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Any plan of moving forward, should sit on a foundation of solid assessments. With our deep expertise in sustainability assessments, we help you make sense of the world around you.

Our clients benefit from various well-established competence centres and matured assessment services within the Ramboll Group. Therefore, we help assess impacts across both the social, economic and environmental dimension and by this act as Triple Bottom Line advisors.

Our assessment services provide transparency on your starting point (baseline) to help you make informed and sustainable decisions. 

Within Sustainability Assessments, we offer:

  • Life Cycle Assessments (ISO 14040/44) and costing
  • Social, Economic & Environmental Assessments
  • SDG Assessments
  • GHG Emission Baselining & Carbon Footprints
  • ESG Screenings
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Due Diligence and Social Impact Investments
  • Materiality Assessment
    (stand-alone or as part of sustainability strategy)

Baselining – creating the evidence base for action

Baseline studies establish the starting point against which a chosen solution or action can be assessed. The baseline is typically followed up with an on-going or ex-post evaluation or monitoring process to track impact.

By using unique knowledge about the sector and industry, mapping the state-of-play, and involving internal and external stakeholders, we assist clients in establishing a sound evidence base for action.

Whether private or public sector, the key is to identify and create meaningful and relevant KPIs for delivering and measuring sustainable outcomes and impacts. Either as part of the baselining process or as an integral part of a more detailed sustainability strategy.

A Life Cycle approach

Equally, we work with a life cycle approach. Life Cycle Assessments are essential to get the full overview before engaging in actions and avoid shifting of burdens, e.g. from one stage of the life cycle to another. The same goes for avoiding sub-optimisations when considering the full life cycle of products or services.

Conducting LCAs is a proven entry point to life cycle wide sustainability work in the entire organisation. This is when the process goes from assessments to Transformation considering eco-design/cradle-to-cradle, sourcing of material, manufacturing, operations, management systems, etc.

Similarly, we help public entities uncover life cycles challenges, often from a cost/benefits point-of-view, and we advise them on more circularity in entire sectors, e.g. waste and plastics.

New and applicable solutions

Since the early days of sustainability, our experts were involved in the change journey and have conducted various industry and research projects.

With close ties to universities and with several top sustainability Ph.D.’s on our teams, we bring the latest scientific knowledge to our clients. Based on this combination we provide our clients new, applicable and sustainable solutions.

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