Waste-to-energy courses

Based on our comprehensive experience from waste-to-energy facilities all over the world, Ramboll offers courses in waste-to-energy maintenance, technology and projects.

Maintenance training path

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Please contact Christian Riber if you want to learn more about our waste-to-energy courses or wish to sign up for a course.

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Asset Management

Ramboll's maintenance courses give the participants an introduction to the "world" of waste-to-energy maintenance, taking into account the special considerations to be made when handling difficult fuels such as waste. The courses are held as part of Ramboll's Maintenance Academy.


The main objective of our waste-to-energy technology courses is to enable the participants to thoroughly understand waste-to-energy technology and design. The courses focus on the special problems of waste as a fuel and how the technology is designed to handle these challenges.
Using examples and showcases from Ramboll’s experience of giving advice to clients erecting more than 130 waste-to-energy units worldwide, we provide courses with relevant content and the latest development from the market.
The technology descriptions focus on main design choices and market opportunities.


Waste-to-Energy projects are known to be complex both with respect to technology, legal issues, politics, finances and commercial issues. Orchestrating the optimal waste-to-energy project is not a straightforward task and requires skills, experience and insight.
For emerging markets as well as well-established waste-to-energy markets Ramboll offers competence building within waste-to-energy project design and management.
Courses within waste-to-energy projects focus on providing the participants with more tools and knowledge of how projects can be designed to be successful. Ramboll uses examples of actual projects, both successful and unsuccessful, to illustrate the knowledge given.

Open or customised courses

Ramboll provides both open and customised courses. Below you will find our scheduled open courses held all over the world and a course catalogue of all our courses offered both open and customised. If your company would like to train more than eight employees, you should consider a customised course held at your offices. You will be saving costs (e.g. travel costs) and can have the course content tailored to fit your exact needs.


Principles of waste-to-energy maintenance optimisation

Upcoming training course in October, London
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Flue gas cleaning

Upcoming training course in October, Copenhagen.
Read more about the flue gas cleaning course (in Danish)

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