Wind energy

Planning and constructing offshore and onshore wind farms is a complex task. It requires technical excellence and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Offshore Wind Turbines:

Resilient Foundations

A good example of a resilient offshore foundation, Ramboll designed the suction bucket jacket with three cups that are slipped into the seabed through suction. It is installed in a single lifting and assembly process, which reduces noise and construction time as well as the associated costs.

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Part of wind turbine foundation

Foundations for Chinese wind farms fabricated at record-breaking speed

8 March 2019

The first two of a total of approximately 500 offshore wind turbine foundations in Guangdong, China, have been designed and fabricated. Project developer SPIC Guangdong Offshore Wind Power Ltd. has secured permits for installation of 3.2 GW - enough to supply three million households with power.

Ramboll director joins the Board of the US Business Network for Offshore Wind

12 February 2019

Dr. Tim Fischer, Vice Director of Ramboll’s Global Wind Division, has joined the Board of Directors for the Business Network for Offshore Wind (the Network).

Offshore windfarm

ROMEO: New monitoring strategies to reduce operation and maintenance costs for offshore wind farms

11 October 2018

As part of an international consortium, Ramboll is involved in the ROMEO research and development project. The project intends to advance the energy transition in Europe and reduce the costs of offshore wind energy.

Onshore wind turbines

Ramboll, BBB and CUBE: Strong in wind – now under one name

15 December 2017

The onshore wind experts in the German companies BBB and CUBE have been part of Ramboll since August 2016 – in January 2018 they will change names to Ramboll. Now, 350 wind energy experts provide a full range of services globally.

Universal Foundation and Ramboll have established a close collaboration on a recent offshore wind project concerning the design and certification of the Mono Bucket concept shown in the picture below including load iterations with MHI Vestas.

Smarter calculations can cut offshore wind costs further

To optimise the design of wind foundations and turbines, engineers need a platform for fast, robust and cloud-based data storage and execution. Ramboll has teamed up with Google Cloud to improve its in-house wind software in this area.

Onshore Wind Farm

Onshore Wind: Think Global, Act Local

Wind energy is getting cheaper and demand is on the rise. But planning and constructing a wind farm is a complex task.

Wind at a glance

At Ramboll, our close to 350 wind specialists are committed to creating sustainable and long-term solutions for our clients and society.  

Offshore wind turbines

More than 60% of the World’s off-shore wind turbines rise from foundations engineered by us.

Onshore wind farms

We have provided expert input to on-shore wind farms with a nominal output of more than 60,000 megawatts in +60 countries.


We are designing the largest onshore wind farm in the Nordics, Storheia – a part of the largest onshore wind project in the whole of Europe.


Offshore wind Capability statement

Consultancy services within offshore wind energy

Download offshore wind capability statement
Onshore wind capability statement

Consultancy services within onshore wind energy

Download onshore wind capability statement
Floating wind

Floating Offshore Wind Turbines enable clean energy production at deep water locations where bottom-fixed substructures are not economically feasible.

Floating Wind
Offshore substation design

Ramboll is the world leader in offshore foundation design for wind turbines. Our specialised engineers carry vast expertise within development and design of offshore facilities.

Offshore Substation Design

Ramboll´s specialists within the fields of geology, geophysics, and geotechnics work in close collaboration to innovate and illustrate the best design to our clients.

Geotechnology in Offshore Wind Energy
Guyed wind turbine towers

A Ramboll-developed tower concept enables cost-effective tall onshore wind turbines and wind turbines on sites that would not otherwise have been feasible.

Guyed wind turbine tower
Project services

Ramboll provides expert planning, engineering and consulting services throughout the project life cycle of wind energy projects.

Project services
Wind and Site
Wind & site

Success of a wind energy project is directly linked to its energy yield. Assessment of wave and current data is necessary for offshore wind farm foundation design.

Wind and Site
Environmental services

Ramboll provides scientific, technical, and advisory services to developers of onshore and offshore wind energy, the world's fastest growing energy source.

Environmental services
Civil works

Civil works construction forms the basis for reliable, successful and cost effective onshore wind projects.

Civil works
Offshore wind turbine foundations

Wind turbine foundations are the basis for a reliable and successful offshore project. Ramboll provides world-leading design of all interfaces and with a clear focus on reduction of energy costs.

Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations
Transport and installation

Installation is the most complex phase of an offshore wind farm project and requires profound expertise for successful realisation.

Transport and Installation
Masts and towers

Masts and towers can be useful in all phases of wind energy projects - from wind measurements during development to support of commissioned wind turbine generators.

Masts and Towers
Asset management

Asset management enables our clients to realise value from their assets while balancing performance, costs and risks.

Asset Management
Condition monitoring

Ramboll's low-cost monitoring solutions ensure longer wind farm lifetimes and risk based inspection planning.

Condition Monitoring
Operation and maintenance

Efficient Operations and Maintenance enables clean, cost-effective electricity from on- and offshore wind resources.

Operations and maintenance
Technical Due Diligence

Ramboll provides expert planning, engineering and consulting services throughout the project life cycle of wind energy projects.

Technical due diligence
Offshore decommissioning

Major component exchanges, re-powering and decommissioning are all important milestones in the project lifecycle.

Offshore decommissioning

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