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Social & economic impacts

We create solutions with high social and economic impact in society. To Ramboll, social and economic impact is more than a name; it is a promise to our clients.

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Ramboll helps world cities make the case for climate actions

12 February 2018

A new report on climate action impacts was presented to the world community today. The aim is to equip city leaders and policy-makers with the tools to finance more climate actions by factoring in the wider benefits of these actions. Ramboll and C40 jointly crafted the report.   

Social & Economic Impacts at a glance

200 experts in Social & Economic Impacts provide first-class know-how to clients globally.

24 ministries

Only last year, we worked for 24 ministries and numerous government agencies and municipalities. As such, our public-sector expertise is second to none in Northern Europe.

Facilitating change

Not only do we provide clients with quantitative insights. We equally facilitate workshops, implement change, co-create strategies and help clients build capabilities from within.

Technology enhanced

Unlike competitors, we have an internal stakeholder intelligence department. This allows us to guarantee you the best and safest data collection processes on the market.

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