Solar power

Ramboll has over 25 years of experience working with solar energy. We have contributed to the success of more than 500 small to utility scale solar power projects, carried out in more than 25 countries around the world.

Ramboll CUBE Solar PV plant


Mogens Skov

Mogens Skov

Global Spearhead Director, Power Generation
T: +45 5161 3390
Rasa Krutulyte Ørsted

Rasa Krutulyte Ørsted

Chief Project Manager
T: +45 51 61 49 70

One-stop-shop service provider

Our more than 55 local energy offices worldwide and 1,800 energy experts, as well as our multidisciplinary structure enable us to offer holistic services covering every aspect of a solar PV project worldwide. Specialised teams are assembled from across the entire Ramboll group to ensure that the strongest expertise is applied to each individual project.

As a one-stop-shop service provider for all kinds of solar PV projects we offer singular, modular and tailor-made solutions depending on individual project requirements throughout the entire project life. We assist our clients with comprehensive advice and future-proof solutions based on expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. Our broad range of services covers:

  • Expert planning, engineering and Project Management services throughout the entire project life-cycle.
  • State-of-the-art Solar Resource Assessments, measurements, energy yield & soiling studies as well as topographical surveys.
  • Full range of services for comprehensive advice from one of the world’s leading Environmental Consultants and auditors.
  • Services covering all engineering disciplines within power transmission needed for Grid Connection of solar PV plants.
  • Innovative structure design, world class Civil Expertise and specialist geotechnical know-how for long lasting solutions.
  • Asset Management for performance follow-up on your solar PV plant or portfolio based on a KPI driven monitoring system.
  • High level in-depth investigations revealing Risks & Chances for our clients prior to plant acquisition or financing.
  • Strategic Management Consulting and special services for entering new markets and service portfolios on client side.


Ramboll contributes with its services to:

  • Ensure project finance by provision of a strong independent opinion and support regulatory approvals with minimum delay.
  • Identify solutions and recommend designs that avoid or reduce environmental and social impacts in a cost-effective manner.
  • Evaluate solar resources, estimate energy yields and losses as well as minimize risks for a bankable basis.
  • Deliver value throughout the project life-cycle.
  • Assess community health, technical risks, safety and security.
  • Enhance national & international reputation of our clients and their projects.

Solar PV Projects

Ramboll is providing services for various types of projects including:

Solar PV Power Plants for IPPs and Utilities

  • Multi Mega Watt projects
  • Grid connected within existing or new power supply systems
  • Locally managed and remotely supervised
  • Long-term reliability with high performance
  • Competitive and proven system design and operation
  • Rural, industrial or urban applications - globally
  • Free field ground mounted installations in the desert, in open planes and on complex mountains or floating on water

Solar PV for commercial Clients with self-consumption

  • Rooftop, canopy or open space installation
  • Net Metering or/and wheeling business models
  • Designed and optimised to cover/fit with individual demand
  • Cross-technology integration (e.g. Battery, Power2Heat)
  • Demand Side Management (e.g. peak shaving, savings)
  • Integration into Micro Grids & Smart Grid Systems
  • Future energy systems standards (e.g. IEC TR 63097:2017)
  • Decarbonisation of business (e.g. CSR, Green Footprint)

Solar PV as substantial part of Hybrid Energy Systems

  • Optimised systems to secure reliable power supply
  • Solar PV combined with other renewable & conventional generators, storage facilities and flexible consumers
  • Resilient and Smart Grid infrastructure (e.g. communication)
  • Island, Micro, Off-Grids or embedded Smart Cities
  • Holistic approach - sector coupling of energy systems (e.g. electricity, heating/cooling, Power-to-X, e-Mobility)
  • Producer, consumer & prosumer – NEW business models

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Solar power

Ground-breaking solar PV in Jordan

Ramboll Energy was the Owner’s Engineer in connection with the development and construction of one of the first large-scale solar PV projects in Jordan located in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, south of the capital of Amman.

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