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With the BIOMA software installed at a waste-to-energy plant it is possible to determine the fossil CO2 emission based on existing measurements. The method and the software were developed by TU Vienna.

Improving operating data

The BIOMA software offers the newest technology within waste-to-energy data management. Developed by Vienna University of Technology and Ramboll, BIOMA allows waste-to-energy facilities to monitor various key indicators (e.g. carbon content of waste feed and biogenic emissions) and provides a detailed overview of core operational processes.

BIOMA is based on theoretical balance equations (for materials, substances and energy) and measured data, which are derived from conventional operating data (e.g. flue gas volume, steam production, mass of Bottom ash). With these data management capabilities, utility companies can make full use of all incoming data to uncover hidden insights, identify biogenic energy production (for green certificates) and create a unified and accurate overview of the waste characterisation (for example, water and plastic content).

BIOMA software outputs:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil and biogenic sources
  • Ratio of carbon content in the waste from fossil and biogenic sources
  • Lower/upper heating value of the waste feed
  • Carbon content of the waste feed
  • Ratio of the energy output from fossil and biogenic sources
  • Ash content of the waste feed
  • Water content of the waste feed
  • Inert mass fraction (moisture free) in waste feed
  • Biogenic mass fraction (ash and moisture free) in waste feed
  • Fossil mass fraction (ash and moisture free) in waste feed
  • Ratio of energy produced from biogenic fraction (moisture free) to totalenergy produced

High performance data management

The broad scope of BIOMA enables our customers to keep track of all relevant plant processes and helps increase plant efficiency and lower costs. By differentiating biogenic emissions and fossil-derived emissions, customers can improve their environmental performance, quantify their greenhouse gas emissions as well as comply with European regulations requiring waste-to-energy plants to report the amount of electricity that is produced from renewable sources in the waste feed.

Instead of conventional methods such as sorting of waste or radiocarbon dating, which are often labour or cost intensive, BIOMA uses often already available data and does not require new measurement instruments. In determining the portion of biogenic emissions or the share of renewable electricity, the software calculates the various parameters based on a mass balance method including the following balance equations:

  • Mass balance
  • Ash balance
  • Carbon balance
  • Energy balance
  • O2 consumption
  • Difference between O2 consumption and CO2 production 

Advantages of BIOMA

By accurately determining the amount of biogenic and fossil energy and emissions, waste-to-energy plants can gain a better understanding of the production of green electricity and detailed emissions information, leading to substantial savings and improved data basis in reporting.

The operating data from the waste-to-energy facility used in BIOMA will in most cases already be available and can easily be imported into the software to begin online data processing. BIOMA includes automatic data processing and reporting (annual reports) and online data on demand (1 hour resolution).

The following charts are examples of European waste-to-energy facilities that treat both Municipal Solid Waste and Industrial Wastes. The results are indicated by average values and standard deviations. BIOMA is an easy-to-use program that requires minimal training and can provide cost savings of more than 90% compared to alternative methods. As a scientifically proven method to determine the fraction of biogenic and fossil energy as well as emissions, the data also provides the possibility of retrospective determination (if necessary operating data has been recorded) and a high degree of certainty (statistical uncertainty <4%). 

Ramboll assistance

In cooperation with our customers, we provide the required training and assist in the data collection. In relation to the acquisition of the BIOMA software, we also often assist our customers with data analysis and carbon accounts. With the BIOMA software installed at a waste-to-energy plant it is amongst other things possible to determine the fossil CO2 emission based on existing measurements. The method and the software were developed by TU Vienna.

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