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Following progress is essential in order to know, if you are successful, need to do more or perhaps re-configure to meet your targets. We help you do just that.

We help our clients gain insights on progress in number of ways and formats depending on the granularity needed and the ambition-level. In a sustainability context we draw on our decades of experience as a leading survey and evaluation consultancy.

To help clients track their sustainability progress, we provide:

  • Strategy dashboard & performance reporting
  • Ex-post evaluation
  • Impacts calibration
  • SDG reporting 
  • Sustainability auditing (ISO 14001 certified)

Solid evidence

Our evaluation approach is based on a strong academic tradition. We apply the latest evaluation research and state-of-the-art data collection to guarantee that our evaluations rely on a solid evidence base.

We combine our analytical strength with highly specialised sector knowledge in sustainability, cutting across sectors with big societal impact and importance such as infrastructure, energy, utility, buildings, and waste and natural resources.

We help leaders take action

For more than three decades, we have been a trusted partner for data collection and processing to help clients gain new insights and follow year-on-year progress. Also, we take pride in visualising data – often using live dashboards - to help leaders and specialists drill into the data and act on the findings. 

As a natural consequence, we have gained vast experience in handling even the most complex projects, in both public organisations as well as private corporations with international presence and volume.

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