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Every year, billions of Euros are invested in improving society. But resources are limited, and decision-makers cannot act on anecdotal knowledge. This makes Policy Design & Evaluation crucial disiplines for decision makers.

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Ensuring the highest possible social and economic impact from investments in the public realm is a precondition for a cohesive society that develops sustainably in every aspect of the word. That is why public sector executives turn to Ramboll for factual insights from the industry leader in this field.

Making the right decisions

To achieve value for money, society needs firm evidence that the political initiatives really work. Therefore, it is imperative that such initiatives and policies are designed into consideration criteria that matter the most. 

As a sustainable society consultant, Ramboll's ambition is to make the best possible knowledge available for policy-makers to make the right decisions via both design and evaluation. 

Our services related to Policy Design & Evaluation cover the following:

  • Scenario analysis: We describe and analyse different scenarios, or future examples of possible outcomes to ensure policy design with greatest anticipated impact
  • Risk & sensitivity analysis: Most new policy is characterised by some amount of large risk and uncertainty. We provide clients with risk and sensitivity analysis and thereby strive to create an even more transparent and solid foundation for policy making
  • Policy design: By using scientifically rigorous methods we provide up-front knowledge about feasibility and the potential of proposed policy, assist in adapting and designing to ensure success
  • Pre-implementation services: including evidence and readiness assessments, pilot tests, and implementation planning
  • Full-service implementation support: through tailored designs (planning, training, leadership development, monitoring, and evaluation)
  • Evaluation: assess whether ongoing policies are on track and evaluate whether policy is/was successful thus enabling clients to decide whether to continue, scale-up or terminate.

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