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We provide the full package, integrating legal excellence, commercial sense and technical flair in all phases of the project.


René Søegaard

Business Manager
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Maj-Britt Rose Böwadt

Manager, Attorney
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Legal consulting is not just a fire fighting exercise. Organisations that seek advice before the problems arise eliminate their risk of failure and boost their odds for permanent success. We provide the full package, integrating legal excellence, commercial sense and technical flair in all phases of the project.

Securing the contracts that legally safeguard your project is no big deal. Providing legal advice as a driver for business development, however, takes something special. We do not just provide isolated legal support. We merge legal expertise with commercial understanding and technical competence to put organisations in motion and stimulate long-term development.  

Our Legal Services include:

  • Public procurement and competition law
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Public organisation and regulation
  • IT contracts and outsourcing
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Contract Commercial Management (CCM)

Commercial by nature

Our team of legal experts consists of highly specialised lawyers with vast experience from public authorities, law firms, private companies and consultancies. We think commercially by nature, and our approach is based on action. Our business sense and background make us able to comprehend your challenges and set the specific project into a larger context that takes your other business areas into consideration. 

Customers tend to seek legal advice when a crisis mounts. But we are more than just problem-solvers and closers. We intend to beat the trend by intervening heads-on from the very beginning of projects to secure maximum impact.

The best of both worlds 

Over the years, we have offered assistance to national and international organisations and companies on a wide range of legal matters. We have established a Centre of Legal Excellence which consolidates our expertise within areas such as environment law, contract law and negotiation, good governance, EU and international relations, and conflict negotiation.  

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