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Henrik Stener Pedersen

Henrik Stener Pedersen

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Transforming a good idea into a valid business case is far from simple. A unique company setup allows us to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies that provide the necessary reality check of your project and help you prioritise.

Realising a project takes more than a good idea. Is it profitable or cost neutral in the long run? Have we chosen the right location? Is it possible to live up to the time schedule and operating budget?
A feasibility study can give your project a necessary reality check. With the current conditions as the starting point, we estimate the potentials in your project or business case to make sure that your vision is realistic, fundable and socio-economically sustainable.
Our services within Feasibility Studies include:

  • Vision and concept
  • Analysis – demand, supply, opportunities and challenges
  • Construction programme – financial status, operating budget and time schedule
  • Strategy – funding sources and communication strategy
  • Business plan and actions
  • Construction management
  • Training of operating personnel

Making ideas happen

Across sectors, we provide critical and unbiased feasibility studies that work as a solid basis for decision-makers and their prioritisation of projects. Our team of experienced economists conducts studies in the tourism industry, e.g. in connection with the construction of new culture and experience centres, but also when existing buildings need to be rethought to fulfil new purposes and activities. Self-governing institutions and public organisations are among our key clients, but we also conduct large projects for private companies.

Tailored solutions

Our unique company set-up means we can utilise competencies from across the Ramboll Group and enlist the help of our legal experts, survey specialists or engineers who have many years of experience with construction, analysis, strategy and concept development, to deliver tailored solutions for each project – from turning the first sod to estimating the average number of visitors. 
For instance, we have performed a feasibility study on the development of visitors, entry fees and wage budgets for The Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen, and we have documented the social, cultural and economic value of Denmark's second-largest music festival for the Municipality of Skanderborg.

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