Power transmission & distribution

Supplying cities with power requires a holistic approach when designing transmission infrastructure.

Kassø Tjele, Denmark

Rethinking the design of overhead transmission line towers

Ramboll’s innovative engineering designs for overhead transmission lines are focused on maximising returns for clients. In close collaboration with architects, we design lines and towers with a minimal impact on the landscape and local communities. 

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How to build a smart energy system

More and more countries, regions and cities are making energy strategies. That's a complex planning task, especially if the goal is to be fossil-free and cost-efficient.

Power transmission & distribution at a glance

With more than 45 years of experience in the planning, design and implementation of energy solutions, Ramboll’s 1,500 energy specialists offer independent expert advice on renewable and conventional energy globally.

A strong foundation

With more than 50 years of experience within power systems, we offer a wide range of specialised competencies and consultancy services.


125 specialised experts are ready to provide first class consultancy within power systems and power transmission.

Global reach

Working in more than 70 countries, we combine local experience with global knowledge

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