Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement

Opinions, preferences, patterns and indeed feelings are key to the transition to a low carbon and green economy.

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Dr. Astrid Könönen

Dr. Astrid Könönen

Country Market Director
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From retailers wishing to understand customer packaging preferences, CEOs attempting to gauge shareholder opinion with respect to a particular strategic sustainability direction or a Lord Mayor wishing to understand citizen perception and feeling with respect to pedestrianization of a street: engaging with and gaining intelligence from your organisation’s key stakeholder is critical to the sustainability decision making process.

Actional insights to drive behaviour

A key concern for most executives in a transformational world is to identify areas of improvement or pinpoint high performance that must be nurtured to stay competitive. This goes for private as well as public sector organisations.

With an excess of information available, stakeholder intelligence is the cross-road where data and technology meet actionable insights that can drive behaviour.

Further, Ramboll’s approach to engaging citizens and both internal and external stakeholders is underpinned by state-of-the-art digital solutions that are easy to use, safe, and 100 % compliant. 

Our services related to Citizen & Stakeholder Engagement cover the following:

  • Strategic Process Management: Stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement planning & implementation, expectation & risk management, digital tool and intelligence identification
  • Stakeholder Intelligence: Develop and apply customized software and digital tools to acquire and present relevant knowledge about relevant stakeholders e.g., customised annual & rolling surveys
  • Intelligence Analytics, Extrapolation & Interpretation: Connecting data & technology to actionable stakeholder engagement actions as well as influence key sustainability decisions
  • Communication & Public Relations: Audience identification, media and channel formulation, programme rollout and evaluation
  • Facilitation & Participation: On-location and virtual support for engagement processes with facilitating events, moderating debates, and communication support before, during and after events
  • Digital Engagement & Sustainability Training: E-learning and analytics tool development allowing for modular, on-demand training of employees to enhance knowledge and solicit ideas for further sustainable change
  • Dynamic Reporting & Follow-up: Merging sustainability insight with customized software and digital solutions, enables us to present and report in a fashion that enables easy interpretation but also continuous updating and dissemination.

Engaging citizens and stakeholders

Improved intelligence platform for actionable insights

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Surveys made easy

Our digital platform SurveyXact makes it easy for you to get insights from your stakeholders.

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