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Ramboll provides unparalleled expertise in biodiversity, ecotoxicology and ecological risk assessment, natural resource consulting, ecological survey, restoration and monitoring, marine science, ecosystem services and natural capital advisory.

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Mary T. Sorensen

CSE, Principal
T: +1 678 388 1647
Samantha Deacon

Samantha Deacon

Principal – Ecosystem Solutions
T: +44 1225 748 420

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We work with clients to achieve scientifically defensible, risk-based solutions that support responsible and sustainable business, environmental and resource management practices. Our internationally recognised experts are widely published in the science and engineering literature and have earned an outstanding reputation with businesses, regulatory agencies and the global scientific community.

Our integrated environmental, economic and engineering services balance environmental protection and societal needs. We bring to each engagement a deep understanding of the social, regulatory, ecosystem and stakeholder benefits achievable by preserving or restoring lands and waterways and managing natural resource assets in a financially, socially and legally responsible and transparent manner.

Ecological Risk Assessment

Ecological risk assessment is a valuable tool for shaping industry and regulatory environmental protection programs. We conduct assessments to evaluate the relative benefits of remediation options at contaminated sites, screen new chemicals prior to commercial production, evaluate risks of agricultural and industrial chemicals, and characterise threats to valued ecological resources.

Our economists, ecotoxicologists, GIS specialists, risk assessors and statisticians are sensitive to balancing costs and technical challenges, and strive to maximise the use of historical data, apply appropriate data analysis and focus on the collection of essential information that contributes to the resolution of regulatory and public concerns. We support decision makers by asking “what if” questions regarding the consequences of different commercial and regulatory activities.

Natural Resource Consulting

Ramboll provides world-class expertise in natural resource management, ecosystem service analysis, biodiversity and environmental restoration services to business and the regulatory community around the world. We have pioneered innovative applications of net ecosystem services assessment (NESA) to quantify the social, environmental and economic service benefits associated with human use of the environment. Our approach is aligned with the environmental sustainability and the triple-bottom-line paradigm, described in the United Nations 2005 Millennium Assessment. We have extensive experience adapting rehabilitation and protection strategies to national and international environmental requirements, including the EU Water Framework Directive and EU Habitats Directive (Natura 2000 plans).

We provide rigorous scientific evaluations of alleged injuries to natural resources using environmental sampling, modelling and risk assessment tools. We provide technical support for asset mergers and acquisitions; negotiation of penalties and settlements with government agencies; and independent review of environmental damage claims. We work closely with clients to develop environmental assessment and defence strategies, including the use of Habitat Equivalency Analyses and related ecological assessment, fate and transport models, and chemical fingerprinting tools to quantify baseline resource services and support cost allocation among potential contributors of contamination.

Sediment Management

Ramboll engineers, ecologists and risk assessment specialists have extensive expertise in planning, implementation and oversight of investigation, assessment, remediation and restoration of ports and waterways challenged by navigability concerns and contaminated sediments.

We develop scientifically defencible sediment quality guidelines (SQGs), sediment management goals and achievable remediation performance standards. We use both screening-level and detailed assessment techniques to evaluate chemical, biological and habitat conditions and to identify issues affecting different management options. We use a variety of investigation methods depending on waterway-specific conditions and the regulatory context, including sediment sampling and analysis, toxicity testing, benthic community and wildlife surveys, habitat suitability characterisation, fish sampling, amphibian egg mass surveying, avian nest monitoring, sediment transport modelling and historical research.

Our engineers and remediation specialists use pre-remedy (baseline) risk assessments and remedy alternative analyses to help clients identify opportunities to control site remediation costs, improve the likelihood of project success, and develop effective long-term monitoring plans to demonstrate environmental improvement. We have substantial expertise in the application of several sediment management practices and technologies, including dredging, in situ capping, solidification, stabilisation, thermal treatment, upland disposal and confined aquatic disposal.

Nature Restoration, Rivers and Wetlands

The EU Water Framework Directive presents challenges and opportunities for municipalities and other authorities, and the related action plans open up exciting possibilities for solutions to meet the objectives of protecting and improving aquatic environments.

Our comprehensive experience with large restoration projects, combined with detailed knowledge of the hydrological and ecological functions and services provided by wetlands and waterways, positions us to assist clients in all technical areas related to streams, rivers and wetlands. We offer consultancy from the outset of a project through feasibility studies, detailed design, tendering and supervision of the construction work. We also provide maintenance and monitoring support to ensure long-term, sustainable success.

In developing solutions, we consider traditional management approaches, as well as natural or innovative technical solutions. We focus on creating optimal conservation and rehabilitation strategies that benefit nature, landowners and public use; preserve and protect or enhance native vegetation and wildlife and the continuity of rivers and streams; and protect, preserve and restore critical habitat and hydrological services. Our ecologists and wetland specialists provide engineering and ecological support to authorities, private landowners, developers and land planning agencies involved in the construction of fish and fauna passage in rivers, terrestrial wildlife corridors, water diversions and wetland features supporting aquatic and terrestrial habitat suitable for indigenous wildlife.

Aquatic Sciences

Ramboll freshwater and marine ecologists, ecotoxicologists, water chemists and fisheries scientists provide public resource agencies and businesses with technical expertise important to environmental permitting and compliance, environmental impact assessment, and both land use and resource development planning.

We conduct baseline studies and spill/accident response studies to evaluate the impact of land and resource development projects and industrial accidents on ecosystem services and functions and both indigenous and protected or sensitive aquatic life. Our research facilities located in the US and Finland have considerable experience planning and conducting aquatic research supporting regulatory compliance requirements, environmental impact assessments and consumer and industrial product testing. We are often called upon to test the efficacy of state-of-the-science materials used in water treatment, oil spill response and site remediation. Our ecologists, fisheries scientists and watershed specialists are recognised for expertise in salmonid recovery efforts and have developed restoration strategies that improve fish survival and habitat conditions.

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