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Ramboll’s air quality professionals apply cutting-edge science and methodologies to the development of tailored solutions to facility, local and regional air quality issues.

Ramboll Environment & Health: Air Quality Management

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Shari Libicki

Shari Beth Libicki

PhD, Principal
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Michael Keinath

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Frederik Pradelle

Frédéric Pradelle

Principal - Air quality management and climate
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David Yeung

Managing Principal, Environment & Health Hong Kong
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Our worldwide practice is characterised by the highest level of technical and scientific skills, informed by the specific needs of our clients. We offer our clients:

  • Unique regional modelling capabilities, with worldwide experience
  • Specific expertise in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, automotive, glass, steel, mining, ports, transportation, agricultural and waste management
  • Expertise with numerous air quality models, including CAMx and CalEEMod (which we have developed and applied in the field), CMAQ, AERMOD, ADMS, CalPuff and SCICHEM
  • Integrated risk management for air quality decision making, informed by sophisticated toxicological expertise
  • Innovative sensor-based measurement solutions for highly spatially and temporally resolved air quality information

Air Quality Compliance and Permitting

Our air quality professionals provide support for permitting, ongoing compliance and defence of enforcement actions. We understand the applicable regulations, and, perhaps more importantly, the intent behind them. Our sophisticated understanding of the regulatory process enables us to partner with our clients to resolve their issues. Clients benefit from the credibility and trust that we have earned through many years of interactions with regulators.

Air Toxics Health Risk Assessment

A leader in air toxics health risk assessment, our team comprises chemical, mechanical and civil engineers, meteorologists, atmospheric and analytic chemists, statisticians, industrial hygienists, risk assessors, toxicologists, epidemiologists and pharmacologists. We offer:

  • Strategic approaches to solving regulatory or litigation issues
  • Air toxics impacts analysis
    • from proposed industrial facilities or expansions
    • from contaminated sites
    • for EIAs/EISs/EIRs

Ambient Air Emissions Monitoring Programs

Ramboll draws on our expertise and knowledge in monitoring methodologies, state-of-the-art chemical analytical techniques, emissions and dispersion evaluation, and human health risk assessment to provide cost-effective ambient air monitoring program design and implementation. Air toxics monitoring programs can be used to:

  • Ensure ongoing neighbourhood safety
  • Evaluate the impact of emissions from industrial facilities
  • Evaluate the short-term and/or long-term potential hazard posed by a contaminated site

Risk Management Planning and Emergency Release Analysis

Our scientists draw upon expertise and knowledge in chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, fluid flow, air dispersion analysis and human health risk assessment to provide cost-effective emergency release impacts evaluation. Potential releases are evaluated as part of risk management programs, such as the US federal RMP programs or the Seveso programs in Europe.

Regional Planning Services

Ramboll experts use complex air quality, meteorological, emissions and statistical models to develop regional air quality plans and to evaluate the effects of alternative vehicle emissions standards, air quality or emissions trends, and the impacts of regulation. Our scientists can implement and leverage existing low-cost air quality sensor networks alongside state-of-the-art models to inform and evaluate the impacts of interventions.

Expert Services

Our array of litigation support services is designed to provide attorneys and clients with assistance from litigation initiation through settlement, dismissal or trial. We work with each client to apply credible, informed scientific solutions to a variety of disputes, ranging from health claims, business conflicts, permit challenges or an enforcement actions.

Carbon Emissions Trading and Footprinting

We help facilities that are subject to carbon emissions trading programs with compliance assistance, evaluating whether the best solution is to purchase emission credits or emissions reduction technology. We also facilitate the purchase or sale of carbon emissions credits, or the generation credits by over-control or shutdown.

We have experience building some of the world’s most complicated carbon inventories to meet a variety of compliance and voluntary protocols. Our staff have completed hundreds of carbon footprint assessments, ranging from compliance-focussed impact evaluations to footprints for proposed developments to global entity-wide footprints. We also have a complete staff of California verifiers for verification of carbon emissions inventories.

Indoor Air Quality

Our approach to solving indoor air quality issues starts from a fundamental understanding of the building, and the people inside the building. We have experts in construction methods, construction materials and building technology, including ventilation. Our services include air sampling (biologics, air toxics, chemical), sample analysis and recommendations for air quality improvement from a holistic, comprehensive point of view.

Noise and Acoustics

Whether originating from transportation, industrial, commercial or other sources, noise can significantly affect human health and the environment. Ramboll scientists offer a full range of environmental noise consulting services to assist both industry and government in addressing and managing environmental noise challenges.

With their vast experience in noise studies, our acoustics experts enjoy instant access to all the latest measurement equipment. We work closely with stakeholders to deliver an integrated solution to noise issues.

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