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Setting ambitious targets are important if we are to stop or even limit climate changes. But if targets are to be reached, strong Change & Implementation skills are needed.

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To overcome the significant challenges that lie ahead with respect to climate change, resource scarcity, customer expectations, business risk etc. a radical change in form or nature with respect to public or private enterprise processes, practices, products, supply chains and overall structures will be required. 

We build our approach to sustainable change on a solid transformation paradigm since too many organisations let change happen. In partnership with our clients, we make change happen. 

Interventions based on collaboration

Regardless of your current challenge, our ambition is to set the bar with you. Our client’s level of ambition marks our point of departure, because we believe that the best chance of stimulating impactful and long-term change emerges in constructive dialogues and by choosing the right interventions through collaborative efforts.

Our services related to Change & Implementation cover the following:

  • Transformation/Change Strategy & Design: Combining sectoral, sustainability and transformation expertise, design clear frameworks, structures and schedules with concise, actions, clear roles & responsibilities, milestones, KPIs and goals
  • Execution & Implementation: We ensure rapid paced change with new governance structure and end-to-end sustainability reform with expert design and precision execution, lean roll out, on site implementation support, “live” progress tracking and evaluation, management reporting & engagement
  • Leading Through Change: Leaders must drive the transformation. We guide and coach leaders throughout an organisation’s structure to enable the process
  • Change Communication – Information, Dialogue & Involvement: Internal trainings and workshops to raise awareness of transformational programmes, educate employees in new areas, and create leadership within the client organisation
  • Capability & Talent Analysis: Assist in identifying and acting upon necessary competency and capability resource gaps and deficiencies ensuring the ability to execute
  • Data-informed change: With our PeopleXact survey product we are able to bring data to inform the change journey
  • Online sustainability training: Our online analytics and education tool, Incept Sustainability nurtures sustainable change by educating employees, harvest ideas and give executives vital insights.

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