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Dr. Astrid Könönen

Dr. Astrid Könönen

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Better knowledge equals better decisions. Combining the highest evaluation standards with unique sector understanding, we document the effects of programmes and policies and turn evidence into action-based policy advice. 

How can we as a society support the well-being of vulnerable children and youth? How can we strengthen pupils' learning outcomes? And how can we help the jobless back on track?
Every year, billions are invested in improving society. But resources are limited, and decision-makers cannot act on anecdotal knowledge. To achieve value for money, society needs firm evidence that the political initiatives really work. As a sustainable society consultant, Ramboll's ambition is to make the best possible knowledge available for policy-makers to make the right decisions.
Our services within Programme & Policy Evaluation include:

  • Programme evaluations
  • Law and regulation evaluations
  • Effect and impact evaluations
  • Process evaluations
  • Implementation evaluations
  • Randomised controlled trials (RCTs)

Evidence-based policy-making

Our approach is based on a strong academic tradition. We insist on applying the latest evaluation research and state-of-the-art data collection and analysis to guarantee that our evaluations rely on a solid evidence base. We combine our analytical strength with highly specialised sector knowledge in key welfare areas such as education, social policy, employment and labour. This deep understanding means that we know how to interview homeless people or the long-term unemployed and can lay the foundation for evidence-based policy-making. 
Our practical consulting skills make us able to bring the evidence more effectively into play, through action-based recommendations, thus ensuring that policy-makers, public leaders and professional practitioners apply best practice methods to create the strongest possible effects for the citizens. For instance, we have documented how national tests play an important role in strengthening the evaluation culture in schools, and we have identified prevention efforts in education, family relations and substance abuse as key to reduce youth crime. 

Established thought leader

With more than 150 evaluation consultants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany, we remain one of Europe's leading evaluation consultancies. Every consultant undergoes an intensive training programme in our own Evaluation Society, and since 2000, we have published more articles in international peer-reviewed journals than leading universities. We share our knowledge in the most recognised evaluation societies in Europe and globally, and our innovative approach to RCTs have caught international attention.
Our customers include ministries, municipalities, and the European Commission. 

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