heating network in Kiel, Germany

Hydraulic analysis of district heating network in Kiel

Stadtwerke Kiel in Germany is planning a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant to be the main heat supplier to district heating network in Kiel. The new CHP plant has a maximum supply temperature to the district heating network that is lower than the design temperature of the network.

Copenhagen Transmission network including a few possible extensions

Hydraulic analyses of the Copenhagen transmission network

The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company (CTR) and Western Copenhagen Transmission Company (VEKS) operate together the large heat transmission network around Copenhagen.

Part of proposed district heating network with peak & reserve load plants

Bridgeport district energy project

NuPower Thermal LLC is developing a modern district energy network for the City of Bridgeport in Connecticut, USA.

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