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We deliver consulting services to help our clients navigate change and make fact-based decisions. Our capabilities span the classic spectrum of management consulting services paired with strong capabilities in stakeholder intelligence.


Mikkel Thøgersen

Executive Director
T: +45 51617861
M: +45 51617861

Carsten Sørensen

Executive Director
T: +45 5161 7815
M: +45 5161 7815

We are recognised by our clients for creating trustful partnerships and delivering genuine results. As strategically savvy and data-happy we might be, we are more than anything very hands-on. Implementation focused. What we bring to the table needs to both stand the test of time and the day-to-day life in busy organisations.

To form the right team for each client assignment, we often cross-staff between our different capabilities or draw on our 16,500 colleagues within e.g., engineering, science and architecture. In helping our clients, we apply tried-and-tested methods infused by the latest thinking in a true collaborative and people-centric approach.

We deliver deep sector insight and top-class capabilities within:

We often experience that clients aim to get a firm grip on interlinked challenged by combining capabilities - and by this get more nuanced perspectives on the opportunity space. Therefore, we draw across skills and disciplines to form the right team on a given assignment.

Ramboll Group A/S

Ramboll Group A/S
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