Wind energy

Planning and constructing offshore and onshore wind farms is a complex task. It requires technical excellence and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Offshore Wind Turbines:

Resilient Foundations

A good example of a resilient offshore foundation, Ramboll designed the suction bucket jacket with three cups that are slipped into the seabed through suction. It is installed in a single lifting and assembly process, which reduces noise and construction time as well as the associated costs.

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Universal Foundation and Ramboll have established a close collaboration on a recent offshore wind project concerning the design and certification of the Mono Bucket concept shown in the picture below including load iterations with MHI Vestas.

Smarter calculations can cut offshore wind costs further

To optimise the design of wind foundations and turbines, engineers need a platform for fast, robust and cloud-based data storage and execution. Ramboll has teamed up with Google Cloud to improve its in-house wind software in this area.

Onshore wind turbines

Ramboll, BBB and CUBE: Strong in wind – now under one name

15 December 2017

The onshore wind experts in the German companies BBB and CUBE have been part of Ramboll since August 2016 – in January 2018 they will change names to Ramboll. Now, 350 wind energy experts provide a full range of services globally.

Offshore platform

Forming foundations for the future

The global wind industry continues to break records for new investments and capacity, but high costs remain a major challenge. As the fastest-growing part of the sector, the offshore wind industry is finding new ways to design smarter turbine foundations to help ensure a renewable – and affordable – future.

Offshore windfarm

ROMEO: New monitoring strategies to reduce operation and maintenance costs for offshore wind farms

11 October 2018

As part of an international consortium, Ramboll is involved in the ROMEO research and development project. The project intends to advance the energy transition in Europe and reduce the costs of offshore wind energy.

Onshore Wind Farm

Onshore Wind: Think Global, Act Local

Wind energy is getting cheaper and demand is on the rise. But planning and constructing a wind farm is a complex task.

Wind at a glance

At Ramboll, our close to 350 wind specialists are committed to creating sustainable and long-term solutions for our clients and society.  

Offshore wind turbines

More than 60% of the World’s off-shore wind turbines rise from foundations engineered by us.

Onshore wind farms

We have provided expert input to on-shore wind farms with a nominal output of more than 60,000 megawatts in +60 countries.


We are designing the largest onshore wind farm in the Nordics, Storheia – a part of the largest onshore wind project in the whole of Europe.


Transporting Thermal Energy front page
District energy

Read about our engineering and consultancy services within district energy.

District energy
Energy Storage: A key to low carbon communities

Read about energy storage here.

Energy Storage
Front page of district cooling capability statement
District Cooling Capability Statement

Read our District Cooling Capability Statement here

District Cooling capability statement
Front page of pamphlet on automated mapping of district cooling customers
District cooling – get an overview of your future customers

Automated mapping of profitable district cooling areas (online publication, opens in new window)

District cooling – get an overview of your future customers
District Heating - Heat Storage Pits
Heat storage pits

In large district heating systems, a heat storage pit is a cheap energy source that can save peak loads and reduce the price of heating. Read our brochure on heat storage pits (online publication, opens in new window).

Heat storage pit
Hydraulic analysis brochure
Hydraulic analysis

Read our brochure on hydraulic analysis for optimal design of district energy systems (online publication, opens in new window).

Hydraulic analysis
Read our GIS brochure

Read our brochure on geographic information systems (online publication, opens in new window).

Integrated district heating in Copenhagen
Publication: Integrated district heating in Copenhagen

The district heating system in Greater Copenhagen is one of the largest city-wide district heating systems in the world. This publication provides a map of the system and presents the stakeholders.
Read our publication on the district heating in Copenhagen (online publication, opens in new window).

Integrated district heating in Copenhagen
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy

Read about our services on geothermal district heating plants (online publication, opens in new window).

Geothermal Energy
Community energy – Planning, development and delivery (USA)

Municipal leaders across the U.S. face economic, social, and sustainability challenges which local energy production can address. Drawing on the experience of communities in the U.S. and abroad, this IDEA publication guides community leaders on championing local energy projects.

Community energy – Planning, development and delivery (USA)
Front page of Community Energy Guide (Canada)
Community energy – Planning, development and delivery - Strategies for thermal networks (Canada)

District energy is well established in many Canadian cities. It provides reliable, efficient, affordable and clean thermal energy from locally controlled and highly efficient central plants. This Community Energy Development Guide is a guide to municipal leaders across Canada Download Community Energy Development Guide for Canada (online publication).

Community energy – Planning, development and delivery - Strategies for thermal networks (Canada)
Front page of the guide Community energy – Urban planning for a low carbon future (UK)
Community energy – Urban planning for a low carbon future (UK)

This joint TCPA and CHPA guide is designed to help stakeholders in the UK public and private sectors understand policy support for low and zero carbon energy solutions. Drawing upon best practice the guide demonstrates effective energy strategies and helps planning for the delivery of community energy.

Community energy – Urban planning for a low carbon future (UK)
Feature article about district heating

Cogenerating heat and electricity lowers costs and carbon emissions. One pioneering project will use the waste heat from the London Underground to produce district heating.

District heating is getting cooler
The history of Danish district heating
Hot|Cool 2 2018: The History of Danish District Heating

Local democratic ownership has been the driver for an innovative and efficient Danish district heating sector for more than 100 years.

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Liveable campuses
Hot|Cool 3 2017: Liveable Campuses

Breaking the cost barrier for district energy in the USA.

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District Heating Tariffs - a way to communicate
Hot|Cool 3 2017: District Heating Tariffs

Modern electronic heat meters will help the city to implement and operate cost-effective heat supply, almost as efficient as if the city had been a campus with one single owner.

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The smart energy system
Hot|Cool 1 2017: The Smart Energy System

The smart energy system integrates fluctuating renewable energy. 

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Energy Efficiency and steam to hot water conversion
Hot|Cool 4 2016: Campus Energy (US and Canada) - Energy Efficiency and Steam to Hot Water Conversions

Universities and colleges throughout North America are increasingly looking at their energy and maintenance costs. 

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Financing district energy projects
Hot|Cool 3 2016: Financing District Energy Projects

The COP21 agreement will be a driver for investments in low carbon technologies, not least of which will be for energy infrastructure in citites such as district heating and cooling. 

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District Heating and Cooling
Hot|Cool 2 2016: District Heating and Cooling - A Matter of Ownership

Cities, an opportunity for cost-effective low-carbon energy.  

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How to ensure long lifetime of district heating networks
Hot|Cool 1 2016: How to Ensure Long Lifetime of District Heating Networks

The district heating network is an important part of the energy infrastructure in many cities. 

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Large thermal storages
Hot|Cool 1 2016: Large Thermal Storages

A vital part of the district heating system. An increasing number of countries are going to implement low carbon climate action plans, with the aim to reduce the fossil fuel consumption in a cost effective way. 

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