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Dr. Astrid Könönen

Dr. Astrid Könönen

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When cities compete on a global scale, urban development projects are the talk of the town. But how come iconic buildings and communities often turn out as lively as a library after hours? We help cities and developers get the end user truly involved in a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. We call it Urban Mobilisation.

Most urban projects start with strong visions and the best intentions. However, many projects never meet the visions. One reason is that many projects tend to live overly in the planning domain and with only a small circle of stakeholders engaged. As a result, a new approach to urban projects is needed, based on strategic intent, co-creation and strong urban mobilisation. 
Our approach within Urban Mobilisation focuses on areas such as:

  • Development of visions, narratives, strategic intention and objectives
  • Seamless integration of multiple disciplines into holistic offerings
  • Handling of complexity, innovation, scoping and re-scoping throughout the project
  • Stakeholder management and involvement - in the right processes with the right timing
  • Process facilitation from strategic dialogues to the actual on-the-ground co-creation with citizens
  • Communication outreach from the early development phases to realisation

Effects of Urban Mobilisation

A holistic and integrated approach with co-creation and urban mobilisation unfolding throughout the project ensures informed decisions, the best possible solutions, higher benefits and a stronger ownership from stakeholder groups.

When it comes to the physical realisation of the project, there are fewer surprises – avoiding e.g. missed benefit focus, unrealistic budgets or technical solutions that cannot be realised. Furthermore, the project is embraced by the citizens – they helped designed it. 
Finally, evidence shows that benefit realisation is greater in urban areas, where projects have been based on co-creation and urban mobilisation. Money well spent in the early development phases is a good investment for many reasons.

No loose cannons

For more than a decade, Ramboll has been amongst the pioneers at integrating a strong mobilisation focus in our activities and we consider liveable cities our home turf. 
Likewise, as a management consulting arm within an engineering company, we are not loose cannons – we know every part of the value chain and the complex dynamics between e.g. city planners and officials, developers, architects and citizens.

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