Social & Economic Impacts

We create solutions with high social and economic impact in society. To Ramboll, social and economic impact is more than a name; it is a promise to our clients.

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Renovation is both greener and cheaper than new-build

The construction industry currently accounts for 30% of the total carbon emission in Denmark. As a response to the political aim of reducing 70% of the country's greenhouse gasses, an analysis has been conducted to investigate national carbon emission and economic impact of renovation and new constructions.

What is social sustainability?

To narrow-in on a trending term, this article explores what social sustainability is essentially about. Two Ramboll experts weigh-in and point to several domains of social sustainability.

New tool calculates the benefits of preventing social exclusion

29 May 2019

It pays off to invest in people. That is the conclusion after a new tool has been put to use, making it possible to calculate how much it pays off to prevent social exclusion. The tool has been developed by KS, the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, with Ramboll delivering the economic calculations.

Social & Economic Impacts at a glance

200 experts in Social & Economic Impacts provide first-class know-how to clients globally.

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