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In Ramboll, our Stakeholder Intelligence service empowers decision-makers to acquire and apply insights about stakeholders to drive transformational actions.

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The amount of data is exploding, and companies collect increasingly more data about their customers. But more data alone doesn’t spell success. Success lies in getting greater insight about your stakeholders and that’s something you can get without needing more data. Learn how in this expert column.

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Stakeholder Intelligence at a glance

130 experts in Stakeholder Intelligence assist on everything from local projects to global data collection assignments across 20+ countries.


We thrive in complexity, so that our clients do not have to. We come up with the best ideas to address our client’s most complex challenges.


Technology enabled but always with a human touch. We are preferred by clients for our round-the-clock support as we are only a ring away.


Our IT platform is considered the most reliable and safe in the market. We constantly improve features, design, and user experience to stay on top of trends.

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