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With omnipresent megatrends like urbanisation, globalisation and climate change, competition is on the rise among cities in the industrialised world. For others, the core task is just keeping heads above water in the tsunami of migration from rural areas to cities. In any case, we provide a full suite of competencies necessary in a holistic city and society development.



Henrik Stener Pedersen

Henrik Stener Pedersen

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Ramboll has helped develop some of the largest cities in the world – incl. London, Berlin, Singapore and Beijing. Also, we have long-term partnerships with the largest Nordic cities and have played a key role in making them into world-leading sustainable and liveable cities, as evidenced by the Green City Index (which has Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm as the top three cities).

Pushing for a sustainable upturn

However, it is not all about cities. Countries and regions are equally pushing for a sustainable upturn. As such, we are a trusted strategic partner to Greenland and numerous city-regions across the Arctic. Therefore, Ramboll is the leading engineering and consultancy company in the Arctic region by size and geographical spread, employing more than 400 people north of the Polar Circle.

Sustainable Society e-book: 3 steps for resilient cities.

At Ramboll, we deliver the full range of transformational city services.
In this e-book we bring you knowledge about stakeholder involvement and socio-economy in particular.

Click here to download the e-book: 3 steps for resilient cities 

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