Escalating biodiversity loss, the depletion of natural resources and the continuing struggle to combat climate change are growing global challenges. Our client-centric approach to tackling these challenges is based on a strong technical foundation in science, engineering and economics, coupled with deep experience across a broad range of market sectors. We build upon this foundation to deliver lasting environmental, social and economic results. 

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Mette Søs Lassesen

Mette Søs Lassesen

Europe Director, Environment & Health
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Taking Climate Action

Taking climate action means having a real and tangible impact. By integrating our broad skill set with our diverse sectoral insight we help our clients make real and lasting changes. Our specialists provide insight into biodiversity and human health, while focusing on industry, cities and infrastructure. Our climate-related services include risk and impact assessment; data analysis and modelling; GHG measurement, reporting and verification; and MRV and climate strategy development.



Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

ESG describes issues that investors and management consider in the evaluation of corporate behavior, in an age of climate change transparency and looming regulatory requirements. It has a focus on material, non-financial matters and is often used in the context of responsible investing. Ramboll has global, decades-long experience assisting clients with ESG-related issues. We combine strategic specialists with environmental, scientific and engineering solutions, to deliver multidisciplinary teams in support of client goals. Good ESG management indicates a maturation of business practices, which translates to better risk management. 

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The ESG journey

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

For organisations and businesses alike, determining environmental impact is becoming increasingly important. Regulation, procurement processes, stakeholders and the general public increasingly require that companies provide figures on their climate and environmental impact, and these figures need to be calculated based on established methodologies. Ramboll offers a wide range of life cycle assessment, environmental product declaration and climate change strategy and advice. Our clients include companies large and small, and local, regional and national-level public bodies.

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Circular Economy

The transition to a circular economy will transform the way we produce and consume goods and services, minimising resource and energy use, environmental impacts and waste generation, while enabling economic prosperity. Our approach is based on a set of key steps, incorporating the principles of optimisation, innovation and integration, which guide our clients in their circular transformation. We blend science, economics and engineering with our multi-sectoral insight to ensure that our clients garner the maximum potential from their value chains via the utilisation of innovative design and business models. We place a specific focus upon cities and municipalities, industry and manufacturing, and buildings and infrastructure. 



Sustainability Strategy and Management 

The imperative to transform the way we conduct business is unprecedented and impossible to ignore. Once an add-on or a ‘nice to have’, sustainability is now mainstream. We lead clients through a robust process to support development and management of sustainability strategy. Our approach is about creating a shared vison, taking action, driving performance and demonstrating results. From baseline evaluations to developing shared goals and targets to co-creating actionable solutions, our strategy development process is focussed on enabling transformational change across organisations. 



Sustainability Performance

Sustainability is not just about planning and reporting – it is about converting strategies and concepts into tangible results with long-lasting positive impacts and added economic value. Our ability to deliver results is based on our multidisciplinary approach, skillset and underlying culture of sustainability. We continuously rethink and improve sustainable design, procurement, construction, installation and project management. In driving sustainability performance, we place a specific emphasis upon infrastructure and urban development, buildings, industry and manufacturing and energy and natural resources. 



Sustainable Products

Challenges faced by manufacturers and product development teams include prioritising focus areas for sustainable improvement, measuring progress with the right metrics, using the right tools to achieve portfolio objectives, and communicating progress in a responsible way. Ramboll’s sustainable product specialists guide clients in all facets of sustainable product development. We work with design teams from the initial design stage through to post launch evaluation. We provide insight to the impacts upon human health as well as the principles of green chemistry and provide support in all aspects of product stewardship. 


Sustainable Supply Chains and Sustainable Procurement

Supply chains can be impacted by continuously evolving markets, relationships and sustainability risks. To navigate this complex terrain, we guide clients in understanding these complex relationships and how to ensure that the supply chain is sustainable. We help scope, map and align supply chains and develop and apply tools to ensure continuous management and improvement. Sustainable procurement has a significant role to play in strengthening a supply chain. Our specialists set clear visions and targets for procurement policy. Additionally, we develop sustainable procurement criteria and specifications and provide guidance and clarity regarding potential financial implications.  

Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Valuation

Ramboll connects nature with other capitals for an integrated perspective on sustainability performance, enabling better corporate decision making, long-term value creation, improved risk management, increased competitive advantage, and balanced and comparable reporting. We have pioneered innovative applications of valuing ecosystem services to quantify the social, environmental and economic service impacts, dependencies and benefits associated with human use of the environment. Recognised leaders in the field, our experts are authors of national and international guidance on approaches to natural capital and ecosystem services valuation and influence policy development.

Related Ramboll Services

We offer complementary sustainability services in several of our other global markets, including: BuildingsPlanning & Urban DesignWater, Energy, and Management Consulting

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Distilled spirits company sustainability planning

Delivering resource efficiency as part of distillery sustainability program: For one of the world’s largest spirits distillers, we identified significant water and energy savings through a series of audits at their North American plants.

Ho Chi Minh City

Financing low-carbon, climate-resilient urban infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific

We are providing technical assistance to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) related to financing low-carbon, climate-resilient urban infrastructure in cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Shopping mall

Supporting sustainability in the EU retail sector: The Retail Forum and REAP

Since the end of the first REAP reporting year, we have been responsible for the external annual monitoring of the progress of REAP signatories on behalf of the European Commission (Directorate General Environment).

Test tubes

Enabling a global client to achieve market differentiation through sustainability performance

With our support, Sigma-Aldrich has progressed their global corporate sustainability program, including supply chain sustainability, lifecycle analyses, water use, energy efficiency, green chemistry and greenhouse gas emissions.

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