Policy Advice & Evaluation

Big decisions demand the best possible knowledge and action-based recommendations. As a leading research and evaluation society in the Nordics, we help decision-makers develop society through improved quality and efficiency in the public service delivery.


Martin Haaning

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M: +45 5161 7842

With more than 170 evaluation consultants in six countries, Policy Advice & Evaluation make up one of Ramboll Management Consulting's key areas of expertise. With a combination of the highest evaluation standards and unique understanding of welfare areas such as employment, education, migration and social affairs, we continuously evaluate and document the effects of political programmes and policies – in the Nordics and at EU level.

Evidence-based policy-making

We guide public authorities to high performance. We perform cost-benefit analyses to make sure that limited resources are well spent. However, it is not just about stretching the budgets. We systematically measure the service quality in main welfare sectors, and we also improve competitiveness by providing action-based advice for European innovation policies. 

The common factor is our strong belief in the value of evidence-based policy making.

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