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Changing regulatory programmes and perceptions about product safety create stewardship challenges. Ramboll helps clients manage compliance and address potential consumer and worker health risks associated with chemical ingredients, manufacturing intermediates and finished products.

Ramboll Environment & Health: Product Safety & Stewardship

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Unrecognised and unanticipated exposures from products or ingredients can upend stewardship efforts. Our pioneering scientific approaches to risk assessment have informed and guided responses to product safety concerns and suitable notifications and registrations with governmental agencies for decades.

Our health scientists characterise and effectively communicate the potential risks from chemicals and product uses and identify options for safe, state-of-the-science stewardship.
Our successful global track record includes evaluations and stewardship for chemical producers, food and food packaging, building materials, toys, cosmetics, aerospace manufacturing, medical device and electronic device manufacturing, and pesticides/biocides.

We evaluate products and their ingredients or components across the entire lifecycle, providing insights on safety, sustainability, supply chain transparency, and compliance with regulatory requirements around the world. Our specific services include:

Product authorisation and regulatory compliance under REACH and REACH-like programs around the world and US federal and state programs, including FIFRA, TSCA, GHS and FSMA

  • Developing strategic stewardship programs to optimise product sustainability and competitive advantage
  • Alternatives assessment to help clients determine when and how they can optimally update ingredients and formulations and avoid unfortunate substitutions
  • Supporting recalls, responses and communication after supply chain events or unanticipated product ingredient concerns
  • Indoor and workplace evaluations for emissions and releases from products in use or in manufacturing


Global Chromates Consortium for Aerospace (GCCA) pursuing preparation of AfAs

Ethoxylates in Aerospace Authorisation Consortium (EAAC) 

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